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Although I initially offered to give evidence to the Inquiry, I later decided not to mainly on the grounds that the Government repeatedly refused to give it the same legal powers as the corresponding Inquiry in London. I believe that both the perception and the reality of the Government’s decision is one of unfairness to the victims.

Despite my decision, I did, however, provide the Inquiry with 265 pages of comment and supporting documents, drawing attention to false or misleading information contained in the transcripts of the public hearings. My reason for doing so was to enable the Inquiry to investigate and corroborate the accuracy of my past comments about Kincora and related matters, and to provide the Inquiry with the opportunity to correct the relevant errors in the its published transcripts.

None of the information I provided to the Inquiry is new. Although some of it has not previously been in the public domain, it has been in the possession of the Ministry of Defence and other Government agencies for many years and should have been made available by those authorities to the Inquiry. It should also have been made available by the authorities to previous Inquiries and the Government needs to explain why that did not happen.

Even more worrying, is the acknowledged fact that key Army Intelligence files relating to Tara and William McGrath appear to have gone missing after they were handed over by the Army to MI5 in 1989, prior to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s admission to Parliament (30 January 1990) that Ministers had “inadvertently misled” Parliament about my case. There also appears to be no record whatsoever of what became of all the ‘Clockwork Orange’ project files which I handed over to my superiors when I left Army Headquarters in Lisburn in February 1975. Some of those files related to William McGrath. To make matters worse, it is now clear from the Inquiry’s transcripts that a senior MI5 officer, Ian Cameron, falsely accused me of ‘leaking’ information to the press about William McGrath. His claim was that I did so without authority.

The MI5 claim is bizarre because, as my Army superior at the time has confirmed in the press, I was officially instructed by my superiors in Psy Ops, at the behest of Major General Peter Leng, to brief the press about McGrath as early as 1973, in a bid to draw media attention to his activities. I have no doubts whatsoever that because General Leng wanted the press to investigate McGrath, he had very good reasons for doing so and deserves credit for what he did.

It is also significant that MI5 officer who accused me of ‘leaking’ information about McGrath to the press later refused to be interviewed by the Terry Inquiry investigators about why he ordered Army Intelligence officer, Captain Brian Gemmell, to stop investigating William McGrath. Clearly, the Army and MI5 had very different agendas regarding McGrath and his activities.

The astonishing claim by the authorities, including the Intelligence Services, that they knew nothing about the allegations surrounding McGrath’s sexual activities until 1980 is a total travesty. As my documents clearly show, it is simply not credible that I knew more about McGrath and his activities than the combined Intelligence community did in 1973/74. One must conclude, therefore, that the Intelligence Services did not tell the Inquiry all they knew about McGrath during the 1970s. Indeed, most of the information I possessed about McGrath in 1973/74 came from within the Intelligence community and was quite substantial. Moreover, my 1973 press briefing document clearly contains more information about McGrath than the Intelligence Services have claimed to the Inquiry that they possessed at that time! Finally, to suggest that because I gave the press the exact postal address (including the street number of the property) and telephone number of the Kincora home, but did not actually include the name, ‘Kincora’, somehow invalidates my evidence, is an unacceptable attempt to avoid facing up to what I have been saying over the years. That information also shows that the claim made by the Intelligence Services to the Inquiry that they were not aware until 1980 of where McGrath worked is demonstrably false.

Overall, I believe the Inquiry has been a wasted opportunity to establish the full facts relating to this matter and I feel the victims have been let down yet again, as they were by previous Inquiries


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  2. Mihaela

    I can provide information that would support the theory that Sue Ryder was working for MI6 at least until the late 1970s. I knew ‘BB’ who also worked for MI6, a close friend of hers and of Neave. She sometimes travelled with her across Europe under cover of relief work. Ryder once said that her story would eclipse that of Odette (it certainly would), and yet it is still to be published. MI6 recruited many ex-Nazis into the stay-behind networks run by NATOs ACC.

    • card2

      You can email me via What Do They Know if you wish.

      I have opened complaint against Suffolk PCC Tim Passmore this past week with a view to raising inquiry into the Beeches child deaths and the Sue Ryder HQ at Cavendish.

      The IICSA has written noting that I am complaining against Passmore.

      With regard to Ryder’s role as postwar German internment visiting officer … the first suspicion re later release schemes run by her and Neave must be of Nazi war criminals. But we should also bear in mind Neave was on prosecution team at Nuremberg. The occult cover for Nazi psychiatric experimentation was downplayed as Neave explained it may have enabled an insanity defence. But of course this research went on to be absorbed into CIA MK Ultra. Hence suspicion re Dept of Health commissioning Tavistock to conduct group psychiatric research in UK Leonard Cheshire Homes. Tavistock on site when ex internees are brought in ??? Sounds like a debrief of the guinea pigs ?

