‘The Blair, Which Minister ? Project’

Smug Bastard

Smug Bastard

Pressure mounted on Tony Blair tonight to answer questions over the Mirror’s revelations that a child sex abuse probe was axed after a minister in his government was named as a suspect.

MPs joined forces with a victim of abuse to call on the former Prime Minister to reveal if he knew about the alleged cover up or of any allegations against the politician.

The demands followed our story that an ex-social services boss told police in 1998 the Blair minister made evening visits to a children’s home in Lambeth, south London, run by paedophile Michael John Carroll in the 1980s.

A spokesman for Mr Blair said yesterday that he would not comment.

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14 responses to “‘The Blair, Which Minister ? Project’

  1. Phil

    Im concerned about the rampant antisemitism by “Karen”, it is really unhelpful when people like that try and hijack a decent cause like outing paedophiles. She should be ashamed of herself.

  2. Sabre

    @Green, surely ‘having an agenda’ possibly gives context and should of course be considered when reaching a judgement, it does not automatically nullify the information relayed though does it.

    Perhaps you have an agenda that unknown to the rest of us prevents contextual allowances to be made or inferences to be drawn ?

    Most MSM journalists, all politicians, officials, public servants and even individuals have some sort of agenda.

  3. dpack

    a very interesting thread with folk from a wide variety of backgrounds contributing potentially useful information.
    maybe an insider who was kept outside could help clear up what was what during that time.
    maybe ******** who seemed a decent chap and was true to his word like a good egg when i met him on another matter would be willing and able to help.

  4. chess

    I hate most of them. I found this interesting.

  5. pongo

    i hate blair

  6. Anon

    With a bit of luck, with the dirty tricks the tories have got lined up for the forthcoming Elections, all the parties will retaliate in kind against each other and it will all end in Paedo-geddon with all the names in all the parties being dragged out exposed into the open like dirty linen.

  7. nuggy

    do you notice the tory press have said nothing about this.

    nearly all of the presure on bliar is coming from his own party

    funny that.

  8. karen handley

    Internal sources say several men in the new labour administration were promiscuous homosexuals, but they are probably talking about ******** who was sacked for no given reason, yet he has been identified by several boys, or it could be ********* filmed on CCTV going into boy brothels in Amsterdam, or ******, who with ******* would use dial a rent boy, to have them delivered by taxi, everyone knows gordons marriage is a farce, or it could be Ron Brown who lived a double life of rent boys and claimed in each case they were all over the age of consent unlike the liberals.
    It may even be ******* whose brother when arrested named him, or one new labour minister who rang for a boy and when a man called at his door let him in but he was not a rent boy and burgled the house, ******* was left feeling very foolish. Remember new labour was a jewish party made up largely of homosexuals
    incidentally the labour MP david weitzman has said on record that ******** is guilty of decades of abusing young boys
    with thanks to a friend in MI5

  9. Terry

    Your Grace, a clue would be useful…

  10. We all know who it is.

    How does a man like that link up with a nobody paedophile. They don’t just meet in the pub do they…..

  11. steve

    oh come does any one believe this lying warmongering piece of filth even knows how to tell the truth