Signatory To Letter To The Home Secretary Sent Inappropriate Images To CSA Survivor.

It’s really sad to see survivor attacking survivor.

But sadly it happens.

I think we’re seeing it more right now because the CSA Inquiry appears stalled.

Anything I publish is only in response to media manoeuvres by others.

Right now I’m responding to this story, just published, in The GuardianHERE 

I’ve known this from the moment I saw the list of signatories in the letter to the Home Secretary a few days ago but it was only earlier today that the survivor contacted me herself and we discussed it. The original letter including all the signatories can be found HERE

The female survivor of child sexual abuse, currently a witness in a criminal investigation connected to a prominent police operation, received this unsolicited contact via email and it contained inappropriate images of young girls in bondage. The survivor made a complaint to the police at the time about 18 months ago and contacted me about it at the time.

It’s not for me to say anything more than that other than that the survivor has indicated to me that she will make the complaint once again given the prominent role that this person has assumed.

I’d prefer this to stop. I’d prefer it if otherwise good people weren’t attacked but just so we’re clear, if it continues then so will I. Every action will have an equal and opposite reaction.

This is only undermining the case for all survivors.


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    • Sabre

      Arbour Sq in East London. Only a guess and we really should be concerned with concrete evidence, however, looking more and more like Sid and his band of nonces may have been providing kids for VIPs.

  2. Philip

    I think we have to face the prospect that there’s a hard core brotherhood of psychopaths involved here at the heart of the establishment and they’re being protected by colleagues who seem to believe that the reputation of the ruling class as a whole is more important than the lives and well-being of children. This is the kind of sub-human scum we have ruling over us and they’ve been ensconced in these positions of power for far longer than we imagine. Scum always rises to the top and that’s where we need to be looking.

  3. IWTT

    This article suggests that the signatories to the letter caused the upset to the female survivor with whom you had contact: “I’ve known this from the moment I saw the list of signatories in the letter”.

    That is nonsense! Supporters also have to to have the right to sign petitions, send emails and write their own responses on social media. Without supporters, survivors wouldn’t feel so empowered to come forward. I am in awe of some of the Twitterers [Tweeps?] who worked tirelessly to get MPs to sign the original petition:

    I respect your right to comment GoJam, but please accept that some of us have no axe to grind – we follow our heart to support survivors and hope to ensure that today’s victims of #csa are rescued quickly.

    We will not always agree on strategies, but please don’t separate supporters from survivors when we are all actually working towards a common goal.

    I continue to walk my 500 miles to ‘out’ the cover-up. There are days I feel so sick that I don’t know if I can walk the dog. I probably have invested far too much of my personal time and psyche into this important issue when I am not healed myself. [Given for adoption to a neighbour at 3 weeks old]

    I am trying to keep my personal experiences of female abuse out of the more important issue of child sexual abuse and the national inquiry.

    Thank you for reading this,


    • All I’m doing is pointing out that one of the signatories to that letter sent very appropriate images to a survivor of child sexual abuse. If it is ‘News’ that a panel member sent a nasty email to a survivor then I’m pretty sure my one is ‘News’ too.

      I know you don’t have an axe to grind but you’ve got sucked in.

      I think what has been happening over the last 6 weeks is truly appalling and you made yourself part of that.

  4. IWTT

    I certainly didn’t receive inappropriate images in my email from Phil Frampton who is the author of this letter.

    However, I have heard that an inquiry Panel Member is acting disingenuously. (I have no evidence for this).

    I have not been sucked in – I signed the letter because I read various views, thought and formed an opinion. That is my right as a well-informed individual. I don’t have to always agree with everyone who Tweets. In fact, it is impossible because there are so many differing views.

    I will remain ‘part of that’ because I am passionate about exposing child sex abuse. Not just for the boys and girls abused years ago, but for the ones who I truly believe are being abused today. I put my personal safety at risk when it comes to children. [Ray Teret]

    Once again, GoJam, I say that I respect your views. I just have a different view at this point in time.

  5. c