Thomas Kenyon, Son of Lord Kenyon, Was a Paedophile.

The Wynnstay Arms Hotel Wrexham, known as The Crest Hotel between 1960 and 1985

A great many people have been asking the question; Who was the son of a Lord who is implicated in the North Wales child abuse scandal and cover-up ?

Actually, the answer has been online for over 15 years in this very revealing article.

Because of the libel threat only two people can be connected to the Jillings report. Both are now dead. One is Sir Peter Morrison, a former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, and one of Thatcher’s key aides. His sister is Lady of the Bedchamber to the Queen. One of his more extraordinary achievements is not hearing the IRA bomb go off while staying at the Grand Hotel in Brighton in 1985.

The other is Thomas Kenyon, son of the late Lord Kenyon. Thomas died of Aids three years ago. His brother represents Wales on the EU’s Committee of the Regions. These names alone give some indication of the kind of people who might have been named in the report, if they were name-able.


It is unclear if the author was unaware of the Waterhouse injunction or, as seems more likely, wrote this article before the injunction extension came into to being.

This should answer the puzzle set by Nick Davies and below I’ve taken a part of an article he wrote back in 1997 and added [in bold] the missing names.

Lord Kenyon was a powerful man: he had a considerable private income; he was a senior freemason,  a respected patron of the arts and a champion of good causes; he became a familiar figure in the corridors of power both in the City of London, where he sat on the board of Lloyds Bank, one of the largest companies in Britain, and in the political world, where he became an influential figure in regional politics. His son, Thomas Kenyon, however, was a very different creature.

Thomas Kenyon drifted into the low life of Wrexham, in North Wales, where he made his home. He drank, he mixed with a group of people who were in and out of prison and, most of all, he hung around the red-brick public toilets by the bus station in King Street. According to evidence which has been given behind a screen of anonymity at the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal, Lord Kenyon’s son was a paedophile.

In July 1979, Thomas Kenyon, then aged 25, had an alarming experience. He woke up in a room in the Crest Hotel in Wrexham to discover that all of his clothes and possessions had been stolen – by a young boy with whom he had been having sex that night. This boy, who was then two years below the age of consent and was supposed to be in the care of the local authority, has now told the tribunal that Thomas Kenyon used him for sex “on numerous occasions”.

Thomas Kenyon had no doubt at all about how to handle this theft. He went to the police and not only named the treacherous boy but explained quite openly why it was that they were sharing a room. A contemporary note made by the boy’s social worker records that the police were aware of allegations of “homosexual activities” between the boy and Thomas Kenyon . The police investigated. The outcome was clear: the boy was convicted of theft and sent to a detention centre for three months; Thomas Kenyon was never charged with any offence at all.

Under normal circumstances, Lord Kenyon and his son,Thomas Kenyon,  would both by now have been identified in the press as their names surfaced in the proceedings of the tribunal, which has been holding open sessions for eight months. The public would have joined the tribunal in making a judgement about whether  Thomas Kenyon escaped prosecution simply because there was insufficient evidence (he later told police that his claim to have had sex with the boy must have been “a figment of the imagination”) or whether Thomas Kenyon was right to boast, as one convicted paedophile told the tribunal, that his influential father could intervene to protect them.

As it is,Thomas Kenyon  has not been named because the chairman of the North Wales Tribunal, Sir Ronald Waterhouse QC,  has ruled that, unless they have been convicted in court, no living person who is or is likely to be accused of abusing children in care can be identified. It so happens that Thomas Kenyon  is dead – and so is Lord Kenyon – but Sir Ronald has extended his ruling to prevent either man being named.

Original Source

I should just say at this stage, that all references to Lord Kenyon in this article are to Lloyd Tyrell-Kenyon 5th Baron Kenyon and not his son the 6th Baron Kenyon who bears the same name.

For the most part information about the family has been expunged from the internet. There are no wikipedia entries for either the 5th or 6th Baron Kenyon which is unusual for members of the aristocracy. It is a bit like “the curious incident of the dog [that didn’t bark] in the night-time.”

Rather than clearly naming Thomas Kenyon as a paedophile, I originally thought to create a biography here – Who was Thomas Kenyon ? as a resource for others to use when his name would inevitably have come out. I still wish to do that and I’d be grateful to anyone with info who can help fill out those biographies to contact me.

