Never Forget That You Vote Every Single Day


Youth votes, ethnic votes, female votes ?

Understandably there has been a great deal in the media about these and every demographic that might vote on the 7th May but voting isn’t something that you do once every 5 years.

Every single day you have the opportunity to vote for change, not with a cross in a box but by how you choose to spend your money.

That is the vote that the most powerful people in the UK are afraid you’ll use. Not the one on 7th May because that choice has already been limited but the one you can use every day.



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8 responses to “Never Forget That You Vote Every Single Day

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  2. barb

    here here good point totally agree

  3. dpack

    as a man with sssi maintaining by munching cows i totally believe how folk spend makes a lot of difference to the state of their world not just the world on their plate but also more importantly to the environment we all live in.

    if folk make the choice at plate level and buy accordingly the other things follow .

  4. Owen

    Second anniversary of Rana Plaza a couple of days ago.

  5. SamC

    Totally agree. Be a consumer of change.

    Fuck you: Coca Cola; Pepsi; Nestle; McDonald’s; Primark; Nike; Apple; Microsoft; Sony; Glaxo Smith Kline; Bayer; etc…

  6. dpack

    bae ,monsanto,lockheed,blackwater,halliburton ,etc etc

    the list would be huge if all the dodgy capitalist firms were included .

    some are difficult to avoid if one requires “shopping” “transport”or “technology”

  7. Sabre

    There are problems associated with some of the emotional approaches taken to issues like this.
    Buy and the people that chain kids to machines in factories that are likely to collapse, catch fire, present health risks etc, make huge profits by paying the kids next to nothing for working 16 hours a day, the corporations that flog this stuff to us make huge profits, we get cheap goods at the expense of long ago losing our textile industry.

    The answer seems obvious ?

    Don’t buy the kids don’t even get the meagre pittance that they get now, which can be the difference between what would be an admittedly intolerable life for us and death for them and their families.

    The answer is rarely simple or obvious.

    • Sam

      Whilst collapsing, flammable, unhealthy factories are imaginable they are not foreseeable as a direct result of withdrawing one’s patronage. Such imaginative argument is also a heavy duty call to the emotions.

      What is foreseeable is a diminution of corporate profits. Which may give corporations at least pause for thought.

      In a capitalist economy, withdrawing investment or purchasing elsewhere is the primary way that consumers register their approval or not.

      By continuing to pay companies for the goods they buy at a pittance and sell to us at vast profits is a massive vote in favour of inhumane and unethical practices as well as profiteering. It’s also kicking the can down the road for the factory children’s children to suffer and struggle against.

      It’s not that the answer is not simple,not obvious, it’s that the answer is bloody tough and painful all round but tougher and more painful for some.

      About time, bleeding hearts and their charities of choice invested heavily in microbanking to these 3rd world sweatshop populations. So that they can establish their own factories and farms with equity, justice and dignity.

      We might also take a leaf from their books then and re-establish industries at home. Because we’ll have to do it sooner or later.