Jeremy Thorpe And Cyril Smith Cover-Up

Michael Crick describes how Dominic Carman, son of George Carman QC who successfully defended Thorpe in the murder trial, told him today that only a few weeks before the trial allegations about Cyril Smith were circulating and George Carman QC got onto his legal friends, with Thorpe’s backing, to basically frighten the Fleet street editors into not picking up the Rochdale Alternative Press story.

But we only find out about this once Jeremy Thorpe is safely dead. So, what are we all to deduce from that ?

Bearing in mind that Cyril Smith continued to sexually abuse young boys throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s at least.


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  1. James Hanning

    Jon. Seen the Mail front page? Says the yard hid an mp’s name at elm gh to avoid embarrassment in the eyes of the Russians. Hmm

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  2. l8in

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  3. Andy Barnett

    To attempt an answer to your question, I’d guess Thorpe had an injunction against any media outlet revealing his cover-up of Smith’s abuse. Makes you wonder what other secrets are protected by our wonderful judicial system and our terribly just libel laws.

    • solicitor client confidentiality would ensure Carmen’s silence on Thorpe’s involvement.

      I’m not sure it was ethical though

      And the consequences are appalling.

      • Not sure that makes sense. Carmen has confidentiality with respect to Thorpe. But that has nothing to do with Carmen getting his buddies to get heavy with the media re Smith.

        I hope you had a moment to read my comments on previous post. See you posted the mail article. Maybe be helpful if now we started demanding Police who did this be NAMED and asked Why. I think this is just one of many avenues that if pursued could start shaking more trees.

        What do you think?

      • chrisb

        I would argue that Carman had ethical grounds to ask that these stories be withheld from publication until after Thorpe’s trial, on the grounds that they would deny Thorpe a fair trial. One Thorpe’s verdict was announced, the stories should have come out.

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  5. godhelpus

    Just disgusting!

  6. Nonce finder general

    The creepy Thorpes wife died in a ‘car crash’ hmmmmmmm

  7. ps: have not listened to piece yet just your synopsis. So maybe what you are suggesting is clear once I listen

  8. colin

    People the time has well past to stop the cover up story’s just name the known nonces before it’s to late and they die unpunished and the cps come out with the same old story of yes we would have prosecuted had we known this can not go on in this manor

  9. Mick

    Carmen, it transpired after his death, was a serial wife-beater – a thoroughly unpleasant little creep in real life; not the hero he was constantly made out to be. So there was potential for leverage against him, too.
    Very few people are whiter than white and if they are, they get passed over for career progression as there’s no controlling them.

  10. SammyB

    What Carman did was a perfectly ethical thing to do when sensational claims (not proved- just claims) would be highly prejudicial to his client receiving a fair trial. You would expect the same from your brief if on trial and it is most certainly not unusual.
    The media loves to manipulate public opinion like this.

    And making claims that Carman was a ‘serial wife beater’ is typical of the sort of dangerous nonsense that is rolled out to somehow show he did not approach his legal work in an ethical and honest manner.
    One can be both you know, as highly unpalatable as it may be.
    As always as soon as someone is dead people leap out of the woodwork to re-write history to coincide with their own beliefs of prejudices without proof or evidence.

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