Mrs Thatcher Warned About Sir Peter Morrison

It’s time for this senior police officer from Chester and local journalists to come clean about what they knew about Sir Peter Morrison.


Paedophile and Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, Sir Peter Morrison

In an exclusive interview with The Sun on Sunday, ex-detective chief inspector Barry said he first heard rumours about Morrison from a senior Cheshire Police officer.

He knew Mrs T was considering appointing Morrison, the MP for Chester, as deputy party chairman to replace disgraced Jeffrey Archer — who had stepped down over prostitute allegations in 1986.

So he immediately dashed to Downing Street and had an evening meeting with the PM and her private secretary Archie Hamilton, who took notes of what was said.

Barry recalled: “A senior officer in Chester had told me there were rumours going around about underage boys – one aged 15 – attending sex parties at a house there belonging to Peter Morrison.

“After we returned to No10 I asked to go and see her immediately. It was unusual for me to do that so they would have known it was something serious.

“When I went in Archie Hamilton was there. I told them exactly what had been said about Peter. Archie took notes and they thanked me for coming.

“There was no proof but the officer I spoke to was certain and said local press knew a lot more.

“This was just after the Jeffrey Archer scandal and I knew she needed to know about it because they were deciding on the appointment of the next deputy chairman.

“I always told her things straight, as I saw them. She listened and thanked me.

“I assumed Archie Hamilton would have spoken to Peter Morrison following that.

“When he was appointed I assumed there had been nothing to the claims — as there was no way on earth she would have given him the job otherwise.”

The Sun On Sunday


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5 responses to “Mrs Thatcher Warned About Sir Peter Morrison

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  2. nuggy

    its funny everybody says he was one.

    but nobody seems to be able to tie him down to a place or find someone who claims to be a victim.

    of course that doesn’t necessarily mean hes innocent but it is a bit strange.

  3. chrisb

    I would also suggest looking into the circumstances in which Morrison decided to resign as an MP aged only 48. Was there a criminal reason for his early retirement? Was a political deal done between local politicians, in which Morrison agreed to resign in return for not being charged?

    • Rumours are that the local press and the local Labour Party found out about Morrison and made a deal whereby they kept quiet and he stepped down.

  4. dpack

    i wonder if a copy of the notes of that meeting still exist.
    there are probably many journalists and police officers(and others) that could “help with inquiries” on a range of relevant subjects.