Kathy Everard Deluded ?

Many thanks to Callie who first suggested, then provided enough evidence (for me anyway) that Kathy Everard is not who she says she is.

I’m not suggesting that Kathy Everard does not believe she is who she says she is but it looks like she was adopted and has then adopted the Everard family in return.

It demonstrates that she is not a close family member and not really in a position of ‘inside’ knowledge to make the allegation that Judge William Everard was murdered.

I will not delete the last post as sometimes is good to show that I do get it wrong sometimes but I’ve added a caveat and link to this post in the original as a caution.

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3 responses to “Kathy Everard Deluded ?

  1. Callie

    I don’t think the lady in question is claiming to be a victim. She’s claiming to be related to a man who to all intents and purposes drowned in a ditch. Even if he was murdered, he was a good guy known for prosecuting sex offenders. So I’m not sure which victim we need to believe in this case,

  2. It’s WELL PAST TIME people started to BELIEVE the VICTIMS; and believe JUST HOW THESE CONSPIRACIES *are* maintained.

    Enuf said.

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