Gordon is a Moron

The Friday Night Song


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  1. tdf

    Out of the blue, into the light

  2. tdf

    You changed your name
    It’s necessary
    And what you left behind
    You don’t miss anyway

  3. tdf

    On a side note, a composite of Commander Lionel ‘Buster’ Crabb and Lord Mountbatten features in Anthony Powell’s ‘a Dance to the Music of Time’, as the Commander Buster Foxe character.

  4. tdf

    It’s reassuring, isn’t it, to note that Hollis felt “no security issue was involved”, even though Boothby was allegedly “a long-term lover of Dorothy Macmillan, wife of the former prime minister”.

    At the risk of going into conspiraloon territory, was Commander Crabbe’s body really the one that was found washed up and headless in Chichester harbour in June 1957? What techniques would a coroner even have had available to him back then to positively ID the body?

    • dpack

      i’m not sure if the body was crabbe but it does seem likely although it is unclear if he died by accident, by counterstroke in a fight under water or after being captured by the russians.
      regarding mac there is a rumour which matches the dates etc that he was “the other boy” involved in evan tredegar’s expulsion from school. without further hard data it seems impossible to confirm or deny it.

      his pps when in later years was morrison which at the least shows an error in briefing or judgement.

    • dpack

      without a head for looks and dental records ,clothing and equipment, fingerprints, personal knowledge and/or medical records of blood group, scars ,broken bones , tattoos etc etc would have been the primary means of id .
      that he was slurped into the bow thruster does seem quite plausible but when dealing with such matters almost anything is possible.

  5. tdf

    Interesting, Dpack, I hadn’t seen that article before.

  6. dpack

    ace tune, they did do a live version on totp but in other old news

    note the documented knowledge of 5 regarding lord boothby and mr kray towards the end of the article.

    the crabbe story is fascinating and interlinks with the stories of some relevant persons of his era but that public msm mention of the kray / boothby link makes me consider that some of the stories about both are probably true and that some of them have great significance to context, working out which ones might take a while.

    • Aardvark

      dpack, interesting to note that the then Prime Minister, Anthony Eden, exclaimed how the operation “went against my orders”. A reminder of what JFK was alleged to have said about the Bay of Pigs “thing”. Were these events the markers of the first shift of power into different hands or had this shift been established for quite some time?

  7. tdf

    11 weeks in the Top 40 singles charts, 12 weeks in the Top 75. Made it to number 4, somewhat implausibly. Apparently they played live on TOTP , so respect to them for that.

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