The Willie Whitelaw Whitewash

Willie Whitelaw on the right.

Willie Whitelaw on the right.

Cover-up ? What cover-up?

Detectives are investigating claims that former Conservative Home Secretary William Whitelaw ordered police to drop an investigation into a VIP paedophile ring.

Whitelaw allegedly told a senior Metropolitan Police boss to quash a year-long investigation into a gang accused of abusing 40 children, the youngest of whom was six.

The alleged intervention came in 1980 after a newspaper revealed the country’s chief prosecutor was considering 350 offences against the gang, including allegations it ‘obtained young boys for politicians, prominent lawyers and film stars’.

The report, published on July 7 that year in the Evening News – a daily London newspaper – revealed police had passed evidence to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and that up to 12 men could face trial for procuring boys and sexual assault.

Jeff Edwards, the journalist who wrote the story, claims that just days after it was published he was summoned by police to an interview and threatened with prosecution under the Official Secrets Act.

Mr Edwards also claims his source, a serving police officer, was disciplined and fined six months’ wages for leaking the story.

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  2. l8in

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  3. Paul Mac

    At least Heath is honest on his view of us in this pic. What a motley trio though.

    Willies & cover-ups – you couldn’t make it up.

  4. HI Gojam did you see the other story in the mail by former liberal whip? In addition to Smith he mentions another MP north of watford, who was often bailed out from police stations. any thoughts who?

    • I looked into this about 5 months ago but I couldn’t work out who it was. I looked at all Liberal MPs North of Watford. I think there was another clue in that there was a train journey length from London which gave an idea of how far North of Watford he was. I think I narrowed it down to about 5 men but got no closer.

      Really, his name should be made public

      I’ll check the story out and see if there are more clues.

      • I think the story I linked to is the one you already read. You said you narrowed it down to 5 MP’s. Did the liberal’s have that many MP’s North of Watford?

      • I had to check over a period of time. So, before 1990 but after 1975. or something like that based on when Des Wilson might have been asked to attend local party meetings like that. . I had to take into account the 3 hour train time too and I think I had 5 names by the end.

        Here’s the quote.

        “Then there was the local party leader from well to the north of Watford who had to be woken from his bed on many a Friday and Saturday night to attend a local police station and rescue his MP from trouble after he had been picked up in one dubious circumstance or another. This MP once asked me to travel for three hours to speak to his local party one Friday evening. When I arrived at his house he was just welcoming two attractive ‘boys’ who had also travelled from London on the same train. I was put in a taxi and sent to the meeting without even the offer of dinner while the MP headed to some dodgy backstreet club with his much younger friends.”

      • I can only think of one MP who fits the profile, now deceased and both their kids are in the media.

  5. paul m

    great pic gojam,as they said in monty python ,”nudge nudge wink wink”

  6. Random Anonymous Crank

    Some time ago I said is it not possible to trace these type of instructions to the police back up the chain to see who was giving them, now we have it, the home secretary, couldn’t be a better link between govmt., and police. So although he’s only another corpse thrown overboard, there is a chance I hope, that this revelation may lead somewhere meaningful.

  7. Lilly


    Those names just keep cropping up Heath , Mountbatten and Princess Margaret to name a few all coming back to Jersey

    Countess Mountbatten

    He remembered a ball staged in honour of Countess Mountbatten.
    “St John’s Ambulance had built their new headquarters in Midvale Road and their patron was Countess Mountbatten. She was here to open the building and the States had a ball in her honour.
    “The place was wonderfully decorated with flowers. Half way through the evening the head waiter came up to the bandstand and said the Countess would like to talk to the vocalist.
    “I went to meet her and she thanked me for singing her favourite piece of music so beautifully.
    ”As you can imagine, I was quite chuffed. I felt like asking for a pay rise.”
    By this time, Stan Corfield was at the height of his powers as a singer, and had become a household name in Jersey.
    Stan had an opportunity to leave Jersey and join the Ted Heath Orchestra, but decided to remain in the island.

