Summer in the City

The Friday Night Song



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  2. artmanjosephgrech

    a week ago as the weather changed for the better and noting A 45 mins delay on M25 I opted fore the North and South circular road to reach Purley Oaks and remembered the joys of driving around through a city of 8 and half million growing to 10 taking a baby into care in Ealing to the only available place some where off the North circular or breaking down in Hanger Lane en route to a new job and home. Yesterday taking an hour and half to drive to the nearest B and Q and back in mid afternoon pre rush traffic, or paying two to three times as much to watch a show before it tours to Newcastle Theatre Royal or Sunderland’s Empire, or contemplating paying £11.20 for fish and chlps in a carton from a van inside the Oval who charged £15 for the fourth day cricket it would have been free at Lords) and looking at the price of flats one bedroom for 900000 and of course the Muslim son of a bus driver is now Mayor as a member one of the early 1939 refugee families speaking Llanito evicted by UK goverment from their homeland to Croydon there is a sense of times they are changing this summer in the city