The Police Were Forbade From Investigating Lord Janner In 1989

“The witness had produced affectionate letters that were allegedly from the MP, some on House of Commons notepaper, and provided a detailed description of the inside of the MP’s Hampstead home”



An investigation into child abuse allegations against a prominent politician 25 years ago was blocked, one of the country’s most senior police officers has revealed.

Mick Creedon, chief constable of Derbyshire, told The Times that he was a detective sergeant in 1989 when he was ordered to limit his inquiries into Greville Janner, a leading Labour backbench MP. Mr Creedon said there was “credible evidence” against the MP, now Lord Janner of Braunstone, QC, that warranted further investigation, but he was given orders forbidding an arrest or a search of his home or offices.

“The decision was a clear one — he will be interviewed by appointment and there won’t be a search of his home address or his constituency office or his office in the House of Commons,” Mr Creedon said.

The order was “conveyed” by a superintendent but Mr Creedon believes it came from chief officers. He added: “It was a decision made by people more senior than me.”

The Times



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16 responses to “The Police Were Forbade From Investigating Lord Janner In 1989

  1. Robert

    this kind of thing is still operational today. they get away with murder.

  2. Michael Morris

    I dont think we´ll ever get all the facts about any of these high profile cases where it is likely the security services stepped in and took over files and closed down cases. We know this happened in the case of Cyril Smith, and likely re the Elm Guest House. I suspect the Islington files were not destroyed but instead Mi5 also took those away, but suits both the council and security services to claim all that info was destroyed.

  3. pongo

    What is the problem? The guy is a top man with our friends in Israel.

  4. Michael Morris

    This is not a jewish thing. All sorts are being protected friends of Israel or not. However i think there may be some Masonic influence in the cover-up in Welsh care home scandals. That needs investigating.

    The only motive i see running as a thread through all these cover-ups are self interests of the establishment, and in the hardcore cases, these paedos just want to keep on offending.

    I don’t believe many of the wilder allegations made on dubious internet sites which have contaminated the real scandal with myths, which only dilutes and confuses the picture even more.

  5. Random Anonymous Crank

    Has anyone got an insight as to how the police work? Is it all word of mouth is nothing written down , no records kept? It may not win you a popularity contest but when given an instruction that is so counter intuitive , asking for it in writing would seem suitable if only to protect oneself and if that was the routine all the way up the line we’d be able to find out who’s pulling the strings. Or is that me being naive?

    • Unfortunately it is you being naive. The order was “conveyed” by a superintendent, it wouldn’t have been his order and it’s a pound to a pinch of shit that he had no written order himself. These orders come down the line a bloke with bigger balls than you gives you the order, he got it from a bloke with bigger balls than his.

  6. Michael Morris

    As far as i know they did write most of these complaints down, but then files get “lost”, destroyed or passed to security services.

    I think the lesson for anyone with serious incriminating evidence is to make copies before its handed to Police. Of course in many cases like Cyril Smith, the Police in fact wanted a prosecution. The released file from police re Smith (1970) investigation shows they had everything they needed for a successful prosecution.

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  9. And he’s still getting police protection. Two doctors certified that he couldn’t be questioned in May 2014 due to galloping Alzheimers. This despite the fact he was taking part in business in The House of Lords until December last year when his home and office was raided. Why did it take until May for police to decide to question him? Police must have something to hide. How many police might have been involved in his alleged activities? Frank Beck didn’t just mention Janner at his trial he also alleged he pimped boys for policemen too. Beck died if a heart attack aged 53 after playing badminton in jail. A fellow con alleges Beck had been fed a lethal dose of leisure drugs to ensure his appeal was never heard. Forget Rotherham and Rochdale – Leicestershire has far darker secrets and they cannot bear scrutiny.

  10. Sabre

    Creedon obviously believed he’d sworn an oath to the queens instead of to The Queen.

  11. Isn’t it funny that when Leicestershire Police raided Janner office and home in December 2013 Janner was actively taking part in House of Lord’s business. However they didn’t question him until May 2014! By then Janner had got 2 doctors to certify he had galloping Alzheimers and couldn’t be questioned.

    Why the delay? Is Janner still being protected by Leicestershire police? If only we had the News of the World to find out where Janner is now. Unfortunately the gatekeepers of democracy no longer do their job. If the establishment gatekeepers are indulging in aberrant cover ups – are we suffering from establishment anarchy?

  12. steve

    Id say any person with an ounce of common sense and with some morals no this just another cover up and nothing will be done and why because tose committing these type of crimes usualy have the police and others in there pockets,

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