Blair Paedophile Minister ? Ask Peter Mandelson.

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Stories over the last few days in The Mirror by respected investigative journalist Tom Pettifore, concerning allegations that a cabinet minister within Tony Blair’s first term abused young boys at Angell Road children’s home in Brixton, and that a police investigation which had identified him was dropped to protect this child sex offender, will rightly leave many members of the public concerned.

Several people should be questioned about what they knew about this. Both Alistair Campbell and Tony Blair are named in one of the articles, implying that they might have had some knowledge of what was going on.

Mr Driscoll’s investigation was scrapped soon after Ron Davies quit as Welsh ­Secretary when he was mugged by a male prostitute at a gay meeting spot on Clapham Common, South London, in October 1998.

A week later, Agriculture Minister Nick Brown was forced into revealing he was gay by the News of the World. Neither men are the minister suspected of child abuse.

Alastair ­Campbell’s entry for November 4, 1998, in his published diary, The Blair Years, states: “As TB said later, with a touch of black humour, we could get away with Ron as a one-off aberration, but if the public start to think the whole Cabinet is indulging in gay sex, we might have a bit of a political problem.”

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But what about others close to the then Prime Minister ?

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Peter Mandelson seems to have been in an ideal position to know what was going on and any insights he might have about abuse at this children’s home would surely be useful to the police. He was a councillor for Lambeth Borough  in the early 1980s around the time that the politician in question was first seen by a witness who had been a trainee at Angell Road at the time.

Not only that but in the 5 months from July 1998 until his resignation as Secretary of State for Trade and Industry in December 1998, he would have been in the same government as the alleged paedophile minister, at the time that Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll was investigating these allegations.

As a close friend and confidante of the Prime Minister, isn’t it a reasonable assumption to make that Tony Blair would have consulted with Peter Mandelson, a master of news management, about these damaging allegations ?

Has anybody asked him ?


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25 responses to “Blair Paedophile Minister ? Ask Peter Mandelson.

  1. Samuel Lombard

    This all sounds far fetched, I think you all have been watching conspiracy theory blogs too much,lol, watch out for the aliens that live on Mars.

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  5. Anony Mous

    An ex of mine worked for the Labour government and was disgusted by Mandelson’s use of young male prostitutes in Brazil.

  6. Anon

    @gojam – am in awe of your journalistic genius.

  7. attorney general

    Has Tony Blair or Peter Mandelson responded to any questions on this yet?

  8. Reblogged this on cathyfox and commented:
    Peter Mandelson should be able to answer some questions about Lambeth in the time period concerned

  9. dpack

    there are a lot of folk pushing the snowball and even if a few big kids try to push it aside all the little ones are stronger .
    best wishes gmb

  10. GMB

    Must go, got to get suited and booted, well you have got to show our rulers some respect can’t stand at the champagne bar in a tee shirt..

  11. GMB

    ‘Has anybody asked him ?’ reminds me what a DCI said to me last year re. EGH…@ I don’t get paid enough to interview people like him’. What is Britain coming to ?

  12. GMB

    A friend of mine who was an Inspector @ Brixton in the 80’s, tells good story about his CID counterparts (including the ones that were nicked).
    For me PM today is the day for the Britain end of things to move or not.

  13. Mudplugger

    Asking Peter Mandelson and expecting an honest answer must represent the triumph of hope over experience.

  14. Hmmmmmmm?

    Why does the ex-Brixton officer mentioned in the below link seem have no fear of the law, a propos of his own corruption charge sheet? I wonder there’s the incie-winciest of chances his אֹמֶץ ‘might possobly be connected’.to iknowledge of case histories accrued at 367 Brixton Road whilst still in the service of Her Majesty.

  15. Excellent line of questioning. Yes, e all seem to agree that as the architect of New Labour and as someone who appeared to be very proud of both his insights and a grasp of knowing things that very few others did, wouldn’t it be appropriate at least to ask him what he knew (if anything)?

  16. john carey

    keep it going Gojam – even though you must be tired

  17. Is that the Peter Mandelson who takes regular yachting holidays?

  18. dpack

    his political career with new labour could be open to the interpretation that he was/is very well informed on many matters.
    his early career could be open to the interpretation that he had/has non parliamentary friends with whom he discussed things.

  19. Kittiwake

    You know that feeling when teflon starts to peel off a pan, only it’s a good thing? Today feels like one of those days. I have so much admiration for the brave and the good who won’t give up.