      I remain suspicious after the ease with which intelligence sources briefed selected press after Horst Kopkow pro release that the two charities Ryder and Cheshire were assets of Vatican ratlines.. Too easy …..

      I look forward to your information. Thank you

      • card2

        Perhaps Needleblog could act so you can email me. I am up to my neck now trying to combat Suffolk Chief constable and PCC cover up.

        The Chief constable so far seems unaware that under his operational independence accorded to him by law and his PCC he refused to investigate over 40 child care deaths at Beeches Ixworth ! The PCC CEO is now electing silence after I asked him to copy the record to me of Chief constable operational independence decisions. My mind boggles.

        The PCC CEO did not like me saying the 1972 Chief constable lied to the New Zealand Govt. I offered to post him the proof and he elected silence ever since.

        I asked if Suffolk Police had sent report to Operation Hydrant and Midland re death of Sir John Stradling Thomas MP at his Dolphin Square Home 1991. No answer.

        I asked PCC and CEO to at least acknowledge that Chief constable visit to Lord Henniker 1992 re Peter Righton had a context such as HM Coroner contacting Chief constable about Beeches and Sue Ryder deaths history. Silence.

        I described that I took legal advice in 1982 and my solicitor filed ,my affidavit with Chief constable who chose silence and there has never been a challenge to my sworn word. The Chief constable 1982 gambled that I would never discover new evidence and he lost his bet. Seven years later I met the ex RCS Dc who investigated Ryder and Cheshire Homes for GP death registration fraud and identity theft in 1971 and 1972.

        All that is happening is they refuse to answer.

  3. Mihaela

    Card2 – I would to contact you privately regarding the Sue Ryder affair. I have information that would interest you.

  4. dpack

    interesting stuff, well said and an honourable position to take Mr Wallace, what you state is consistent with other sources in the parts I am familiar with.

    below are a few contextual nodes that might help when trying to understand the relevance of details .

    the Anglo Irish Grand Unified Lodge>
    dickie, henniker, mc grath, mc keague, blunt, paisley , (un-named so far but) significant republicans and probably others I am certain of as yet can be put in the same room at a relevant time via that node. it almost certainly connects to various other persons of interest via assorted fraternal loyalties.

    many of the names that crop up in various parts of context are first linked during ww2 and the immediate post war period .

    SOE ( especially eastern med section)> henniker, maclean, the posh italian gladio b chap, ryder, courtney (seraph), sporberg/hambro, philby. ( airey ?) and many other links
    mi9 / airey > many links
    mi6 > many links
    mi5>many links
    bletchley > many persons inc blunt , osla
    oss ( specifically vatican rat lines + paperclip and human / financial asset collection type ops ) > angelton, airey, ryder , + relevant others?
    cia> angelton > philby, hambro/sporberg + others
    nuremberg > airey, freud ,others .

    many of the names that crop up in relation to dark domestic political spookery/gladio b and “front of house” politics of the 60’s and 70’s are first linked via the nodes above.
    there are many other relevant nodes in the contextual lattice but perhaps a useful way to try to gain insight into detail is the consider the context of the cold war as an umbrella over many of the sub contexts and nodes. another useful tool is to always remember that many of the “players” exhibit ethics regarding details that are often sociopathic and are at times full on psychopath and that some acting as assets to them were controlled by both carrot and stick.

    ” the americans can be very dangerous” was a kindly warning in relation to a mention of j j angelton, I can easily believe why mention of his name would elicit such a comment although he is long dead.

    • card2

      I am pleased that Islington Survivors are running with the Beeches Ixworth child deaths. Without past inquiry we do not know how many were declared dead by bronchopneumonia to which cerebral palsy children may be vulnerable

      But over 40 deaths in 18 years and a history of parental concerns I would say inquiry now with article 2 inquest is required.

      In such an inquiry Henniker Estate, IMO, should feature for at least two reasons

      (1) Proximity to Ixworth

      (2) Reasons Sir Keith Joseph refused inquiry and later Barbara Castle lost her paperwork and as minister did not raise inquiry either.

      The secret public interest decisions of attorneys general imo should feature in inquiry

      (1) The unlawful police no go area of Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder charities discovered by Wales Regional Crime Squad 1971/72. The role of Special Branch spying on police inquiries and corrupting same.

      (2) The judgments of Leonard Cheshire founding trustee Denning given he was trustee of an organisation that was de facto where he said no man can be …. above the law. .

      (3) The postwar German internment release scheme 1971 run by Neave and Ryder

      (4) The Regional Crime Squad inquiry into death registration and identity thefts at the time of the above release scheme.

