Ann Clwyd MP, Insurance Companies, And An Example From Wandsworth Council.

Above is the video of Ann Clywd MP raising the issue of insurance companies and their part in covering up child sexual abuse in yesterday evening’s Adjournment Debate. The involvement of insurance companies in this issue takes many forms and Ann Clwyd refers to a few examples in her speech. With permission from Teresa Cooper, who very unusually for a survivor has a wealth of documented evidence of her own abuse, I want to give the reader an example of how the influence of insurance companies has been used to prevent survivors of abuse from getting justice.

This example dates from when Teresa was 16 years old when she had been placed in foster care but Teresa also has documented evidence of sexual abuse she suffered when she was below that age while at Kendall House.

For legal reasons I’ve redacted the surname of the foster carers but it should be noted that the record shows that previous to Teresa’s allegation other children who had been placed with this couple had made similar allegations of abuse against the male foster carer, Brian T, and that subsequent to his conviction much later following a complaint made by another girl, Wandsworth Council ceased placing children with him. The assault took place in 1984 and was reported to Wandsworth Social Services and Kent police at the time and Teresa has documented medical evidence of the assault from the time due of the physical injuries she sustained as a result of this incident. However, much of the documentation that I’m using here is from the early 1990s when Teresa again sought justice.

What you’ll note on reading these extracts is that Wandsworth Social Services attempted to discredit Teresa Cooper.


There seems to be a ‘plan’. Wandsworth Social Services will let Kent police investigate and when they find there a “lack of evidence” Teresa will be discredited and shown to be a fantasist.


Unfortunately for Wandsworth Social Services, the big problem with this ‘plan’ is that there isn’t a “lack of evidence”. So how do Wandsworth Social Services overcome this problem ?

They deny Kent police access to the evidence.


And why do Wandsworth Social Services want to do this ?


I’d just like to thank Teresa for allowing me to share this with you. I hope it will help readers to understand why the influence of insurance companies is such an issue in the debate regarding CSA.

I’ve no doubt whatsoever that this clear and documented example is far from isolated.


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  1. From experience I assume the Insurance Company was ZURICH MUNICIPLE part of ZURICH INSURANCE the then ZFS group and parent company. During the period 2003 to 2008 this bunch of gangsters destroyed the Worlds economy directly causing most of the financial crisis, and was later fined $billions for bid rigging. Then insolvent it was bailed out and taken over by the U.S. Government.
    I understand they are now trading again as a new entity after paying off U.S. Gov Bailout, “sorry taxpayers money!

    “Be Warned” when you need insurance, (ASK WHO IS ULTIMATE PARENT COMPANY) i.e. who owns the Insurer.

    Regards GF

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  3. Drifloud

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  4. Andy Barnett

    I wonder, is there a law against an organisation deliberately destroying evidence of criminal behaviour by its employees? What about a company advising an organisation to destroy such evidence?

  5. Cerberus

    I always feel it’s a pity that this issue seems to have also been latched onto as a ‘cause’ by an unsavoury array of vile and deranged far-right neo-nazi conspiracy theorist bloggers over the internet. I’m thinking in particular of the Chris Spivey site which regularly brings up these issues but also uses it as an attempt to ‘illustrate’ their paranoid racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, sexist and transphobic views. There’s even outright holocaust denial on his site and you know we’re talking the far-side of crazy when someone also believes the Boston bombings, Tunisia Shootings and murder of Lee Rigby were elaborate hoaxes!

    Whilst such self-advertising haters and cyberbullies continue to hijack legitimate concerns such as child abuse etc. anyone wishing to cover up such wrongdoing can easily point to anyone who delves into this subject as belonging to the far-right bigot lobby. At the risk of turning paranoid myself, I often wonder whether these sites are set-up to deliberately discredit genuine child abuse campaigners.

    • AlanB

      There’s an old saying, that when you get flak, you’re over the target.
      Cerberus, your comment is pure 100% gold plated flak.

      • Becky

        I tend to agree with Alan, Cerberus. Whilst being a Nice Jewish Girl I similarly detest holocaust deniers like Spivey he still has a right to his own opinion after all – no matter how much yourself, Alan, myself or the rest of us on here are offended by it. Yes, it’s inevitable that you will get the loonies and bigots with ulterior political agendas jumping on the bandwagon, but I believe the majority of people have more intelligence to tell the difference between them and us than you give them credit for. It’s the internet after all. It would be no use to ban these nuts as they’d only go underground,

  6. Terry B

    I’m sure someone has the info but wasn’t one the inquiries into North Wales effectively scuppered due to direction/influence of the insurance company?

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    Let’s see if this is picked up by the red-top rags…or by the re-branded Daily Fail.

    I can’t let my post go without this personal note…
    …many won’t realise, but I can guess it, but the result of this collaboration on Needleblog only comes after a lot of groundwork and very close communication; something I would like to elaborate on, given the proper permissions from all parties.

  8. dpack

    shocking and horrible and as you say one example of a huge problem.

    the suppression of the jilling’s report is probably a multi thread example of insurance companies mitigating liabilities.

    the destruction of records is a parallel aspect to the refusal to provide them and ranges from the “we dont keep anything after x years”to “destroyed in a fire at a storage companies warehouse” and includes thousands of relevant examples of denial and cover up for fiscal reasons and to protect the incompetent and/or the guilty.

    i have much respect for ms cooper and others who are willing to speak out and seek justice not just for themselves but for those unable to speak out.