Lord Janner, Too Ill To Face Justice But Well Enough To Legislate?


Lord Janner was attending the House of Lords and claiming expenses every other day right up until Dec 2013 when police raided his home.

Then he got dementia.

When the police sent a criminal file containing evidence of over 20 allegations of child sexual abuse to the CPS they decided not to prosecute, not because there was not enough evidence but because he was too ill and it was therefore “not in the public interest”.

And yet, Lord Janner can still attend Parliament and vote on legislation if he wishes too.

Lord Janner is too ill to be accountable to the law of the land but he is well enough to make the law of the land. 


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12 responses to “Lord Janner, Too Ill To Face Justice But Well Enough To Legislate?

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  2. neil lepick

    Is he not the one who said that dementia was not an excuse for not facing charges for war crimes?? Now he hides behind it…

    • steve

      JANNER pure scum who pays his doctor friends to say he as dementia,yea right but can still read write and keep his pedo seat in house of lords tho,hes a dirty little pedo

  3. The Count of Monte Cristo

    The picture at the top of this page , who is the monster next to the other monster?

  4. Ironic isn’t it that, the week Savile was outed, the BBC postponed an episode of the detective series “New Tricks” as it featured child abuse in kid’s homes and a bent procurator fiscal who was claiming to be “suffering from dementia”.?

  5. dpack

    gigante,saunders,et al avoided trial/harsh sentences etc and might not have been as poorly as they claimed
    the “cannibal nurse” sutcliffe et al who most folk would consider suitable for an immediate secure hospital sectioning were deemed fit for trial and jail ,although quite a few have subsequently been moved from jail to hospital .

    iirc the rules of being a lord dont include “de lording”on grounds of competence or criminal guilt but since 1999 lords can be tried on criminal matters by the same courts as commoners
    so i suppose the questions regarding fitness of janner to be tried could be put to a judge although fitness to legislate cannot,tis all very feudal.

  6. Rich

    If they have decided never to prosecute because of who/what he knows then they should publish the allegations in full at least

  7. steve

    ONCE more we get to see how corrupt the politicians and law makers REALY ARE,the sooner the people of the UK make a stand and get onto the streets to voice there contempt for those that think there above it will just carry on,and the real victims will NEVER GET JUSTICE,as those in DO NOT CARE AT ALL

    • V for vendetta

      We have more chance of the moon being made of cheese,than seeing the brainwashed SHEEPLE making a stand and taking to the streets to voice their contempt at the utter corrupt filth who rule us with an iron fist.

      Hundreds of People recently took to the streets of Rotherham a couple of weeks ago to protest about vile muslim PAEDOPHILE rapists abusing little White young children,the People demanded the resignation of the filth in charge of Rotherham SHAWN WRIGHT ,WHO NEVER SHOWED HIS FACE WHILST THE PEOPLE MARCHED,DID THAT MARCH MAKE ANY OF THE NATIONAL NEWS ?????NO OF COURSE NOT SILENCE ,NOT ONE TV CAMERA WAS SEEN COVERING THAT MARCH.WE NEED THE WHOLE COUNTRY TO RISE UP AND MARCH,SCARE THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF THE SCUM IN POWER,HANG ALL THE PERVERTS AND TRAITORS HIDING IN PARLIAMENT.

      The population of this country need to turn off their tv and get out on the streets,to rid this country of the total corrupt filth and dirty paedophiles who rule over us

      • TheCount of Monte Cristo

        Well said that man……..

      • steve

        have to agree with all said,we need some one in government who has some balls to prosecute these corrupt lying sickos who commit such crimes,i blame every government and every one in the establishment