A Fiend In Need Is A Fiend With Deeds


Lord Janner’s duplex apartment over ground and basement floors, with private off-street parking, is likely to have been the peer’s most valuable asset. A neighbouring flat was recently on sale for £1.99million and another fetched £1.8million last year.

In 2013, paedophile BBC presenter Stuart Hall signed over the deeds of his £2million house to his wife just before he was jailed – then offered those he had abused as little as £2,000 to prevent them claiming compensation.

Civil cases are being prepared to force Lord Janner to pay sizeable compensation to his alleged victims. His flat had been owned solely by him since June 1988, Land Registry documents show.

Police raided the property in December 2013 as part of Operation Enamel into historic claims he molested a string of youngsters. Ownership was transferred to his children, Daniel Janner, Marion Janner and Laura Janner-Klausner, on March 26 last year.

A Land Registry official confirmed the mortgage-free flat had not been sold, quoting from a transfer document that said: ‘The transfer is not for money and not for anything that has a monetary value.’

Any solicitor assisting with the conveyancing process would have had to be sure Lord Janner was of sound mind.

The Daily Mail


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40 responses to “A Fiend In Need Is A Fiend With Deeds

  1. steve

    Makes you laugh at times,he knew he had been caught so decided to get bent friends to arrange everything to ake out he was not of sound mind,yea right hope he gets all he deserves hes the lowest of lhe lowest,he wanted all the germans prosecuting no matter what age or state of mind they were in but then again being a jew he was just after there votes,this scumbag needs to prosecuted no matter what,VICTIMS need to be heard and believed ved,we in Leicester have known and heard for years for years about this pedo,his name was allways used in the care system where I spent my childhood in the 70s

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  3. sponge_mike

    Ghastly slimy piece of filth.

  4. Dan

    At the very least, there must be a trial of the facts. This man was of sound mind up until a year ago and made sure to transfer his assets. According to one press report today there is ‘horrifying’ video evidence of Janner’s crimes. His defence is headed by his son Daniel Janner QC who is an expert in helping clients avoid arrest and prosecution. Janner’s family know exactly what he is.

    • Anon

      If he has transferred ownership to his children, is he now paying a commercial market rent to them for the accommodation they are now providing him with?

      Otherwise they will be liable for CGT on the transfer.

  5. Dan

    Telegraph today:
    The Crown Prosecution Service actually admits it should have prosecuted Janner on three previous occasions, but the investigations were “botched”. Leicestershire Police has led the chorus of disbelief having handed over video evidence to the CPS apparently showing Janner taking part in “some of the worst crimes imaginable”.

    • Jack

      Saunders and others are criminals complicit in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. She should be sacked and taken in for questioning under caution with a view to prosecuting her and Green and the rest.

      • BarrieJ

        People like Saunders, and Janner too, exist in a ghastly multi tiered web of connections, through association, trade and marriage.
        Saunders’ husband, described as; “almost a QC” is in the chambers headed by Cameron’s brother. They were both on Rebecca Brookes’ team during her recent tribulations. A previous DPP: Dame Barbara Mills DBE, QC was the wife of John Mills (of JML), whose father was: Colonel Kenneth Mills, who ran MI6’s operations in Gibraltar. John Mill’s brother is David Mills, perhaps best known for his association with Silvio Berlusconi and the fact his wife Tessa Jowell was apparently too stupid to realise her husband had paid off their £300k plus mortgage.
        Are Janner’s son and Saunders’ son known to one another?

  6. Andy Barnett

    Sounds like there is growing evidence for charging Jenner and his accomplices with perverting the course of justice. Wonder how many years that would take?

  7. Sabre

    I’m shocked. (not)

  8. Sabre

    Be fair, he doesn’t want HIS kids to suffer !

  9. Terry B

    I’m surprised Janner hasn’t “died” and isn’t living out his last in Israel.

    If he transferred ownership of the property over a year ago he was obviously making preparations.

    • Sabre

      I did make a bet on here months ago that Janner and Brittan would be occupying adjacent seats on a one way El-Al flight.
      I can’t collect on a dead nonce and a faux senile nonce.

  10. joekano76

    Reblogged this on Floating-voter.

  11. timsanders2013

    He is obviously a very generous person.
    I have read that he allegedly bought a boy a bike.

