Exclusive: Shocking Photo: Young Queen Heils Taxi


Are you going south of the river ?

A shocking photo of an impressionable young girl trying to heil a taxi has been published by a tabloid newspaper owned by an Australian republican.

[I really can’t be bothered. Goodnight!]


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17 responses to “Exclusive: Shocking Photo: Young Queen Heils Taxi

  1. nuggy

    this was put out too distract from somthing else i think i wonder what it is.

    • dpack

      several things come to mind,tredagar ,the middle east,a live serving mp under close scrutiny,a government acting tough when only 24.7%of the electorate voted for them,the dodgy state of the global economic system,climate change,chas being a bit of a hippy and getting stroppy about the state of the world etc etc etc .

      or a shot across the bows to keep the royals waving but not swimming against the tide.

  2. Becky

    “[I really can’t be bothered. Goodnight!]”

    Shouldn’t that be, “farewell, adieu, auf wiedersehen, goodnight”, Gojam?

  3. Emma

    The windsors are big enough and ugly enough to fight their own battles Gojam

    • Increasingly the British monarchy will be testing the waters with respects to whether the public, and the left wing public at that, will allow them their position in a post-5eyeNATO world.

      The Windsors need the ‘public’ as much as the ‘public’ need the ‘Windsors’ right now given what is at stake and the republican minded, like myself, are being asked if we would support them against the 5eyeNATO prime movers.

      In my view the stakes are too high for me to express my republican attitude as a structural insistence that removes the Windsors from a position of privilege. This ‘negotiation’ and ‘enmity’ has to be put to the side for the time being, given what we are shortly about to go through.

  4. dpack

    the motives for the release and timing of this open secret about ed8 are open to a variety of interpretations.
    among them ,which are mostly in relation to current royal attitudes to a variety of subjects,could be the desire to ensure the public believe that ed8’s abdication was a simple matter of his nazi leanings rather than partially due to his close association with evan treadagar who although he had high rank chums in the nazi party(on both sides at the night of the long knives) was also a sexual sadist to young males,a satanist influenced by crowley’s world,a rather poor spook(his allegiances were mixed to say the least)and a thoroughly nasty chap .
    one version of treadagar’s fall from grace and him being banned from the palace set is that he had what are best described as “blackmail photos”of the future ed 8.these were recovered by agents of queen mary ,ed8 was “grounded “by his mum and the matter was neatly covered up.it is very likely that some of those who favored the abdication would have known of this and thought replacing ed with george was essential to the “national interest”.

    it is plausible that outing ed8 as a bit of a nazi could be seen as more acceptable than others outing him as having an unhealthy interest in sexual sadism and crowley style occult rituals.

    it is also plausible that among other things the “hess papers”from his interrogations during his time in wales contain references to such matters.this could explain why maurice oldfield secured some of the hess papers as good insurance for himself when he came into conflict with dark forces regarding”the security situation in northern ireland”and told it like it was to thatcher.

    the above although plausible is not proven but as a hypothesis it has internal logic and fits known facts ,probable facts and cui bono applied to observed outcomes.i would place it between plausible and likely based on sources that seem accurate in other matters.

    another likely interpretation is this “news”is a distraction from the plans for the uk to take a much more active role in the middle east in the near future.

    another situation where “byzantine” is a good description as killing several birds with one stone is a useful objective in realpolitic.

  5. Ethan

    Well, if we’re honest about it, we’ve all made Nazi salutes at some time or another, even if only for a laugh. I made one myself only last week, as it happens, in Berlin, to a German pal of mine who shares my wacky sense of humour. And he returned the greeting. Luckily no cops were around at the time.

  6. The Sun piece, in my view, is in part punishment for when the Queen spoke out against the 5eye-NATO axis in Germany at that State Banquet not so long ago. If you watch that speech in full and follow up the reporting about the world of it, you will see what I mean.

    Technically that speech she did will go down in the history books, that is if we successfully navigate this climate catastrophe as a civilization in order to have something called ‘history’ still.

    Interestingly, some of the subsequent press articles about the Queen’s family home movies has framed them and future material as ‘a historical moment’; that is the revelation in this moment as the historical event. Being all meta for the moment on the old semiotic-discourse-propoganda cross roads, such framing allows a shift from ‘Queen-Germany-Historical Event-anti5eyeNATOFascismSpeech’ to ‘Queen-German-Historical Moment-proFascismRevelation’.

    I wish I had time to make that argument to you all a little better by using little tri-graphs and other techniques from the literature. I will say this however, the black spider memos I read with a sense of relief given the focus on access to food for the people of the UK and the acknowledgement of failure by ‘government’ to adequately address current and future food scarcity issues and the drivers for them.

    Depending on how ‘fascist-esque’ the 5eyeNATO ‘boys n’ gals’ want to go and given this stuff with the Queen and all the rest Kind Dave et al have done, I hazard a guess to say many a British General will be in discussion with their colleagues right now. As more and more comes out about these abuse networks amongst the powerful, I would hypothesise, the less dirt and control the US and 5eyeNATO prime movers will have over subverting the UK and our electoral system.

  7. Andy Barnett

    In February you asked us to view the Prince Andrew / Epstein revelations in the press in the context of the disagreement between Prince Charles and “the establishment” over Charles’ role as Monarch. You said that “If Prince Charles did not make a ‘deal’ soon, there would be further revelations”. https://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/2015/02/01/constitutional-crisis/

    Might ‘Her Royal Heilness” story be seen in this context too?

  8. Becky

    Maybe the Sun is going to do a Page 3 version of this, with a topless model of Her Madge in a black steel SS helmet, brandishing a leather whip and wearing kinky boots?

  9. Andy Barnett

    Didn’t you run some story a few months back about TPTB threatening to release stories about the Royals if Charles didn’t stay in his box and do as he’s told? Might this story be a shot across the bows – a warning of what more could be released if they don’t behave themselves?