  8. Lilly

    Maybe Stan was a good guy and decided to stay on the right side of the fence , he only died this year in a Jersey nursing home aged 98 I belive

    By this time, Stan Corfield was at the height of his powers as a singer, and had become a household name in Jersey.
    The band in Admiral Nelson regalia

    But in 1949, he was presented with opportunity to leave Jersey behind and take his talent to a worldwide audience.
    London calling
    Stan said: “The great Ted Heath orchestra, who were on par with the big American bands, came to Jersey to put on a concert in 1949.
    “All the time we were playing this guy never looked at us. Well, all I can say is he must have done, because about a month later I got a letter asking if I would go to London for an audition.
    “In those days there was one plane a day for London. The West Park Pavilion were very reluctant to let me have the night off.
    “In the end, I travelled by boat and I was seasick all the way. I got into Southampton and I could hardly stand.
    “I thought I’ve come this far, I’d better turn up, but they could see there was no way I could sing.”
    Ironically, Stan counts this disastrous piece of luck as a blessing in disguise.
    Stan said: “I spoke about it with my wife and she was happy to go and I thought, which side of the fence shall I jump.
    Elvis changes everything
    “I decided to stay here and it was the right decision. A couple of years later a chap called Elvis Presley turned up and took that lovely big band picture out of the frame. I jumped the right way.”
    Stan is the last remaining member of the Les Watson band and his cultured manners hark back to a more genteel age.
    With typical modesty, he underplays his importance to the West Park Pavilion’s history.
    “I don’t know why people still associate me with West Park. After all these years I still get people now saying, ‘Hello Stan, see you at the Pav tonight.’”
    last updated: 15/03/2009 at 13:37
    created: 09/03/2009

  9. Michael Leach

    I find it baffling, disturbing and outrageous in equal measure that this honourable man, Mr. Edwards, should be treated in this appalling fashion. This is pure corruption from on high and the tactics more closely resemble those of a bankrupt, 3rd world dictatorship than a supposedly ‘free’ liberal democratic country. I do hope all those involved will be exposed and dealt with in the appriate manner for such an inexcusable, serious and intimidating abuse of power.

  10. dpack

    the three hour travel time should perhaps be taken as more than 2 hrs and less than 4 hrs .
    if it was near 4 it could be very north of watford .if it was 2 and a bit that does not seem to add any possibles.

    a best match for very near to 3 hrs from london to the chap’s house might narrow t’field .
    im unsure whether the possible chap lived in his constituency or commuted from the suburbs of a nearby city ,either way the timing would be good .

    if this chap had a dark side he might have found that hard to conceal in his constituency where he was very active profile in a variety of settings but was a big and harmless seeming fish in a small canal .
    as far as i am aware there are no local “rumours” of an unpleasant nature about him.

    • The person I have in mind fits all the outward criteria, if one follows the well worn path of who was “likely” to be involved in such behaviour and the travel time is exactly commensurate with that in the late 1970s early 1980s, as it meant changing trains at least once and possibly twice.

      I say this without prejudice as there seems to be only one likely candidate, if the facts given are accurate and they did attend the same school as another well known name who has been dragged into all this who was ,in their own words, “totally emotionally immature and ill equipped to deal with the real world and particularly, members of the opposite sex, by their school experiences.

  11. dpack

    i concur that there seems to be one candidate far ahead of any others re timings etc but apart from not offering dinner and heading out to a club with two young men as his preferred friday night which was allegedly observed the rest is hearsay (ie the get out of jail cards after “scrapes”)
    considering that the constituency was a small world and regular rescues from the police would have become common knowledge even if they were in a nearby city rather than in a insular constituency.local politics is a small world and an mp has to avoid pissing on their own doorstep or even at the end of the garden path .

    the club thing seems a bit odd considering the candidate’s observed and self stated nature ,closet gay is plausible ,but going clubbing even to a discrete venue with two young men isnt closet door tightly shut and in the late 1970/80;s should not be reason for serious concerns or police attention.

    i recon i could identify a chap plausibly referred with that statement to but i cant see why that chap needs identifying from the info in the statement

    this statement from an ex whip is a bit odd ,if i have the wrong chap i might find it less odd

  12. godhelpus

    From an outsider who wants Justice for the Kids that were Abused then and Now! why can’t anyone with all their Knowledge about these abusers just expose all of them Now? instead they are still Protected Why………This may seem a ridiculous question, but you all appear to have evidence but no Names given? The Dead are named, but to late for anyone to get real Justice.

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