    • Sabre

      Unfortunately he was using poor disadvantaged children as bikes.
      As human beings we all owe such children a duty of care and protection, humanitarian politicians of all parties especially so, one could argue that labour politicians who still vaguely nod in the direction of Socialism even more so.

      But enough of these romantic notions and back to the real world.

  12. Dan

    As reported above; according to the Telegraph there is proof of Janner’s abusive behaviour in the form of filmed evidence. Leicestershire Police [LP] gave the film to the CPS. This explains LP’s very public and unprecedented rage … they KNOW. I’d heard rumours about the existence of films but until now I’d no idea whether they were true or not. Now that it’s been confirmed I believe it is the reason why the establishment, and the family, will do absolutely everything in their power to prevent this case ever reaching the inside of a courtroom. They will not want this evidence put before a jury in a trial of the facts.

    As for the fiend’s deeds; Alison Saunders told us that Janner was diagnosed in 2009, yet FIVE years later he was of sound mind and cunning enough to transfer his assets to his kids. Now, a year on, he is unable to stand trial.
    It really and truly stinks.

    • Anon

      It would be very unfortunate if such an alleged video were to turn up on YouTube or WikiLeaks.

    • This is from a recent Telegraph story: “Leicestershire Police has led the chorus of disbelief having handed over video evidence to the CPS apparently showing Janner taking part in “some of the worst crimes imaginable”.

      Has there been any official clarification about the nature of the seized Cine Films & videos? Have the police actually stated that these films “show Janner taking part in some of the worst crimes imaginable” – ? Or is this idea just another example of assumptions being proclaimed as reality without any proof?

  13. I’m just surprised that Janner asked to keep his seat in the Lords. Perhaps he thought it would all be a storm in a teacup again.

    No doubt he’s now considering becoming a neighbour of Dame Shirley Porter to keep his assets out of British courts.

    Just because he has alzheimers doesn’t mean he isn’t of sound mind. An uncle of mine was diagnosed over a decade before it really affected his ability to operate normally. I just haven’t seen any proof that Janner was diagnosed in 2009. Of course back dating can be arranged in our fraudulent corrupt society – but it’s incredible that ‘friends’ say Janner’s been away with the fairies for some time and yet continued to be given committee places in the House of Lords, continued as a board member of a company until April 10th this year, been on various religious boards and committees and no one had a clue about his alzheimers until after the police raid in December 2013.

    I really feel that the argument between DPP, May and Police is pure theatre for public consumption. Too much truth might be revealed if the facts were examined in court – and Janner wouldn’t be likely to enter a guilty plea to suppress the evidence. He’s got used to being protected by a colluding establishment.

    • BarrieJ

      Absolutely, pure theatre.
      There has been collusion between politicians, the establishment, the police and the judiciary for centuries.
      The last forty years has seen the official sanction of the worst kind of sexual abuse, torture and possibly worse against the most vulnerable members of our society: children, who’d been placed in the care of the state.
      That collusion isn’t going to end just like that.
      Appointments and promotions are made to ensure the ‘right’ people are in the right positions at all times.
      Nothing in politics happens by accident.

  14. Dan

    @ Helen Pender
    “I really feel that the argument between DPP, May and Police is pure theatre for public consumption. Too much truth might be revealed if the facts were examined in court – and Janner wouldn’t be likely to enter a guilty plea to suppress the evidence. He’s got used to being protected by a colluding establishment”.

    With regards to the DPP, and Theresa May and others, I agree, it’s one big act. For all her proclamations Theresa May showed her true colours when she voted against the motion to protect CSA whistle-blowers from prosecution under the Official secrets Act. And I don’t believe for a second that Saunders came to this decision on her own … not sure about the police though, I felt their anger was genuine, but who knows anymore. I’m sorry to say, the way things are, I wouldn’t trust any of them as far as I could throw them.

    I wouldn’t mind betting that the CPS were well aware Janner had transferred his assets in late March 2014, hence why Saunders took so long to announce to the world he would not be prosecuted. There had to be a decent interval in-between, to give him time to lose his faculties. If the announcement had come any earlier the DPP could not have played the dementia card as he was clearly as fit as fox and twice as crafty up until March 26, 2014.

    • Sabre

      Saunders’ incompetence does provide a convenient screen for her predecessors.

