FOR DECADES North Wales Police have been accused of covering up a child abuse scandal.

Critics say the force failed to investigate allegations that residents of care homes were being sexually abused in the 1970s and 1980s.

Britain’s only child abuse inquiry — the 1996 Waterhouse Tribunal — was set up to examine these claims.

The Tribunal gave the force a clean bill of health:

“ … there was no significant omission by the North Wales Police in investigating the complaints of abuse to children in care.”

Rebecca has long argued this conclusion is suspect.

The Tribunal did not consider the testimony of a witness who claimed he reported the most serious abuser in the scandal — John Allen — to police in 1980.

This was 15 years before Allen was gaoled.

In 2012 David Cameron ordered two new inquiries into the scandal.

One was a police investigation, Operation Pallial: the…

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2 responses to “THE MACUR REVIEW — Part Two: THE £3m WHITEWASH

  1. dpack

    whitewash protects a good wall but merely shows up the dark cracks of a crumbling one.
    any comments should take into account the “for legal reasons” mentioned in the first piece,once the trials awaiting hearing are done numerous truths should be told loudly.

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