The Bishop Of Stepney, Trevor Huddleston



The Bishop of Stepney, Trevor Huddleston

Q ~ What do you do when an Anglican Bishop is found to be sexually abusing young boys ?

A ~ Cover it up and move the problem as far away as possible.

Luckily the Establishment have plenty of ways of achieving this. So when in 1974 the Bishop of Stepney, Trevor Huddleton, then a shortlisted candidate to become the Archbishop of Canterbury, was accused of sexually abusing young boys at his house, 400 Commercial Road, London E1, it posed few problems.

Interviewed by police at the time over the sexual abuse of four boys, Huddleston told ­officers: “I sat them on my lap, touched their ­bottoms and pinched them but there is nothing indecent.”

Nothing indecent ?

Yet the description on the file relating to this case at The National Archives alludes to accusations of “gross indecency with young boys”.

But there is no need to worry as far as the Establishment are concerned because as we have explained before HERE  following Leo Abse MP’s amendment to the Sexual Offences Act 1967 and the 1968 Appeal Court judgement, Regina V Robert Charles Angell, every allegation of homosexual paedophilia had to get the consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) before proceeding.


Sir Norman Skelhorn

The DPP and paedophile gatekeeper at the time was Sir Norman Skelhorn, who a few years before had helpfully ensured that allegations of ‘gross indecency’ related to Cambridge House against Cyril Smith had been dropped was again on hand to rescue the Bishop of Stepney, declaring that doing so was “for the public good”.

Public good, or Establishment good ? It certainly doesn’t seem to have been a decision taken in the interests of local children and parents.

However, that still left the thorny problem with what to do with a paedophile Bishop but fortunately, the Anglican Church is worldwide. You can almost imagine the church’s hierarchy wracking their collective brains until suddenly an opportunity presented itself and he was packed off to become the Bishop of Mauritius in the middle of the Indian Ocean.


It is unknown if any allegations have been made regarding the then Bishop of Mauritius before his retirement in 1983 but what I think is clear is that it was entirely irresponsible of the Church of England to send Trevor Huddleton there knowing that there were serious allegations of sexual impropriety hanging over him.


As a footnote I thought I’d add that Peter Mandelson described Bishop Trevor Huddleston as “one of the most inspiring people of my life.” The Bishop of Stepney seems to have been something of a father figure in the young Peter’s life. He helped organise Mandelson’s gap year stay in Tanzania and even paid for his board and lodging.


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  3. TheTruth

    “I’ve read the operation ore rumours before, any truth that there were important people on the list or is it just internet conspiracy theory?” They are not just rumours and that article in the News of the World is disinformation.

    • Terry B

      You mean like Labour ministers leaving Government to “spend more time with their families”?

      I always wondered about the Nato chief with links to Thomas Hamilton, especially when Blair sealed the Dunblane records for 100 years.

      • dpack

        hamilton did have friends with power ,in a few ways he reminds me of mcgrath but the very different circumstances they lived within resulted in very different paths and outcomes.

        with regards to operation ore the most likely reasons for it being stopped and any details suppressed are discovering “embarrassing catches ” in the net or that to follow the evidence to prosecutions would have revealed a variety of sipint capabilities.
        i favor the former as the probable reason for dropping ore as anyone that needed a high level of secrecy was well aware of the scope of sipint programs (and other sigint protocols)well before op ore .the public might have been unaware that they could be observed in every signal they make or receive but prosecuting the ore cases would not have been a “big deal”to most of the public (and it would now be forgotten how it was done).

        with hindsight the technology used by op ore wasnt even very intrusive nor did it reveal any supreme intel capabilities beyond follow the money back to the consumer.
        this suggests the embarrassing “bycatch” hypothesis is even more plausible as basic detective work is no a state secret.

        iirc it was 1997 when i first saw the acronym sipint in a document but i had assumed long before then that the www was targeted in a similar way to the echelon family of systems targeting spoken coms etc etc .

  4. paul

    ore mandelson mix up
    this story shows you have to be careful about believing every allegation on the internet. identity fraud is common.
    News of the World, 2nd February 2003

    by Dominic Herbert

    A WELSH student has been quizzed by cops for allegedly surfing child porn sites using the name of former Cabinet minister Peter Mandelson.

    He has been targeted as part of the Operation Ore probe into more than 7,000 British users of a sick internet portal in America.

    And before moving in on him, cops had to carry out a top-level secret inquiry to make sure Mr Mandelson was not involved.

    Police working their way through a suspects list supplied by the FBI were stunned to find the former Trade Secretary’s name.

    Several high-profile figures, including rock legend Pete Townshend, had already become embroiled in the investigation.

    But police found that Mr Mandelson’s name had only been given when a site called Real Lolita was entered. There was a different name on the credit card used to access pictures of sex abuse involving children as young as six.

    They raided the student’s home in west Wales and took away his computer for examination. So far nothing has been found.

    There is no suggestion that the real Peter Mandelson is involved.

    A police source said: “There was an immediate top level and very discreet inquiry carried out when Mr Mandelson’s name came up.

    “This is the difficulty of this operation when people use false names.”

    A relative of the student said: “There’s no way he did this. What I think has happened is that someone has stolen our credit card details and used them to get on to this site.”

  5. Sabre

    He visited my school in 1973 to lecture us about the abusive apartheid regime in South Africa what a hypocrite.
    Even at 10 I’d have clumped him had he tried anything nonce like.

    • Was that Merchant Taylors School, Crosby. He gave the Emrys Jones lecture there in 1973. My father, who was a bigot, referred to him as an “Irish Catholic rabble-rouser” wrongly believing the man to be RC as he had been known as “Father Hudddlestone”.

  6. Bishop Brightly

    Excellent piece. Why does Mandy always seem to crop up? I’m on ore at how he does.

  7. dpack

    in many organizations there is a long tradition of “posting”the immoral or dangerous(for whatever reasons)to far away places where they are less obvious and less of a risk to tptb . perhaps as a bonus to being far away they will be eaten by a lion or a local or die of a tropical illness and can then be made a saint or given a medal.
    there is also the reverse transfer where a person is recalled from doing something “embarrassing”far away to “central office”where they have less freedom to be a risk and can possibly be used as they are fully owned.
    i dont know much about the coe use of such tactics but the vatican ,the diplomatic service ,military,spooks and social services all provide multiple examples of the practice as does the history of political power.
    exile is a risky tactic compared to “execution”but keeping things quiet has been shown to have ,at least short term,advantages on many occasions.

  8. Terry B

    Maybe someone needs to take a look into activities in Tanzania.


  9. joekano76

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