Jeffrey Charles Goodwyn Protected By The UK Justice System

Whilst searching for images of Jeffrey Charles Goodwyn I find this.


So, there you go, that is the state of affairs. Gwent police have refused to release an image and it appears as if images online of him have been removed.

It is not enough for the judicial establishment to release an unrepentant child rapist into the community on a very flimsy legal technicality after serving only 2 years, a man who the Judge that released him described as  “a very dangerous offender indeed”.

That isn’t enough.

They have also decided to delete from search engine results images of Jeffrey Charles Goodwyn.

So, if he moves in next door to you, you won’t know.

Who are they supposed to protect, the predatory paedophiles or children ?

Search for yourself.

I’m actually not sure that EU data protection law is supposed to be used by the UK Government and judiciary to censor public access to information. I suspect this use of EU law  is itself illegal’

There is no way that that application to the EU could have been processed that quickly without the complicity of the UK government.

Two words- Public Interest



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14 responses to “Jeffrey Charles Goodwyn Protected By The UK Justice System

  1. Anthony

    there you are……burn in hell you rapist child molesting bastard

  2. Cameray

    Found this…

    Jeffrey Charles Goodwyn is this photo of unrepentant child rapist Police removed from net after Court released.

  3. Philip Gibbs

    Google display that message whenever you search for any specific enough name. It does not necessarily mean that something has been removed although it may have been.

  4. You know you can use, rather than, to reveal the hidden results don’t you?

  5. dpack

    ps i said this using ms and no proxies cos im not hiding

  6. dpack

    perhaps using proxy protocols/onion routing etc etc can avoid such censorship.
    information that the citizens of a state might need access to although it is censored in their geographic location may be available if they are “dislocated”

    it works for decent folk (and enemies )worldwide

    linux is a start ( small ,simple ,safe ,easy to use and hard to attack) as used by governments and other folk world wide as an os
    there are a variety of ways to “become global” rather than “”there”
    there are a variety of ways to become “private ” when observing or doing

    Dan Prism is a “good old boy” but Linux Tor is his “other brother” and although they are family they are not usually on speaking terms and they can be made to get really huffy with each other .

    duck go go is a easy non locational search engine to use from a “normal”system if you dont wish to explore such avenues ,ddg idoes tend to make you american but that means it respects the first amendment and ignores eu rules .

  7. Francis

    Without casting aspersions on anyone officiating in this particular case, but with so many members of the judiciary and police forces implicated in child abuse cases – very serious ones in some instances – it’s impossible to second guess what the real motivations are behind decisions like these (including the original dodgy sentence). Regrettably the justice system as a whole is very badly tainted – as evidenced by the abuse victims’ resistance to Inquiry chairpersons appointed by Theresa May.

  8. Goodwyn’s sentence would have been quashed a fortnight ago, but Lord Thomas delayed his decision to make sure parole arrangements were in place to protect the public.

    That included arranging for hostel accommodation, but police have refused to release a photo of Goodwyn to help the public identify him.

    The Court of Appeal heard Goodwyn, of no fixed address, admitted twice assaulting the girl when she was seven or eight.

    His rape conviction bore ‘remarkable similarities’ to the assaults, said the judge.

    In prison since 2012, Goodwyn had made ‘no progress whatsoever’, his own lawyers accepted.

    Refusing transfer to open conditions, the Parole Board described his conduct as ‘unsatisfactory’. He had threatened staff and been punished for fighting, it said.

    Worryingly, he had also refused to discuss his sexual offending, meaning he has not been able to start work to address his behaviour, the panel said.

    But Lord Thomas said the legal problems surrounding the IPP sentence meant he had no choice but to quash the term.

    He said a sentence including an ‘extended’ licence, to enable Goodwyn to be monitored in the community for longer, was necessary.

    “The applicant was someone for whom a period of extended licence was required,” he continued.

    “He was a dangerous offender. An extended licence would provide necessary protection for the public, particularly for children, and assist his rehabilitation.”

    Goodwyn’s new sentence comprises a three-year custodial stretch, which he has already served, followed by five additional years on licence.

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