Police Covered Up MP’s Involvement In Elm Guest House Child Abuse



by | December 5, 2014 · 9:44 pm

11 responses to “Police Covered Up MP’s Involvement In Elm Guest House Child Abuse

  1. GMB

    I was told last week that the EGH photos were seized by Special Branch in 1990 and latterly destroyed after instructions came down from the political level. This was done as the photos were so damning and ‘Plod did what Plod was told to do.’ I asked if 5 had murdered Carole Kasir. The reply was not what I expected. Source said (and I do this from memory) in normal circumstances no but bearing in mind what was at stake ‘I cannot rule it out’. We (6) did but 5 did not normally to do that but what we had at the Elm Guest House was extraordinary. Even we (6) would have destoyed those photos amd believe me we would have normally kept such photos, especially photos of British MP’s but they were so damaging they had to be destroyed.

    • Sabre

      Did they discover what was happening at that point or were they already aware?

      were they exercising leverage or coping with a situation?

      If the potential damage was so great why did they not nudge the offending party into the path of a tube train?

      Did they have to ‘cope’ with similar situations or were they exercising leverage?

      Did any foreign organisations have an active interest in the situation?

  2. Paul Mac

    They know exactly what went but haven’t the bollocks to print it.

    I suspect the owners of most if the nationals have used known information as leverage over the years.

  3. Sabre

    The fourth estate gatekeepers are doing us all a huge favour nodding in the direction that the storm force gale forces them to.

    It’s all credible because they deign to allude to information they have ALWAYS been privy to.

    They should be shortlisted for the TFL2 award ( Too F*****g Little, Too F*****g Late)

  4. There’s also the story in the sun today about an MP and a snuff movie.

  5. colin

    Why bother with this as a headline,everyone who has been following this subject knows it’s been covered up for years weather it was an mps or famous celebrity now’s the time to stop the crap headlines of cover up and start naming the nonces after all they have been known to police etc for years

    • They have been named. You can easily see who they are.

      But still no arrests. So naming does nothing other than allow them a prejudice card later.

      • colin

        Hi you are right in what you say the known suspects have been named in various alternative news web sights and various blog sites however main media shuns the story’s.at this moment more victims are coming forward and naming people in statements to police yet no arrests just the same old cover up story’s.not to mention our current pm stating live to the country that there has been no cover up.

  6. Tony

    If the extent of this alleged police cover up is true, I do hope that the Commisioner of the day is brought to task. I served many years with the MPS a do know that such an alleged decision would only be taken at Commisioner / Assistant Commision/ DAC level

  7. Pat

    this seems to be significant