The Green Inker


The Green Inker by Chester Stern: Journalist, writer & broadcaster. Former Head of Press Bureau, Scotland Yard; former Crime Correspondent with The Mail on Sunday.


The tale of an Home Office minister who sexually abused and murdered young boys…

Some of it sounds familiar…



As I understand Leon Brittan’s former agent has never confirmed a very similar story.

But then nor has he denied it to my knowledge…



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  2. gw

    Did anybody catch the former MI5 surveillance bod on newsnight the other night?

    He said that he and a few others were bought into a highly “Need to know” investigation involving a prominent/important (I forgot the exact wording) paedophile which last a few weeks. He spoke to his superiors saying that it wasn’t in 5’s “remit” to investigate paedophilia. It was suddenly shot down. He noted that they had found nothing to suggest the suspect was a paedophile.

  3. keith sellick (@littlekeithy)

    This is from Popbitch 3/714

    > More paedo tales <<
    The world according to Rev_GB

    This month marks seven years since PB legend Reverend_Goatboy's death. Despite the passage of time, the stories he told have dominated the news in recent weeks. Jimmy Savile and corpses? Goatboy story. Rolf Harris up to no good? Goatboy story. Wherever he is, we're sure he's enjoying the last laugh.

    For old times' sake, another tall tale he liked to tell went like this:

    "Seems that a former Tory minister, when he had to stay in his constituency, chose the local aristocrat's gaff. One night the aristo is paddling down the corridor when he hears cries from his 12-year-old son's room. Going in, he finds the Tory minister hanging out of his son. He promptly hits the panic button. It being the aristo, when the alarm sounds at the nick the ****ing lot show up – choppers and all (high alert at time re IRA). First plod on the scene piles in and the aristo says, "Arrest that bastard!" The copper recognises the Tory minister, and knocks it upstairs sharpish. A few more shunts and it's Maggie on the blower saying leave it, she'll sort it. And the Tory minister was whisked off to work in a reduced role. One wonders what hold they have over the aristo, eh?"
    [end of snip]

    Maybe it is time to work out who the "agent" and aristo ((i am assuming a constituency agent who is in Houses of commons or lords) actually is?

    Popbitch may have more info.

    • Paul Hadwen, aka the Rev. Goatboy of Popbitch fame, was the initial source of this Leon Brittan rumor? That’s disappointing. Despite his apparent internet popularity, having been primarily a roadie for Motorhead & Thin Lizzy wouldn’t seem to confer much credibility as a source for “secret” info about members of UK governments.

      But that doesn’t mean his rumor couldn’t be based in reality. So, let’s look into “aristocrats” based in constituencies that Brittan represented;
      Richmond – Frederick Charles Gordon-Lennox, was 9th Duke of Richmond until 1989. He had two sons; Charles Henry born 1929 – he can’t be the alleged victim, and Nicholas Charles born 1931 – he can’t be either.
      Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox, became 10th Duke of Richmond in 1989. His one son, Charles, was born in 1955 – he would have been 30ish in the Thatcher era so he can’t be the victim.
      Cleveland & Whitby – Oswald Constantine John Phipps was fourth Marquess of Normanby, he died in 1994. He had two sons; Constantine Edmund Walter born in 1954 and Lord Justin born in 1955 – again, no where near 12 years of age in the Thatcher era so can’t be either of them.
      Harry George Powlett was the 4th Duke of Cleveland, but he died with no male heirs in 1891 so his title and holdings defaulted to the Baron Barnard.
      Henry John Neville Vane, is 11th Baron Barnard born in 1923. He had one son – Henry Francis Cecil Vane, born in 1959, making him in his twenties when Brittan was supposedly raping 12 year old sons of the realm.
      Mike Whitby was made Baron Whitby in 2013, he wasn’t “an aristocrat” from birth, so the victim can’t be from his family either.

      My knowledge of UK peerage isn’t great, so perhaps there are other candidate families? Or perhaps Brittan’s 12 year old victim was the son of “Lord I Know A Secret And That Makes Me Important Even Though I’m Really A Nobody’?

      • Another vague, though intriguing possibility –
        Alexander Charles Robert “Alistair” Vane-Tempest-Stewart, was 9th Marquess of Londonderry, (7 September 1937 – 20 June 2012) and owned some magnificent properties in various places not least of which being Wynyard Park, County Durham. (He sold it, in 1987). All these constituency boundary changes make it hard to say if “Cleveland” constituency was ever part of County Durham, (or the other way around?), or not. In any case, there had been Marquess of Londonderry in the Conservative Party for generations apparently, so Brittan could have known him.
        Alistair Vane-Tempest-Stewart had two sons…sort of. His wife, Nicolette Elaine Katherine Harrison, had two sons – Tristan Alexander born in 1972 and James Michael born in 1973. Unfortunately for the Marquess, he wasn’t the father of either boy. Both were the result of his being cuckolded by entertainer Georgie Fame (Clive Powell), and the boys both bear Fame’s real last name of Powell. Their dates of birth do fall into the target range for our Brittan as boy rapist rumor.,_9th_Marquess_of_Londonderry

        Nicollette seems to have been a very troubled person, and after about 20 years of marriage to Fame-Powell she committed suicide by jumping off a bridge. There’s lots of room for bitterness or mental illness inspired rumor-mongering already, but this mess gets a lot more f*cked up by:

        the Powell/Birley/Goldsmith/Douglas-Home/Marquess of Londonderry & Princess Margaret family scandals. Due to the serial adultery habits of several members of these families, they are all “related” in some sense. Naturally, this has led to a long list of disputes among them some of which involve HUGE sums of money and/or property as well as hereditary peerage rights:

        and to top it all – MP Zac Goldsmith is related to this whole sordid clan. Could Zac have inherited a pile of family history rumors, perhaps including accusations that Nicolette of Londonderry cheated on her husband the Marquess because he was actually gay and having affairs with men, like, oh I dunno, some former Home Secretary -? and that this boyfriend had gone berserk with lust for the Marquess boys one night?

        Unless the Powell brothers some day make public accusations of their own, I think I’ll file this one under: Probably Bullsh*t.

      • tdf

        “Paul Hadwen, aka the Rev. Goatboy of Popbitch fame, was the initial source of this Leon Brittan rumor? That’s disappointing. Despite his apparent internet popularity, having been primarily a roadie for Motorhead & Thin Lizzy wouldn’t seem to confer much credibility as a source for “secret” info about members of UK governments. ”

        As far as I can gather, Hadwen aka Reverend Goatboy was indeed a former roadie that ‘reinvented’ himself as an internet gossip monger.

        He was not however the original source of the Leon Brittan rumour(s) which seem to date from the mid 1980s. Paul Foot, the left-wing journalist, investigated them and his view was that they were false rumours put about by a right wing anti-semitic faction in the intelligence services.

  4. dpack

    on the subject of literature the works of g f newman regarding the 1960’/70’s are rather interesting “fiction”.

  5. beetroot

    With reference to the questions from the Home Affairs Select Committee on the 8th July 2014 to Mark Sedwell, does anyone know if there has been follow through? At the time Mark Sedwell was asked whether he had checked whether the adjacent files to the missing 114 files (which he knew the numbers and titles) had also been destroyed. From 33 mins on video.