Labour Peer Lord Janner Of Braunstone QC Must Go!


Lord Janner with Eric Pickles who will head and an independent inquiry into child exploitation in Rotherham

Labour peer Lord Janner of Braunstone, QC is an appalling reminder of the establishments apathy toward victims of child abuse.

How can this man still be a Labour Party member?

How can this man remain a member of the House of Lords?

How can this man, who currently has over 20 outstanding allegations of child sexual abuse against boys as young as 7 years old, remain a Queens Council, a status conferred by the Crown? 

The answer is simple. Greville Janner is an establishment figure who has been, and still is, protected by the establishment.

Yesterday, in The Times, we discovered that 25 years ago Mick Creedon, chief constable of Derbyshire, believed there was “credible evidence” against Greville Janner but that he was ordered to limit his inquiries.

One young boy who alleges that Greville Janner, then in his 40s, sexually abused him, has numourous ‘affectionate’ letters from him, many signed off “Love from”.

[Thank you] “for your thoughtful help to me on Sunday – you are an excellent right-hand man!”

“Your letter was very welcome,I expect that mine to you came as a surprise! Anyway thanks for writing. I enjoyed hearing from you – and having you with me on Tuesday. Fond good wishes to you.”

“I was very pleased to see you on Saturday and to have the chance to discuss so much with you.”

“Write to me when you have time. And don’t forget to ask whether you can help me at my surgery. With fond greetings.”

“Your letter arrived this morning – and I was pleased to hear from you. I am very glad that you found our chat useful – so did I – and I shall not forget my promises to you.”

“I was happy to be with you, and hope that we are achieving some mutual understanding. Straight talk – and total frankness – is essential to our friendship.”

“It seems strange not to have you flipping around like a friendly flea! In fact – I miss you.”

The Observer

Greville Janner was then named in court as a child abuser in the trial of Frank Beck as The Times reported in 1991;

A FORMER boy in care at a children’s home alleged at Leicester crown court yesterday that he had been sexually abused by Greville Janner, Labour MP for Leicester West, during a two-year relationship that began when he was aged 13.

(Alleged Victims Name withheld), now 30, claimed that he had been fondled when he slept with Mr Janner at the MP’s London home after meeting him at the House of Commons, and that later he had been buggered, once in a double bed at a hotel in Mr Janner’s constituency and twice during a lecture tour in Scotland. He also alleged that the MP had had simulated sex with him.

(Alleged Victims Name withheld) told the court that he had been given money, toys, clothing and tickets for concerts by the MP during their relationship, and said: ”I had become accustomed to the gifts I was receiving and the expensive restaurants, so I went along with it.”

But the establishment rallied around Greville Janner. In a disgusting display of ignorance, and an insult to over 20 alleged victims of child abuse, including the rape of young boys, Member of Parliament cheered Janner.


Some MPs went further. Keith Vaz MP, now chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, wanted a new law to protect those accused of child abuse. He said;

“My hon. and learned Friend [Greville Janner], too, is a brave man in what he has done, said and endured over the past weeks and months. Every one of us should be grateful to him, because…what has happened to my hon. and learned Friend could happen to any one of us, so we should all be aware of it.”


“During the course of that terrible ordeal, I suggested to the Lord Chancellor that there should be a change in the law to provide for the protection of the innocent. The Lord Chancellor said that he would consider the idea. The Solicitor-General is here today, and I make him an offer. I came 18th in the ballot for private Members’ Bills. I know that that is not very high —and there are other subjects that I wish to raise. Nevertheless, I would happily introduce a Bill to cover the point if the right hon. and learned Gentleman would promise it a safe passage through the House.

We should not wait for another Criminal Justice Bill. There is parliamentary time, and we should get on with the job. I foresee that many unscrupulous people in this country would be prepared to do exactly the same thing again. If it is possible to do so, I will happily give the Solicitor-General my place.”


More recently, these allegations have resurfaced. In December last year the police finally searched Lord Janner’s home. Later a criminal file was passed to the CPS.

But once again Janner has been let off the hook and it is only natural that the general public will suspect yet another establishment cover-up for one of their own.

The CPS decided not to prosecute. Not because there is a paucity of evidence against Lord Janner, with over 20 alleged victims the case has more evidence than most but because he has ‘dementia’ and it is therefore ‘not in the public interest’.

Interestingly, Lord Janner was attending the House of Lords and claiming expenses for it up to 15 times a month right up until his home was searched by police. The onset of his ‘dementia’ seems to have been sudden and precipitated by the renewed allegations made against him for the sexual abuse and rape of young boys.

So, I ask again the 3 questions I put at the beginning of this piece.

To the Ed Milliband and Labour Party;

How can you continue to allow Greville Janner to remain a member of the Labour Party and take the Labour whip in the Lords ? How can a Party and it’s leaders aspire to govern this country in 6 months when it harbours an alleged child abuser ? If the Labour Party have any sense of decency they should suspend him without delay.

To Parliament;

How can an alleged child rapist remain a legislator in Parliament’s second house?  How can a man, unelected by the British public and too demented to to face justice, remain eligible to vote on UK legislation ? This state of affairs is not only an disgraceful insult to those that allege that Janner sexually abused them but also to every member of the British public. It is an insult to democracy, it is an insult to decency, and it is a disgrace. He must go.

To the Bar;

How can a man with outstanding allegations of child sexual abuse remain a Queens Council ? How can any victim of child abuse have confidence in the legal system when an alleged paedophile remains a Queens Council ? What message does that send out to those victims awaiting the trial of their abusers ? He should be disbarred forthwith.


 Those are the questions. Now it’s time to get the answers!


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  1. The Count of Monte Cristo

    Why was my comment taken off, it was my best one yet……….outrage! I say…

    • I can’t find it in trash. Was it in reply to someone ?

      • The Count of Monte Cristo

        Hello gojam

        Sorry, I was being inpatient , you have put it up, your obviously a good egg.
        On behalf of the civilised world I would like to thank you for letting me have my say.
        The Count….

  2. The Count of Monte Cristo

    Is there anyone associated with parliament past and present who isn’t a sexual deviant.
    99% of the political class think it’s ok To be a pervert, they don’t even regards it as a big deal.
    It’s all to do with fagging and slap and tickle from Matron at boarding school………has anyone seen Uncle Leon? ….I need a spanking…….lost file anyone……if you see him I’ll be in my room fiddling my expenses…….
    Thank you for the sweeties uncle Leon…….

  3. anon

    An establishment figure raping working class riff raff, non issue, move along, nothing to see here.

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  5. Michael Morris

    It´s interesting how he signed off some of the notes to the victim with “Love…..”

    I think this signifies that Janner also shared the “boy-love” paradigm as espoused by Righton and other PIE members. It´s as if by signing things off with “Love….” it attempts to diminish the crime of sexually exploiting a child.

    Also the fact Janner was using Parliament headed notepaper is telling. he thought himself enough above reproach that he insists on using his offices status of power as a manipulation of the victim.

    I dont see how a prosecution would not be successful. 2 witnesses, the letters etc…