Harvey Proctor Denies ‘Untrue’ Allegations At Press Conference


The former MP Harvey Proctor today launched a blistering attack on a police “homosexual witch-hunt” after revealing that he had been questioned over claims of the alleged murder of three boys supposedly linked to an “elite Westminster sex ring”.

Mr Proctor said that he had been accused of being part of a child sex-ring with the late Prime Minister Edward Heath, ex-Home Secretary Leon Brittan along with ex-heads of MI5 and MI6. The allegations were based on the testimony of an anonymous witness that Scotland Yard had previously described as being “credible and true”.

In a sensational statement issued today, Harvey Proctor said he was “completely innocent” of accusations of paedophilia as he went public on the two rounds of questioning he had faced from the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Midland investigation.

His statement is the first detailed response from anyone who has been investigated by Operation Midland over claims of an Establishment child sex abuse ring. He was due to address media at a press conference in central London this afternoon.

His accuser – known only as Nick – has told police that Mr Proctor was part of a group of men who abused him over a decade from 1975. He claimed that Mr Proctor was directly responsible for the murders of two boys, and implicated in the death of a third.

During one alleged sexual assault, he claimed, Mr Proctor was only persuaded from cutting off “Nick’s” genitals with a pen-knife following the intervention by the late Prime Minister who was said by the witness to have been present during the sex attack at a large townhouse in London.

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12 responses to “Harvey Proctor Denies ‘Untrue’ Allegations At Press Conference

  1. I’m beginning to wonder if all the other kids are dead or if Nick is making it all up.

  2. I would add to the above that my concern is that “Nick” is alive. Something I would find very unlikely if he had witnessed what he claims.

    But you cannot rule anything out completely.

    • pandapops

      Worth bearing in mind that “Nick’s” father was allegedly a member of the ring and introduced Nick to the others. Perhaps he had some sway in persuading them not to kill his son?!

      • tdf


        That is plausible, as is the idea of a parent offering their son or daughter up to an abuse network (unfortunately there are documented examples).

        What seems extraordinary to me is the claim that kids were being taken out of school and ferried in chauffeur-driven limos to destinations to be abused, before being conveyed back to their schools the next day. It would seem to require criminally actionable participation by a large number of individuals and organisations, an enormous network almost of the scale alleged in the recent Hampshire ritual abuse allegations (absent the Satanic and ‘baby-eating’ allegations.)

  3. Peter McKelvie

    Over the last few years I have met with dozens of survivors, ” campaigners “, and retired and serving Police officers.
    The word ” homosexual ” never comes in to the debate

    This smokescreen, picked up by Mr .Proctor, was given it’s debut by David Cameron on the This Morning programme in 2012

    The issue is only about the sexual abuse of children and the behaviour of consenting adults is totally irrelevant
    The portrayal of Police motivation as a “homosexual witch-hunt ” not only smacks of a total distortion of the facts but is an illustration of the fear and panic now pervading the abuser world as those with skeletons begin to realise for the first time in history that the tide has turned

    • barb

      That’s great news to hear Peter well done for your relentless campaigning

    • Aardvark

      Thank you for all you have done, to bring light where there has been darkness and to help protect the most vulnerable in our Society.

    • Bruce Goldfinch

      I could not agree with you more. Also, I would suggest, their must be an awful lot of police officers, especially those whom are homosexual, that take exception to the ‘witch hunt’ allegations that are continually levelled at them.

    • Callie

      Peter, it’s disingenuous to focus on the ‘homosexual witch hunt’ aspect. Proctor is just trying to make sense of what’s happened to him. The allegations are crazy. Now we see the details, it’s ludicrous. How did well-meaning people get sucked into this? It’s time you all explained yourselves, or at least pipe down.

      • tdf


        When the serving Prime Minister of the UK has warned us to be careful of anti-gay witchhunts in the context of investigations into CSA, and when several prominent newspaper columnists and opinion “leaders” continue to run with that narrative, then, no isn’t in the slightest bit disingenuous to focus on the ‘homosexual witch hunt’ aspect – in order to firmly rebut the thesis. The point Peter is making is that survivors, campaigners and the police are simply not going to accept or tolerate being collectively slandered as homophobes. ( Indeed, there is evidence that gay kids are more likely to be victimised – there are many gay survivors of abuse. )

        (to be fair to Proctor, he has no choice over how newspapers choose to headline his statement – the ‘homosexual witch hunt’ was only a passing reference in his quite lengthy statement. When active in politics, Proctor was not someone who aligned himself to the gay rights movement – precisely the opposite, if anything.)

  4. joekano76

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