Kathy Everard Claims Her Cousin Judge William Everard Was Murdered

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We’ll begin with some of the tweets from the @LadyEverard account. (link is to cache only)

That account has been deleted. Apparently because somebody hacked her computer. Kathy Everard is now tweeting as @madabbess and she is still maintaining her position that her cousin Judge William Everard was murdered on the 31st January 2009 because he was presiding of child abuse cases.


Judge William Everard

Drunken judge drowns in 4ins of water after slipping into stream walking home from pub

By Daily Mail ReporterUPDATED:15:41, 15 May 2009

A post  mortem into the death of Judge William Everard revealed he had drowned after  slipping into freezing water on his way home from the pub

A drunk judge who fell into a stream and drowned after a night in a pub was  more than two and a half times the drink-drive limit, an inquest heard.

William Everard, 59, who had a heart condition slipped into the freezing  water while walking back to his holiday home in South Creake near Fakenham,  Norfolk.

The inquest heard how he had arrived in the village’s Ostrich Inn with  friends at 6.30pm after a shooting party and left alone at 11pm on January  31.

A forensic pathologist’s report said he was ‘likely to have been intoxicated’  as he had 206mgs of alcohol in 100mls of blood. The legal limit for driving is  80mgs.

Norfolk Police originally treated his death as unexplained, but quickly ruled  out any third party involvement or a traffic accident. A post mortem revealed he  had drowned.

Judge Everard whose main home was in Willoughby-on-the-Wolds,  Nottinghamshire, was found dead in the stream by farmer Phillip Allen on the  morning of February 1.

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6 responses to “Kathy Everard Claims Her Cousin Judge William Everard Was Murdered

  1. The Norfolk Coroner her was Willam Armstrong.
    “Greater Norfolk coroner William Armstrong recorded a verdict of accidental death at the inquest, at King’s Lynn County Court yesterday.”
    Friday, May 15, 2009
    The forensic pathologist is not named. Who was he??

    I have been researching several strange deaths in Norfolk, one most recently presided over by Mr Armstrong…(he also has the Sandringham boy in his in tray currently but which has just been amazingly delayed!!
    as of March 16 2013:
    “Her inquest was due in the next few weeks, but police said it had now halted it due to “ongoing work being carried out as our inquiries continue”.

    What ongoing inquiries??? The inquest is to determine who, where and how. Tests ought to have been completed months ago. Looks like they don’t want an inquest, or the ducks are not all in a line yet.

    This is the strange one btw:
    and preceding thread…

    it defies understanding. A contact who attended the inquests regarded them as bewilderingly superficial yet the case involved a TV pathologist and a verdict of suicide.

    The Everard story is ludicrous. Something to see, obviously.

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  3. Anna

    Cannot vouch for the story but if I read it correctly Everard’s demise was swept under the carpet by Chief Constable Julia Hodson LL.B who links with DS Mick Gradwell as Senior Investigating Officer on the paedophile cases related to Haut de La Garennes…..


    If bloggers latched onto the event, my gut instinct says there was something to hide.

    btw saw yr posts on DI — made sense to me. I have tried inputting info/data there but found the ranting and constant derailing of thread impossible. Plus all new joiners in Nov were named as probable trolls, so welshwitch decided to get on her broomstick and find some fresher air.

  4. Callie

    This is she http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Am-Convinced-I-Came-From-Royalty/950182 I will add that the chap who unfortunately died a lonely death in the wilds of Norfolk certainly seems to have been a more than decent judge. I hope that wasn’t enough to get him killed, somehow I doubt it.

  5. Callie

    Kathy Everard is a fantasist. The man concerned could have been murdered for all I know, but he was NOT her cousin. If you don’t believe me, ask the Everards. She is convinced she is descended from a Lord but the truth is sadder and more mundane.

    • Hi Callie,
      thanks for the info. I can’t ask the Everards as I wouldn’t know how to contact them but your reply will act as caveat on this story.

      If you have info on this that I can link to then I’ll edit the story and include it.