  5. David Shayler

    nothings secret about mi5 anymore only where they live and how much they earn…..sourced quote LONDON CT….


    ANDREW DEDMAN MI5 also…very interesting site thought we would drop some wikileaks sites for you to read that are far more exciting!!!!


  8. artmanjosephgrech

    The official History of MI5 is commended
    The dissolution of the power sharing executive and assembly in Northern Ireland is an important complicating development.

    Gentle reminder (Inquiry reports never change anything in themselves) Could be another six months before anyone is prosecuted in relation to the Hillsborough cover up where investigations only commenced after Inquest verdict last year which followed the Inquiry report publication is 2012 so 5 years!

    • card2

      I have seen your recent FOI re Beeches Ixworth re the Hansard link I provided. Nice one. I am really pleased experts are running with this tragic history of child deaths now.

      You are probably aware of the Ken Loach film “Hidden Agenda” about the Ulster Psy Ops Unit. “Alex Nevan” in the film is obviously Airey Neave.

      Deaths at Beeches and at Sue Ryder HQ about 10 miles away were both raised in Commons questions 1972. The Sir Keith Joseph cover up and whitewash is clear. But equally important is why Barbara Castle as DHSS minister 1975 sustained the cover up. Her advisors Jack Straw and Norman Warner. I have speculated on this blog that Panorama had Barbara Castle by the short and curlies in 75 discharging mental patients homeless to seaside resorts. Hence I wonder at quid pro quo and Righton influence given MIND gave Castle no trouble.

      • artmanjosephgrech

        Ref Baron Norman Warner Privy Councillor former Director of Social Services Kent and Association of Directors of Social Services and Minister of State Health, resigned Labour Whip 2015
        Ref Tony Smythe Fellow campaigner against weapons of mass human destruction, former General Secretary National Council of Civil Liberties and then of Mind

        In the midst of John Cornwall’s biography where he first infiltrated left wing groups when at university in Berne and then at Oxford and nice to see the official history admit there was a file on Prime Minister Wilson, wonder who authorised that!

        • card2

          Warner was adviser to Jack Straw at Home Office during MacPherson Inquiry. In 1997 Kent Police Authority called for inquiry and report re Deal Barracks bombing 1989, security history and warnings given by public (like ,me)

          Touching on Straw and Warner time as advisers to Mrs Castle DHSS 1970s were two things in the KPA 1997 call for inquiry:

          (1) Communist Group “Straight Left”

          (2) How IRA frauds against benefits system, detected Thanet 1976, were handled at DHSS Ministry.

          Straw finalised his suppression of the KPA call for inquiry in March 99 in spite of concerns expressed, about such a suppression, by Sir Ronnie Flanagan RUC. At the time Kent Chief constable David Phillips had his arse kicked off Rosemary Nelson murder inquiry.

          Which seems to me to have been “Acting as Judge in Own Cause” Warner and Straw IE Against the law,

          With Beeches and deaths of cerebral palsy children. They are more vulnerable to bronchopneumonia. However The first question is of why they did not get inquests … Plus what happened to Common Law duty to report facts to HM Coroner that could lead to inquest. GP, Police, vicar, social workers, directors of social services West Suffolk, Hackney and Islington.

          There is information given via Christs Cambridge by a former Bishop of Durham suggesting lines of inquiry that would connect Beeches with Sue Ryder HQ ten miles away at Cavendish. A Bishop wishing to remain anon is no different to any other cowardly source of scuttlebutt.

      • card2

        Lord Henniker connection with Albany Trust is known.

        The ex Bishop of Durham scuttlebutt re Beeches “Katherine Low” probably meant Saint Katherines. as a common line of inquiry Beeches and Sue Ryder HQ.

  9. card2

    Very interesting. Research done by others now indicates that deaths of child inmates at Beeches Child Home Ixworth raised in Commons 1972 was NOT about six years of deaths but was about 18 years of child deaths there numbering over 40 deaths. So quite a call for minister Keith Joseph to refuse inquiry.

    The nearby Henniker Estate and Needleblog thread information suggesting that Henniker was involved with McGrath (Kincora) arming TARA and Red Hand Commando 1967, should now be borne in mind.

    The OIRA asset at Stowmarket gathering information of use to Soviet Union. He was active from about 1967. We know he took interest in armed forces, in Sue Ryder (Airey Neave charity) Cavendish and in Clement Freud at Walberswick from before he was an MP. Speculation that he would have been targeted on Lord Stonham of Earl Stonham Stowmarket (HO NI Minister) seem obvious. But was he targeted on Henniker Estate where Henniker was not resident at the time ?