    • Mudplugger

      It was surely not an accident of timing to announce this non-prosecution after Parliament had ceased for the election, so no questions could be asked in the House, and while all the newspapers and TV were full of either election dross or dead migrants in the Med. A rather ‘good time to bury dodgy news’, if ever there was one.

  15. Last of the Truffle Snorting Heroes

    I can’t really add to what’s been said. Such blatant corruption right in front of our eyes. It’s seriously depressing & infuriating to read from the sidelines. How the victims must feel to witness a miscarriage of justice played out in full public view is unimaginable.

  16. Jack

    Ghastly family. If the had any decency they would make the proceeds of their wicked fathers estate available to the victims. They are complicit do not forget this.

    • David James

      They certainly are. And they’re claiming he’s entirely innocent! How could they even know that? It just beggars belief. And that wretched woman at the DPP…. words fail me.

  17. Random Anonymous Crank

    Lets all hope that the various media don’t think it would be a good idea to keep the populace up to date with recent pictures of him and updates on sightings of him and addresses. It would be so unfair if he had to spend his last years in protective custody.

    • Sabre

      The Police will protect him like royalty, The Community Security Trust, A registered charity and the only vigilante group in this country that the police not only tolerate but also train, will protect him.

      • Random Anonymous Crank

        The existence of such a group and the fact that it is tolerated by the authorities speaks volumes.

  18. Anon

    I think that there is a major problem with a society that allows certain groups to be self-regulating.

    Self-regulated groups, by adverse selection, are open to gradual accumulation of rogues, particularly if they are self-perpetuating as well.

    It’s time for the abolition of all self-regulation in this country.

  19. Becky

    I blame the English middle class establishment who monopolise everything in this country. Time for us working class to rise up and seize control.

    • Sabre

      You honestly believe that teachers and accountants run this or any other country ?

      • Becky

        No, I don’t believe that the middle class or even the upper class run this or any other country, Sabre. I believe the working class run this, and all other countries. It’s just that most of them don’t realise it yet.

        If all the cleaners, railway workers, taxi and delivery drivers, builders, admin assistants and maintenance engineers called a multi-lateral general strike even for a few hours then the country would grind to a halt. The condition of the managerial and directorial classes would literally be at our mercy. If the strike were over the issues you discuss on these pages the ‘establishment’ (whatever that is) would cave in pretty swiftly and we’d be seeing instant action on investigation of an alleged paedophile ring at Westminster.

        I think teachers and accountants aren’t necessarily middle class. I feel that nowadays the gap between the haves and the have-nots can no longer solely be predicated on the jobs that people do (unless in extreme examples where one happens to be a bankster, of course:) but are dependent on a whole range of other factors, too – such as where we lives, what schools we went to, what sort of house we live in and, of course, how wealthy (or not) our parents are/were. Let’s face it: the majority of us workers – no matter how hard or long we work for – have no hope ever of being paid enough money to buy a detached house, have we?

        The ‘powers-that-be’ (again, whoever they are) are playing a very dangerous game in Britain. Sometime, a while back, even the hyper-capitalist USA realised that you have to keep a certain amount of people *satisfied* by affording them opportunity to something relatively modest like owning a decent detached house, never wanting for basics and at least maintaining the pretence of a meritocracy.

        Over here however, we are rapidly approaching the sort of conditions and society that immediately preceded the French Revolution of 1789. When the bubble bursts on an ancient regime, boy does it burst! …And – even if it has to – the results sure ain’t pretty and tragedy comes as well as ‘liberation’.

      • Sabre

        @Becky, the working class don’t realise that they run the Country because they don’t run the country, they’ve never run the Country, they never will.

        The ruling elite in this Country, as in others, are due credit for at least one quality. The elite realise that their wealth, power, political and commercial alliances get them 95% of the way to their goals the critical last 5% depends on a fine appreciation of human nature and how it can be manipulated to one’s own ends. When you appreciate that individuals are critically motivated by their own interests and the ‘fear’ and ‘greed’ responses that we have all acquired by virtue of the fact that we have by definition survived thus far, you can use your wealth, power and alliances to cow the masses.

  20. David James

    Worthless parasite seems to be a shrewd mover. These are not the actions of a demented individual. A cunning pervert, OTOH, certainly.

  21. Terry

    Is Alison Saunders any relation to Ernest Saunders? Just a thought.
    And how is Margaret Moran these days?