More Than 11 Million CSA Survivors In The UK.

Up to one in six boys under the age of 16 and one in four girls in the UK have been sexually abused

In July this year the NSPCC estimated that the cost to the UK economy of child sexual abuse could be £3 Billion annually. At the time I suggested that this was woefully underestimating the true financial costs-  HERE

My own ‘guestimate’ made back in September 2013 (HERE) of the financial cost, taking into account hospitalisation, mental health care, child welfare systems, and law enforcement, special education, juvenile delinquency, health care, adult criminal justice system, lost productivity to society and welfare costs, was nearer £20 Billion annually

And that is not taking into account the devastating personal cost that survivors carry with them throughout life.

If politicians won’t act to stop this because it is the right and moral thing to do, maybe they should look at the balance sheet and ask themselves;

Can we afford to let this continue ?

Experts say they are now dealing with a “national health epidemic”, while there has been a huge surge in people looking for support since the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Some are related to recent high-profile cases, but sexual abusers are more likely to be people who are already known to the victim.

Founder of the Lantern Project on Merseyside, Graham Wilmer, told Sky News: “There are potentially about 11.7 million victims out there at the moment who have not disclosed, and many of those people will start to come forward in very significant numbers.”

Mr Wilmer, who was recently appointed to the Government’s Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, explained that the figures are based on accepted statistics that suggest one in six boys under the age of 16 have been sexually abused – for girls the figure is one in four.

Sky News



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    11 Million = 11 Million too many. Child Rapists cannot be allowed to continues their reign of terror. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this all abuse happened at the hands of celebrities from the 70s, or long dead, bloated politicians. Sadly, Child Rapists walk among us. They need to stop what they are doing – their selfish and cruel violence ruins lives.

  3. This is not an issue about costs except for the amoral accountants who reduce everything to its financial implications./

    Surprisingly little publicity has been given to the statement of the chef constable of Norfolk who is the lead officer/chair of the all police authorities in England and Wales maintaining communications over the investigations of VIPs and fresh allegations of crimes committee against children and vulnerable adults and who over the weekend advised that police effort had to be focussed on those with a inherent predisposition towards children who had become or who posed the greatest risk of harming children.

    This was accompanied by an academic on BBC Five Live who explained that all the research albeit limited, and which must be a cause for concern,
    indicates that there is a spectrum of primarily male sexual attraction towards children which covers one in five of all men and that to label everyone as the same is dangerous because its risks criminalising those who needs help while allowing those who need to be locked up or closely monitored throughout their lives to continue

    In addition to those with the personality propensity there are those such as young men joining the armed forces who visits to rest and relaxation brothels in the countries ( Miss Saigon) may bring them into contact with those under age in the country being visited and to the blood and sex lust which accompanies armed action in war including civil war who engage in indiscriminate rape and murdering of women and children in ten of thousands and millions throughout the course of human history

    In order to sell newspapers, for political and party political reasons the development of 24 hours news and social media there is the risk of the Mcarthyism which swept the USA against anyone left of centre or the earlier witches of Salem scandal which Arthur Miller brilliantly dramatized in The Crucible however understandable to make the point about how the need for individual revenge and justified because of individual circumstances can quickly escalate into a crusade which becomes indiscriminate and takes no prisoners and may also become self destructive.

    Not everyone who experience the horror the violence of war or is subject to criminal acts against the person or their property feels a victim or is damaged for life and we need to devote resources on those who need help and provide the help that is required by them.

    This is no way to underestimate devalue or belittle the problem we have, especially in terms of crimes against children in a domestic family environments when the nature of the on going relationship inhibits the young person complaining or speaking of what has happened to them to others and which become buried until something triggers in later life.

    As a former child care officer I retain the memory of the feelings which I experience of children standing at the gate of a residential or foster home waiting for a parent to visit because they said they would but failed to return because they could not cope with the situation especially in situations where children had been taken into care by a court because of the proven ill treatment by the parent and now all these decades later to find out niot only the extent to which that same child or children was then harmed by the appointed carer/ carrers, and then to find that in some instances the perpetrators were not prosecuted and in some instance allowed n to continue to harm because of the position and standing they commanded is an intolerable burned to bear just as great as those harmed so I make no judgement about the positions held by individuals but continue to plead for a focus on what needs to be done asndf for the resources to do it

    • I think it is useful to use any and every argument. I’ve never focused exclusively on the financial costs to the UK economy but if it does get those who are not moved by the moral arguments to act then I’ll use it.

  4. Andrew

    What is needed is a single organisation to represent victims, avoiding the infighting that is emerging, which, as you have pointed out Gojam, is damaging and plays into the hands of those who would continue to cover up the truth. Someone needs to take a lead – who?

    • I’m afraid I don’t have the answer to that and I’m not sure that any group could represent the views of all survivors.

      But I think you’re correct about the consequences of disharmony.

      I’d suggest as a start that the Inquiry panel introduce themselves, as for many they will be just names on a list.