Judge Mental: Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas


Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas

Despite Jeffrey Charles Goodwyn, 48, being given an indeterminate sentence in 2012 for indecently assaulting a seven-year-old girl;

Despite already having had a previous conviction for raping a nine-year-old child;

Despite it being recognised that Jeffrey Charles Goodwyn clearly represents a danger to the public being considered “a very dangerous offender indeed”;

Despite the Parole Board describing his conduct in prison as unsatisfactory after he threatened staff and was punished for fighting;

And despite his own lawyers admitting that he had made “no progress whatsoever” in prison and “his failure to engage with the relevant assistance available to him in prison, he has not begun to address his offending.”

Despite all of this, Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas has released him!

Thank you Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas for dumping, what you yourself described as “a very dangerous man”, on the public.

For that Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas you receive The Needle’s ‘Judge Mental’ Award.

A child rapist has been released after the UK’s top judge said it would be “unlawful” to keep him locked up.

Jeffrey Charles Goodwyn, 48, was given an indeterminate sentence in 2012 for indecently assaulting a seven-year-old girl eight or more years earlier.

He already had a previous conviction for raping a nine-year-old child.

Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas said at the Court of Appeal that an open-ended sentence could only be passed for offences after April 2005.

“Despite the danger to the public which this applicant clearly represents, we are in no doubt that… The IPP (imprisonment for public protection) was unlawful,” he said.

The court heard Goodwyn was given an indeterminate sentence at Cardiff Crown Court in 2012 after admitting offences against a seven year old girl and being considered “a very dangerous offender indeed” by the judge.

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20 responses to “Judge Mental: Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas

  1. Jack

    Just as a Police Officer would be prosecuted for neglecting his duty so ths judge should face charges of perverting the course of justice. This is not how our legal system should operate and such sentences make a mockery of the system and in the wider sense aid and abet the criminals. It is high time our courts were rid of dangerous fools like this.

  2. Wendy

    Words fail me yet again.

  3. dpack

    im not a lawyer or judge so the details escape me
    it does seem daft to know the chap is thought to be a danger and the “law”is he must be allowed to be a danger because of the dates of his conviction.

    however i would give the devil protection or conviction using wise,just and honest law .
    it might be best not to take the devil prisoner but identifying the devil can be a difficult task and justice is often the least worse option for identifying the nature of a prisoner .

  4. Francis

    Hang anyone who rapes a 9yr old – boy or girl. Save all the expense and arguments. Make the world a nicer place.

  5. Mark Wolff

    Give him the rope…….

    • Nigel M Cooper

      For gods sake…..The scumbag raped a 9 year old….correct me if I’m wrong but that in a so called civilised society is a crime and even if he has served time in prison for such an awful crime it is not enough.
      NEWS FLASH…..There is no cure for predatory paedophiles such as this man and they should never be released…….he WILL do it again. This is what the world has become full of bleeding heart liberals more concerned about the human rights of a child rapist than the victim. I dont know about rope Mark ….maybe a bullet.

      • I know what your saying Mr Cooper, I totally agree. Maybe because I spent time in the army I say the rope because there is dignity in a bullet.
        People really need to wake up. I cannot believe this is happening, how did it get to this point. Judges , I assume are educated , but I really wish they would visit planet Earth sometimes.

  6. Sabre

    Hate to side with a Judge(Mental), I am not siding with the nonce, however,
    JudgeMental had no choice ! The original trial judge acted ultra vires and imposed an unlawful sentence.

    Let’s be clear, the sentence should have been lawful, such sentences are lawful now providing the relevant crime was committed after the date such sentences came into force, alas, the crime under consideration was not subject to IPP sentencing.

    • There is always a choice. Just because some previous judge cocked up doesn’t mean he should go free.

      • Sabre

        Just trying to be objective old chap, I am as unhappy about the outcome as the rest of you.

        • No I understand but there is always a choice. It was an appeal of the sentence, the appeal judge should have re-sentenced him not set him free.

          • The ‘indeterminate sentence’ might have been not applicable for offences committed before April 2005 but other sentences longer than the 2 years he’s been inside could have been given instead. There was no reason to release him.

      • Sabre

        Totally agree that he should have obviously been set the maximum sentence possible given that he is considered a continuing clear and present danger.

  7. derek harding

    maybe he was a fellow freemason ?

  8. Debbie Shanahan

    the law is an ass in many cases – just does not make sense

  9. I assume someone has already contacted the CPS?

  10. How are the abused children meant to feel when they see him walking free~?
    The law in this case is an ass.

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  12. l8in

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