War Criminal

If we can not be seen to deal with those that are democratically elected by us, and who lie to us, and who commit crimes against humanity in our name (war crimes). Then how can we ever hope to tell others how to behave ?

If elective power gives immunity from prosecution, then when we vote , we do so to give criminals free reign.

I want to know the truth #Chilcot NOW!

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8 responses to “War Criminal

  1. Making themselves above the law … This man is guilty as.

  2. dpack

    it seems we will only see the redacted exchange between gwb and tb
    i wonder why?
    if one has done no wrong one should have nothing to fear from being observered as the nsa might put it

  3. Mudplugger

    It’s pretty safe to assume that some structured can-kicking is going on, the objective being to ensure that the can is not opened until sometime after May 2015 – the exact date depending on the outcome of the vote.
    Cameron has already kicked it to “the end of 2014”, just another nifty dribble or two and it’s across the election line.
    Do they think we’re stupid ?

  4. dpack

    real politic is a very interesting subject.

    to observe the effect and to discern the reason is a valid route to truth

    it often seems the psychopaths have taken over the asylum

    we can change that

    • Sabre

      Realpolitik is indeed interesting.
      Those in power can and will advance and protect their own interests, the rest of us cope as well as we can with the fallout.

      I hope that you are right re the aspiration to bring about change, however, it may be a good idea to remember that democracy is the most effective system of mass suppression, people risk their lives to oppose Communism, Fascism, Military Dictatorship, Autocracy and Oligarchy.

      It appears to those living in a democracy to be unnecessary not to mention downright rude to do anything other than cast a vote that ultimately changes nothing but the names and faces of those that appear on question time.

  5. Stuart Graham

    Interesting piece on Craig Murray’s blog. Why it might be in our interest to wait a *little* longer for publication of Chilcot:


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