Max Clifford Guilty



Guilty of abusing a 15 year old girl. Guilty of being a child abuser.

Spin that one Max!

PR guru Max Clifford has been found guilty of a string of indecent assaults on teenage girls over a period of nearly 20 years.

The 71-year-old became the first person to be convicted under the high profile Operation Yewtree sex crime investigation at Southwark Crown Court today.

He was found guilty of eight indecent assaults, cleared of two and the jury was unable to reach a verdict on one other.

He denied all the charges and continues to deny one outstanding offence, which the jury were unable to reach a decision on.

He was arrested by detectives from Operation Yewtree in December 2012, and charged in April the following year.

Daily Mail


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6 responses to “Max Clifford Guilty

  1. nuggy

    i thought he was innocent at first but that letter seems pretty damming.

    we will have to see if he appeals.

  2. dpack

    thames house will have booked an advance copy .

    • Sabre

      Thames House doesn’t need an advance copy.
      They probably do need to make sure that they get to do the final edit.

  3. dpack

    well ,i wonder if he will write a book if he does time?

    • steve

      oh im sure he will and then id have to ask what kind of person would read it

    • Anon

      If he did, he would make Edward Snowden look like a Trappist Monk, so he would have the option to try to cut a deal *not* to write a book, but if he attempted to do so then he might create some very powerful enemies in the process.