George Carmen QC’s Son: ‘Interference’ In Janner Case.

Incidentally, the DDP in 1991 was the ‘Kerb Crawling’ Allan Green QC who picked up one prostitute too many and left one year later in 1992.

The son of barrister George Carman, who was hired by Lord Janner in the early 1990s, told ITV News his father once believed the Labour peer would have to face charges over child abuse allegations.
ITV News Social Affairs Editor, Penny Marshall reports.
Dominic Carman says his father felt there had been, “some interference and some pressure brought to bear,” after the case was dropped.

The police and the Crown Prosecution Service have admitted it missed four opportunities to prosecute the peer.
Lord Janner has always denied he used his position as an MP to abuse young boys in childrens’ homes in Leicestershire, his family have said he is innocent of the allegations against him.

ITV News Mon 27 Apr 2015


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  1. Jack

    Greville Janner = LIAR !

  2. Gary

    “Opportunities were missed” to prosecute Janner, Smith, Savile, Brittan. Now it will be “Lessons have been learned” and “New procedures have now been implemented”. No one will be to blame, no conspiracy, no organised paedophile ring, no file (disposed of as part of normal procedures)

    How much longer will our government lie, cover up for and permit criminals in its own ranks?

  3. joekano76

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  4. Justice Goddard will shortly be selecting the individuals to form her advisory committee and it is to be hoped thy will use the power to advise Justice Goddard to give priority to investigating why Lord Janner has not been prosecuted past and present.

    The danger is that the inquiry will take some time before it commences public hearings and commence in the traditional way in scene setting with the history of the child care and protection service in England and Wales.

    I also appreciate that mounting legal challenge takes time as well as money but it is important for the public to be told as soon as they decision to ahead or not is taken.

    Another approach may be to hang fire on the appeal to await the formation of the new Parliament although be ready to write to very Member of both Houses as they are elected or appointed and present to them the facts as we now know of the Janner case and ask for their support on a motion of no confidence in the Director of Public Prosecutions.

    If I was an alleged victim of Janner or a member of their legal team I would not be impressed by the decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions to pass the decision to Justice Goddard unless the decision was hold public hearing with a matter of months because this will be used as an excuse by the Home Office and Justice officials to advise their new Ministers not to give Parliamentary time for a debate on the floor of the House of Commons focussed on issue even if wrapped in a more general debate about the terms of reference of the Goddard Inquiry, on the role of victims advisory committee, on the time frame and funding, the issue of public hearings and whether any reports issues which name and are critical of politicians, civil servants, the managers at the BBC, church leaders and such like will need to be sent to their lawyers and protracted debates with the threat of judicial view. the inclusion of Kincora keeping attention of Scotland

    While Scotland is having its own in inquiry a block of 50 Scottish MPs involved in major British issues must also include the relationship between the Scottish

    It is also important to appreciate that as there appears to be head of state led protection for anyone appointed to the Privy Council and to House of Lords there will be a raft new people appointed to the House of Lords especially if Ed introduces its abolition in the Queen’s speech which will include some under investigation suspicion now in terms of perpetrators or cover uppers.

    Anyway I hope readers get my drift that it is time to organise now to ensure those in the Commons and House of Lords in Government, on Committees or just backbenchers do not use Goddard as the excuse of concentrating on other issues

    It is important for example to look at the list of some fifty plus announcements by the Coalition and related bodies such as Offsted on the changes already in hand and to ensure they have enough funding, they are implemented and that they work. I would like to see a joint committee of back benchers of both House set to review the measures already set in train… this will not conflict in anyway with Goddard or the Judicial inquiry into the use of undercover police.

    The media has tended to regard the under cover police judicial inquiry as relating to the placement of individuals at long reach in off centre organisation understanding those prepared to resort to illegal action whether it is violent or non violent.

    A fine line will need to be trod between investigations where activities have not ben effectively supervised and the on going legitimate function of the state to protect everyone, including those whose views we may well detest with justification and where as we have seen pub;ic disclosure of the general methods as well relating to individuals is potential dangerous. but this is an area where I would not leave to just to the law makers in government and the judiciary and where the media with its imperfections remains the backstop Guardians of the Guardians.

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