Exclusive: Oswald Mosley Defends Hitler’s Actions.


Oswald Mosley

The Needle can exclusively reveal that Oswald Mosely, leader of the British Union of Kips, has defended Adolf Hitler’s recent military action in the Sudetenland.

The Prince of Wales had recently said that Adolf Hitler was behaving like Gengis Khan but Mr Mosley disagreed saying “There are times when it might be better for the Prince of Wales not to get involved in things like this,”

Mr Mosley went on to say how much he admired the German dictator for standing up for his country’s interests and that Herr Hitler was only looking after German speaking minorities in countries within it’s own sphere of economic interests. He pointed out that the German speaking majority in the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia wanted the protection of the German Army.

The British Prime Minister, Mr Chamberlain waving a piece of paper above his head, agreed with Mr Mosley and suggested that rather than preparing ourselves for the worst we should all put our money into dodgy off shore schemes and not pay any tax at all like Mr Barlow lead singer of the successful Vaudeville act Take This.

Renegade backbench MP, Mr Churchill was approached to comment on the controversy but was only heard to mutter under his breath “Oh Shit, not again, when will they ever learn.”

In other news, Hollywood film star Charlie Chaplin has been in court today for speeding. He told the court that he needed to get back home quickly as he had a ‘hot date’ with a 13 year old girl. The learned judge sternly told Mr Chaplin to be more careful when driving in the future and sentenced him to perform at the Royal Variety show later in the year.

In Sport, The Arsenal of London beat the North to win the FA Cup. The North were very plucky and took an early lead but ultimately London were dominant in every piece of media coverage.



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16 responses to “Exclusive: Oswald Mosley Defends Hitler’s Actions.

  1. Ben

    Sad to see people exploiting this website for political purposes.
    The comments regarding Nigel Farage aren’t funny.

  2. Sabre

    Farage is more of a Franco than a Mosley. Farage is an ultra conservative international commodity broker.
    He wants truly global capitalism not the diluted near global capitalism of the EU . He like all neo liberal global capitalists favours immigration, it increases the supply of labour thereby reducing its cost.
    The man (and his backers) do deserve grudging respect for pulling off the political trick of gathering support of those betrayed by the Labour Party in order to force the Conservative party to the right while leaving the lib Dems high and dry.
    He truly has ( temporarily, until the sheeple realise that they have been bent over yet again) used all of the parties against each other.

  3. edward james

    My family were easat enders some of the older crowd worked on the docks
    where communism was a menace, we were grateful for mr Mosely for anyone threatened he would post a man outside through the night so the jews did not firebomb the house.
    A great man but was never allowed his rightful place, similar to enoch powell in fact

  4. carol carver

    this was very silly and i cant think why it would have been put up ?

  5. dpack

    the blackshirts may have “defended” ” their” country if the opportunity arose but if one considers that their loyalty was anti jewish /fascist who would they defend it from or for?

    their old/new king?
    their aryan brothers in the third reich?

    a serious chunk of the money that funded those powers was ” jewish” money and the rest was global capitalist

    the nazis of the thirties were funded as a foil to home grown communism/anarchism, in order to protect old money and the consumer capitalist economy on the divide and rule principal

    • Sabre

      The Banksters and their political stooges ensured the collaboration of the Communists of the East and the Capitalists of the West to defeat the REAL threat to international finance capitalism i.e National Socialism and Fascism.
      Neo liberal capitalism is alive and well, Communism collapsed despite the bankers not because of them.
      National Socialism and Fascism were strangled at birth, the clear and present danger to international finance was and is intolerable.
      Should anyone dream about citing Franco’s regime which survived nearly forty years Franco was neither Fascist and definitely not National Socialist, he was an ultra conservative just about the best friend a Bankster can hope for.

      Dpack you trot out the standard orthodox line, it is standard and orthodox precisely because it represents the banksters position.

      Examine your own argument, Communism and Banksterism prospered and Fascism died, for your argument to prosper you would have to show that the bankers forced the Fascists into collaborating with the ‘Democracies’ and financed them to kill off Communism, an observably ridiculous position.

    • they had run out of washing powder hence them being called ‘the blackshirts’

  6. anthony taylor

    Charles Frith i was so pleased to see your comon sense reply thankyou.
    I am old enough to remember all this and i should correct you that Iswalkd Mosely said if hitler did invade him and his blackshirts would be at the forefront of defences
    Most people now know that operation sealion was a hoax hitler loved all anglo saxons and had no intention of invading us the problem was, as acknowledged by Chamberain, Russia

  7. Wow – this is like reading a lucid dream. I’m not sure I get it, but I sure as hell enjoyed it.

  8. Worth remembering that the Versailles treaty left persecuted Germans in Sudetenland. If they were British we would have gone to war for them. There’s no difference between Hitler, Churchill, FDR and Stalin. All nutters.