The Scouting Paradigm


The Scouting Paradigm is just a shorthand way of thinking about how multiple abusers might be able to infiltrate an organisation, it does not only apply to scouting but that was the example that was used by one of the Needleteam when it was proposed about 18 months ago.

I should just say that, as in every institution that predatory paedophiles target like care homes, boarding schools, and the church, the overwhelming majority of adults involved in scouting are not paedophiles.

To begin with there has always been a shortage of adults willing to run and help organise scouting groups, this means that it is easier to become a scout leader than to become a boarding school teacher for example. Once a predatory paedophile has infiltrated a scouting troop he is then able to recruit other predatory paedophiles that he knows of. He will do this for two reasons.

The first reason is that by recruiting a fellow predatory paedophile he will be assured that he will not be informed on by another adult in that closed environment.

The second reason is that if the child were to complain to someone outside of that environment then he can be assured of an alibi. It is hard enough for a child suffering abuse to convince other adults that he is being abused when it is his word against an adult but it is virtually impossible if one or more other adults give the paedophile an alibi.

One of the first jobs of the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse must do is to compel, once the inquiry has been made statutory as I expect it to be, the Scout Association to pass over the  details of every allegation of child abuse that has been made. It must also cross reference  the names of those alleged to have abused in other institutions, the care homes, boarding schools, and the church, as well as all those conviction of a sexual offence against children, with the entire list of adults that have been involved in Scouting.

It might look like a big undertaking but a clear vision of what information the panel need to get their hands on and an intelligent use of modern computer and programming technology will make it far easier than it might first appear. The heavy lifting by the CSA Inquiry will be done by data crunching like this.

In the meantime, the Scout Association should ‘Be Prepared’ for what will certainly be unearthed.

More than 50 people have instructed solicitors over historical abuse claims against the Scout Association since the Jimmy Savile scandal emerged, the BBC has learnt.

The association and individual scoutmasters have also paid £897,000 in damages, lawyers for the claimants say.

One MP urged an inquiry into failures to pass records of abuse to police.

The Scout Association disputed the figures, but said it was “deeply sorry” for anyone hurt by abusers’ actions.

It added the safety of young people was its “number one priority”.

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4 responses to “The Scouting Paradigm

  1. dpack

    the bad drives out good and recruits more bad seems to be a common theme linking many organizations.

    i should declare a interest in that scouting taught me some useful skills ,as a kid i was unaware of any systemic “unpleasantness”
    i am aware of a long standing policy to exclude “wrong uns ”
    the un written policy of exclude “wrong uns”is only as good as the judgement of those who might recognise them as “wrong uns” but it has been backed with leader protocols to minimise opportunity for harm if a “wrong un “has not yet been identified .

    i recon good folk have been working to prevent harm for ages but “wrong uns”have been able to use scouting as cover to gain access to what they want on many occasions .
    one bad thing is one bad thing too many ,as far as i know most of the folk involved in scouting try to prevent bad things .
    there might have been a denial in public but if a “wrong un ” was identified preventative action would be applied (police /charges or out now and never come back, or a very serious “oh dear” or whatever seemed best including a combination of those )
    i will ask a chum who has recent knowledge if she could add her thoughts re local and central policy and attitudes .

    there has been a public and perverts perception than scouting provides opportunity for csa and tieing knots,as far as im aware the reality is nicer,rather more complex ,fun and useful .

  2. Guy

    Those with an interest in abuse within the Boy Scouts should perhaps take a look at the relevant Wikipedia article/s. Unlike extensive Wikipedia articles on (say) abuse within the Catholic church, somehow the Scouts have managed to play everything down.

    Those who know how Wikipedia works can check the “history” of individual articles and see how organised the clean-up (cover-up, suppression) of relevant information has been. I assume the Scouts have people employed to do this, to help polish their image.

  3. Which Scouts do you mean ?,the extended dirty dozen family members scouts ?
    the ones making extreme torture scout themed videos ?

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