1978: MPs Successfully Campaign For The Release Of Sadistic Paedophile William Pate.

I wonder what the names are of the ‘all-party group of MPs’ who campaigned for the release of paedophile William Pate ? Convicted of  horrific crimes against children, and despite doctors at Broadmoor believing him to be ‘a danger and not fit for release’, the campaign was successful. In 1984 he was convicted yet again for paedophilia and ‘sadistic homosexual practices’ after imprisoning a young boy for 12 hours and abusing him.

I think it is a reasonable question to ask which MPs campaigned for his release, don’t you ?

From The Glasgow Herald



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  2. The real question is WHY did the MP’s press for his release? Did he have a hold over them? Another reason perhaps?

    • They saw it as a civil liberties issue. The way they saw it, being sectioned was like an open ended prison sentence. This person had served longer than the sentence he would have got if he had not been mentally ill.

      But they were utterly wrong, they failed to understand that people that do not commit crimes are sectioned too.

      He went on to offend again after release.

  3. anna

    Pate along with the MP`S who supported him should have burnt alive in excrement,and thrown down the deepest hole that exists,give me any paedophile filth and their supporters and I will make sure they never reaffend again

  4. so is there any news (rumours) on who’s going to be heading ‘the inquiry’?

    this is the letter (draft) I plan on firing off to Theresa May, Home Office, a number of politicians who campaigned for inquiry…


  5. Martin

    Gojam that same judge was to deal with the Elms Guest House police raid convictions of Carol – Haroon and 2 others suspects in 1982

  6. dpack

    this rather mistaken call did not stop pattie getting a gong a in 1987

  7. dpack

    15 mins searching hansard found nowt about pate ,maybe im looking in the wrong places

    it is an interesting question as to which mps thought it a good idea to release an “untreatable”chap with nasty interests

    • Many thanks Murun!

      • Chris Price MP

        “I am disappointed that the Government do not intend to change the law in regard to section 65. There are times when one’s civil rights could be more greatly eroded by being called a patient than a prisoner. Along with the hon. Member for Chertsey and Walton (Mr. Pattie), I recently took the case of William Pate to the Ministry. That case has had a lot of publicity and there is no harm in mentioning the name. Had this man been convicted of the offence with which he was charged, he could not have been in custody for more than two and a half years. He has been in custody for nine years and it is difficult to transfer him even now to a less secure unit. He is being kept in custody because he had the misfortune to be sent to a hospital instead of a prison.”

        Two and a half years for kidnapping and raping children!

  8. Pate lived in Hornsey (London Borough of Islington) and worked at a library. Possible that his employer was Islington Council