Grant Shapps Has Form


Grant Shapps, the Conservative Party Chairman, is facing more embarrassing allegations today in The Guardian where he is accused of editing his own Wikipedia page to make favourable changes using the username Contribsx. The same user has edited the Wikipedia pages of other politicians, including senior Tories, negatively.

Wikipedia administrators have told The Guardian that they “believe that the account Contribsx is a sockpuppet of Grant Shapps’ previous accounts on Wikipedia … and based on the evidence the account is either run by Shapps directly or being run by someone else – an assistant or a PR agency – but under his clear direction.”

This follows a previous story where Grant Shapps lied about his involvement in an internet marketing company HowToCorp as ‘Michael Green’ while working as an MP.

Below is yet another example of Grant Shapps pretending to be other than he is online from 2007.

Now here’s an interesting tale. … can anyone provide a decent explanation?

Over on one of the (official) YouTube films from the Liberal Democrats there is this comment from someone:

“Okay, realistically we’re not going to win though. Especially since the Tories have just received 5 defecting Councillors from Labour. Don’t quite know how they’ve done it, but the Tories have stolen a march on us this time.”

With phrases such as “us” this is clearly written as if from a Liberal Democrat member or supporter.

But according to YouTube the comment was posted by a “GrantShapps” (look just above the comment for the name), which is the name of the Conservative MP for Welwyn Hatfield, Shadow Housing Minister and their Ealing Southall by-election campaign supremo.

A forged name perhaps? Except that click on the name and it takes you through to Grant Shapps’s genuine YouTube profile:

And yes, I know it is his genuine YouTube account because it is the one linked to from his own website,

Liberal Democrat Voice

Regardless of your politics there is no doubt that Grant Shapps has the appearance of a chancer. He is certainly one of the most appallingly bad political party chairmen ever (and that is saying a lot) and not just because he seems to attract these undignified scandals which make the Conservative Party look as if it is run by conmen, but also because he is an extremely poor and unconvincing performer.


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16 responses to “Grant Shapps Has Form

  1. Thomas

    Perhaps GCHQ could enlighten us on this matter. Tongue firmly planted in my cheek.

    • Sabre

      Outrageous ! Are you suggesting that those thoroughly decent chaps in Cheltenham are bounders and Rotter’s sir?

  2. Poor Shapps must have a plethora of personalities and an inability to remember what all those personalities have been up top.

    Clearly there is a pressing need for greater political investment in mental health to aid conservative party chairmen.

    I also think that perhaps there are a lot of as yet undiagnosed personality disorders amongst politicians. I’d suggest sado-faustian meganastymania should be researched forthwith. Not only do politicians of all parties turn on vulnerable children but it seems they may also turn on each other.

    Give generously to a charity to support these poor MPs and Lords.

  3. Mudplugger

    You’ve got to hand it to the Conservative Party. I never imagined, in my wildest dreams, that they would ever manage to find a Party Chairman with less credibility than Jeffrey Archer had but, blow me, they’ve got one in Grant Shapps (or whatever he’s calling himself this week). Single-handedly, he makes the rest of Westminster’s MPs look almost honest, even Keith Vaz, and that’s another remarkable achievement, hitherto inconceivable. Amazing.

  4. Becky

    I think the expenses scandal a few years’ back, suggests that Grant Shapps’s dodgy dealings are unfortunately the norm at Westminster. I never quite wanted to believe that British politics could be as much a dirty business as US politics but recent evidence is showing that it is. I think politicians should take a good look at their own behaviour before they lecture and finger wag blaming the electorate for damaging democracy because we end up too disillusioned and disengaged to even bother to vote anymore. They might like to take a good look at themselves and wonder who made us feel that way. Have never really been able to take Grant Shapps seriously anyway as he reminds me more of a clown than an MP; he does look a bit like a famous comedian on TV whose name I can’t remember right now.

    • Sabre

      The comedian you are thinking of is the illicit love child resulting from the union of Rory Brenner and Martin Clunes :-)

  5. Gary

    …pants on fire.

  6. I take it that, this is the same Grant “I’m not a criminal because the police chose not to press charges” Shapps? Even though , the company he ran under another name was patently using “scraping” techniques to make money? That’s stealing to you and I.

  7. Shapps is also the cousin of Mick Jones from The Clash. Hopefully Mick will be ashamed to be related to such an odious creep.

  8. artmanjosephgrech

    I always like to be positive and never underestimate people. PM Dave’s loyalty to people like Andy Coulson and Jeremy Clarkson is without equal apart from Grant who history will judge as being the great Party Chair who secured Dave a second term of office or the man who helped to end Dave’s career as a member of the House of Commons ( although be careful as if this happens then Grant and Dave will immediately enter the House of Lords to thwart Ed’s attempt to abolish it

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  10. steve

    to be even considered to be an MP they have to pass the test to see how good they can lie to us,so ive no doubt hes not only one in house of commons whos a liar as I think 99% of people don’t believe a word they ever tell the public,must teach these traits at the posh schools they all go to