Peter Steen Charged By Operation Pallial

Given that a good friend of mine has had some experience with this particular ‘gentleman’, I’m hardly impartial and I’ll say no more.

Except GOOD!


A third man has been charged by Operation Pallial.

Peter Steen was today charged with numerous offences of violence against children in his care, during his time working for Bryn Alyn Community.
He is accused of Violent Crimes against Children in;

Bryntirion Hall
Pentre Saeson Hall
Gatewen Hall
Bryn Alyn Hall

More at Fighting Back


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18 responses to “Peter Steen Charged By Operation Pallial

  1. Tony Carter

    John allens trial started 6th october,40 charges on 19 boys and 1 girl,Keith evans aka beefy started today 9th october,peter steens trial begins 23 febuary 2015,hopefully the nexted two people will be kenneth white junior and John jeffries

  2. what was the level of CHE involvement in North Wales…it appeard in documents quite a lot and also appears in jillings report as well..
    whats weird is that someone who made money from lambeth police cell abuse went on to purchase a the hand hotel in wrexham maybe to carry out more abuse..
    also it was mentioned that associate of steven smith at Home Office was a CHE member..

  3. katzgray – Interesting blog you have! Thanks for caring, and for all your efforts. One word of caution, related to DI forum info you expressed interest in. Some persons associated with Werkgroep Morkhoven, (perhaps loosely & informally associated, perhaps more deeply), have involvement in generating and publicizing false “identifications” for historic child porn victims. Please be cautious about such claims, is all I’m saying.

  4. tony carter

    well said tina brown,and i totally agree with you.

  5. kaztgray

    ty guys for the votes of confidence.
    Between us, Gojam and I have helped reunite old friends which can only be a tiny positive glimmer of hope to come out from all the pain inflicted on youngsters in BA and other units around the UK, not just Wales.

  6. kaztgray

    Tina, contact me if you would like ur story told, at the end of all this.
    Anonymous publication if u would like.
    I run Fighting Back, the blog that broke this story.

    • Tina Brown

      Thank you, Peter Stein was no alone in his abuse, John Jeffries, a man named Ken cant remeber his surname he a disability with his leg, car accident from his younger years. Plus numerous wrexham police officers who beat me, one beating me so severly he knocked me unconcious. I remember everyone of their faces they are etched in my memory.

      • You can trust Kaz in this matter Tina. She knows exactly what you’re speaking about from first hand experience.

      • dpack

        tina i second what gojam said, you can trust kaz to respect your confidences ,to use information in a way you are comfortable with and to be both understanding and supportive.

        • Tina Brown

          Thank you dpack, I’m sure I can. However I’m not sure what good it will do talking or confiding about such brutality. I have only recently been made aware of the on-going investigations by chance. When reading on the internet I was so saddened to see that so many people went on to commit suicide. I was asked permission for the letters I wrote to The Chief Officer of Wrexham to be forwarded to Operation Pallial. I declined as I dont have much fate in the Wrexham police or their real commitment for justice, seeing as a fair few of those officers years ago was as brutal as the staff members from Bryn Allen.

          I would like to see them hauled in for questioning.

          • Hi Tina,

            I’ve sent you an email. Kaz knows Mr Steen and has similar experiences. I’ll say no more. You can talk to her.

      • Tony Carter

        Ken white jnr,makes my blood boil even after all these years,but hopefully the justice system will catch up on him one day?

    • Alex


      I was beaten by Pete Stean badly and the manager on my first day at Gatewen hall I witnessed many beatings and wrong doings. It is a time which I wish to forget. I was there for 4 years

  7. dpack

    i read jilling’s and waterhouse and have heard first hand reports of the events and culture in the north wales(and linked)”care”units.
    every justified prosecution is a part of exposing historical truth and preventing a “care”culture where such crimes are “normal” continuing to exist.
    that pallial have collected enough evidence for the cps guidelines to lead to prosecution in some cases is a good thing and should continue until no stone is unturned.
    when they run out of staff behavior to examine they should be well enough informed to effectively look into related matters such as the”visitors”activities,the”studio”,linked”care”units ,management failings etc,etc and seek to prosecute where appropriate.

    from what i know of the process of giving evidence and the effects that it can have i recon much respect and a huge thanks from future kids in care is due to the victim witnesses.

  8. Tina Brown

    Good. I hope they lock his sorry arse up for years. And in prison he gets battered every day the same way he battered me and countless others. He is a coward and no doubt is spinning his web of lies to the authorities.

    • Tony Carter

      pete steens trial,now as it stands starts on the 2nd november Tina,you no how to cantact me if needed? xx

  9. dpack

    good . late is much better than never.

    well done palial,keep up the good work .

    • dpack, as you know, I can’t comment because I have already declared a personal interest.

      That said if he is fairly tried and found guilty then I very much doubt that that either one of us will shed a tear if he is justly punished.

      Fiat justitia ruat caelum “Let justice be done though the heavens fall.”

      I’ll never fight for an abstract concept like ‘a country’ but I will fight to the death for a friend.