anglesea_head_dTWENTY FIVE years after he was first named as a sexual predator Gordon Anglesea has been brought to book.

On Friday a jury of five women and six men branded the retired police superintendent a child abuser.

They did what North Wales Police, the judiciary — and £20 million of public money had failed to do.

They unanimously convicted him of four counts of indecent assault against two boys in the 1980s.

Anglesea is remanded on bail until November 4.

Judge Geraint Walters told him “there can only be one sentence and that will be a prison sentence”.

The six-week trial was a raw, bad-tempered affair.

The jury were unhappy because they were in court for less than a third of the time.

rebecca_logo_04MINUTES AFTER Friday’s verdict Rebeccarevealed the existence of a new allegation against Anglesea — in 1997 he was accused of indecently assaulting a woman. Even though he lied to the police when…

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  1. By the Seaside
    Gordon Anglesea: Paedophile ex-police boss gets 12 years
    1967 – Anglesea starts work as a police officer in Cheshire. He later resigned following a marriage breakdown and joined Flintshire constabulary
    1976 – Promoted to inspector in Wrexham and in 1978 becomes responsible for the Bromfield area which included the Bryn Estyn children’s home
    1978 – Sets up a Home Office attendance centre in Wrexham
    1988 – Becomes a superintendent in Colwyn Bay
    1991 – Retires suddenly after 34 years’ service. Independent On Sunday runs an article about Anglesea’s connections with Bryn Estyn. Similar stories follow in the Observer, Private Eye and on HTV Wales
    1994 – Sues the four media organisations for libel and is awarded £375,000 in damages
    1997 – Answers questions about allegations of sexual abuse before the north Wales child abuse tribunal
    2000 – The Waterhouse report says allegations about Anglesea had not been “proved to our satisfaction”
    2014 – Arrested and bailed by officers from Operation Pallial, an investigation into child abuse in north Wales care homes
    2015 – Charged with historical sex offences

  2. By the Seaside
    “The BBC is very aware of its role in shaping people’s consciousness; this is the story you should hear about, these are the people worth listening to. It’s manipulative and deeply political.”

  3. Aardvark

    Excellent coverage of the trial and contextual information from Paddy French /Rebecca. In contrast, amazing how little coverage of the trial appears in the MSM, strange considering the previous libel case.

    Interesting that Anglesea was caught out lying on a number of occasions. In particular, denying he knew the convicted paedophile and dept Headmaster of Bryn Estyn, when there was clear, written evidence to the contrary(Matt Arnold letter). A reminder of Janner’s lie, that he didn’t know Frank Beck, when there was similar evidence.

    Some of the prosecution witnesses appeared unreliable, the fellow Policeman, who worked at the detention centre, with Anglesea, who had no recollection of the showers etc.

    The contextual information was interesting, the mention of the Freemasons of which Anglesea was a member and Master. Another article by Rebecca is very enlightening in this context, with Lord Kenyon mentioned as a Master of his own Lodge in the Local area.

    Finally, the mention of John Allen, who in the local authority/ Government gave 30 million pounds,, a substantial figure, for Allen to set up his homes in North Wales? What were John Allen’s Social Work credentials and why was he given so much power over vulnerable children?

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