Max Clifford Jailed For 8 Years.



I’m very surprised he’s got that much and I’m guessing he will appeal the sentence.


Max Clifford, 71, has been jailed for eight years after being convicted of eight counts of indecent assault.

The 71-year-old was condemned by a judge at Southwark Crown Court for his lack of remorse towards his victims as he was sentenced today.

During his eight-week trial he branded his victims ‘fantasists’ and ‘opportunists’, but was found guilty of assaulting women and girls as young as 15.

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18 responses to “Max Clifford Jailed For 8 Years.

  1. The Count of Monte Cristo

    If you make your living immersed in pigswill every now and again your going to swallow some…………..

  2. green

    He has apparently been sentenced to Butlins.
    One of the campers seems to think that’s pretty harsh (6.5 hour working day five days a week + “some inmates do work outside in community doing voluntary work”):
    Mirror article: “One group of prisoners at the centre won a Chelsea Flower Show gong and inspired the film Greenfingers starring Helen Mirren.”

  3. PC

    No attempt to demean the offences nor the complainants’ suffering but smacks of ‘sacrificial lamb’ and getting Clifford out of the way – who knows more dirt than this guy? If his sentence is reduced it will be to reinforce the threat – if it isn’t then expect a ‘suicide’ / ‘heart attack’ in custody.

  4. Basil

    Overall a pretty good week.
    Pervert jailed
    Crooked judge jailed
    Murderous politician being treated as they always should have been

    Few more weeks like this should cheer us up a bit

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  6. max the turd vol-au-vent

    He is a slab of human excrement, shat into existence by a Jackal.

  7. Andy Barnett

    I reckon the judge just wants to be sure he doesn’t feature in one of Gojam’s Judgemental pieces. Good on him for seeking to send a message. Now lets move on to all the others that have abused their positions of power over the years.

  8. pongo

    live by the sword die by the sword

  9. IWTT

    I also was surprised at the length of sentence – based on maximum sentence at the time of his offending. I had sort of ‘wobbled’ at trust in the justice system when he was given bail conditions following his conviction. (Oh me of little faith!)

    I was ready to run another email campaign to the Attorney General’s office on the grounds of ‘undue leniency’. Well, we don’t have to do it folks! Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend and know that another predator is not having his usual BBQ and pool party.

    Gojam, part of his sentencing was based on his disrespect and lack of remorse (he was flying in the face of people he thought he could manipulate). Sky are running the final minutes of that footage, but I have the link to the full footage……

  10. dpack

    good call judge

  11. nuggy

    i was surprised at the sentence.

    im not saying weather the sentence is wrong or right but im surprised he got it.

    who has he upset.

  12. steve

    mmmm not long enough id have to say,

  13. The evidence against him was compelling, even overwhelming. I had dealings with him and found him a nasty piece of work. But I think he may get his sentence reduced on appeal, as the judge appears to have ignored guidelines on concurrent / consecutive sentencing. Nicky Bird

  14. Unbelievable sentence: Feminist-inspired CPS witch-hunt.