The Consequence Of Leo Abse MP’s Amendment To ‘The Sexual Offences Act 1967′

leo abse mp

Leo Abse MP


As a direct consequence of Leo Abse MP’s amendment to The Sexual Offences Act 1967, in 1968 Robert Charles Angel, then aged 59, despite having pleaded guilty to buggering a 9 year old boy was released from prison on appeal because the DPP had not been consulted before prosecution.

Effectively, Leo Abse MP’s amendment to The Sexual Offences Act 1967 ensured that no case of homosexual paedophilia could proceed without the consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

In theory, if the ‘right’ man had the job, the DPP could become the paedophile’s gatekeeper.

All cases of Homosexual paedophilia were no longer subject of the general law but now had to pass through the hands of one man.







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  4. Anon

    That reminds me of that old Private Eye story “You can’t touch me – my best friend’s the DPP” (which you have previously linked to):

    Motivated by self interest. What’s the betting they bring down the Age of Consent to 13 after the Election (whoever gets to be in power)?

  5. Aiden Abett

    It would take more time than I have available to look at this thoroughly but as this stands there are several important (I think) questions that could have been asked at the time and some are still pertinent now. E.G. What if the accused had buggered a baby – would he still walk under the circumstances as outlined? Is a child aged 9 able to give consent to be buggered? The Judge in this case was obviously illiterate; the ‘get out’ clause was an important piece of this jigsaw, he should have known this. So should the CPS (or the Police Solicitor’s branch as was the case in those days (I believe)). So should have both the prosecuting and defence Counsels. So should the senior Police officer (at least a Det. Supt.) who read the file and passed it to the CPS (or other). This is a case that would not have been investigated and dealt with by a junior Detective – but most probably at least a Detective Chief Inspector who in turn – in all probability – would have known of the clause. A prosecution of such an offence with one so young was extremely rare in those days; it would have been discussed in legal circles until the cows came home. If I was the victim and still alive, I think I might be inclined to sue.

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    Great research from Needleblog finding Leo Abse amndement to the Sexaul Offences Bill. Presumably it is still the case today that the DPP still has to take the decision, making him extremely powerful especially for paedophiles.
    Leo Abse wrote several books including one on Thatcher andoneon Tony Blair.
    Leo Abse wrote several interesting booksthat are worth looking up. One on Blair subtitled Tony Blair and the politicsa of perversion, one on Thatcher, one called Private Member and one called Fellatio Masochism, politics and love. I have not had time to delve deeply.
    He also had a large hand in an adoption bill, which reached the statute book as the Childrens Act of 1975.
    He is definitely worth more study if anyone has the time.
    MPs Leo Abse, William Whitelaw and Enoch Powell were reputed to partake of the sea air and abuse boys in Brighton.

  8. JS2

    Do you remember what I told you last year?

  9. Out of curiosity who designed the PIE logo to give it an innocent looking image?

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  12. Is this still the case?