But overnight a number of issues which I believe are of legitimate public interest and concern, came to mind and I’ve decided to name him.

Thomas Kenyon died of Aids in 1993.

When was Thomas Kenyon diagnosed with Aids ?

When did Thomas Kenyon first show symptoms ?

What is the likely date that Thomas Kenyon contracted Aids ?

Was Thomas Kenyon still abusing young boys after he was diagnosed with Aids ?

With the knowledge that Thomas Kenyon had Aids, were the victims of child abuse offered the opportunity to be tested for Aids ?

Have any of the victims of child abuse in North Wales been diagnosed with Aids, or have died of Aids ?

These, I believe, are legitimate questions of public concern and they can not wait for further prevarication and cover-up before being answered.


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15 responses to “Thomas Kenyon, Son of Lord Kenyon, Was a Paedophile.

  1. My late Father’s Mother was the half sister if the 5th Baron Lloyd Kenyon. She was called Eleanor May and was the illegitimate daughter of the 4th Baron who had a liaison with a ‘maid’ (my great grandmother). When Eleanor May had a son in 1922, she called him Kenyon. I think she and her Mother may have had continued links to the Kenyon family via two ‘genteel’ ladies called ‘Auntie’ Jean and Snowy, as my Father, Kenyon, was kept at school until he was 17 !! Unheard of for a poor family living in Brixton. He went on to be an RAF pilot.

  2. Lindsay

    A paedophile is someone who is exclusively sexually aroused by prepubescent children. Whether this younger male was 19, 16 or even 14, that would definitively rule out a diagnosis of paedophilia in someone who sought sexual activity with him.

  3. reddan

    So by that reckoning Alan Turing was also a paedophile ??!! You should be careful where this is going

  4. English European

    “There are no wikipedia entries for either the 5th or 6th Baron Kenyon which is unusual for members of the aristocracy.”

    Anyone want to help me correct this omission, I’m working on an article here:,_5th_Baron_Kenyon

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  6. Details of the St John ambulance paedophile protection network are here:

  7. Long Time Watcher

    “The care of the local authority” means I think psychiatric care, which we know Thomas Kenyon was also familiar with (arson at the YMCA).

    On the subject of institutional mental health care, relating to the curious tales of Savile’s Broadmoor involvement, it should be noted that the senior civil servant responsible for secure hospitals was this man:

    There were mysterious scandals involving child pornography in both Broadmoor and Ashworth during the 1990s and subsequent impenetrable reports published with heavy anonymisation online – it seems now that this would be to do with the staff rather than the patients.

    This is indeed not about homosexuality, or even about safe and sane consensual S&M. Their victims were (are?) of both genders. What we are seeing is the emergence of a well-protected sexual torture ring of very powerful sadists who enjoy the power and untouchability of high office, and the helplessness of their victims.

    • Hi Watcher,

      You just reminded me to add the YMCA arson story to the ‘Who is Thomas Kenyon’ article.

      I hope others check out the link you’ve provided.

      I’m guessing your name is well chosen and that you know far more than I do.

      If you have a story, I’ll be happy to post it or info.

      This entire story is like one of those chinese puzzles. It can be smashed open for sure but it needs to be opened piece by piece in the correct order. One move leads to another, One glimpse for the public leads to the next question.

      • Long Time Watcher

        It is a truly horrible story and none of us know exactly how far up it goes or who knows what – and the paranoia instilled by the certain involvement of shadowy and dangerous paramilitary figures like Van Hoogstraten and Stephan Kock really isn’t helping. I have had personal contacts with certain people (Jim’ll Fix It’s producer Roger O for one, hmm and I was also at Buckingham Palace for a relative’s gong the day before Dunblane…coincidence) dating back to the 1970s named in mainstream news stories since this began with the Savile story. Despite witnessing certain things myself over many years (sorry for caginess) I don’t enjoy thinking about how real this may be, best to try and forget about it and maybe you imagined what you think you may have perceived just then, hmmm?

        Since contacting Richard Tomlinson on his (long-deleted, and scrubbed from internet archive) 2006 blog after his phenomenal hint-hint “is there another list out there” post (with 250 very enlightening comments ranging from ex-intelligence agency people like Symonds through to the visionary schizos) I have worked on getting this information slowly into the public domain while also living my everyday life and the only way I can describe the last few weeks is, well it’s been a headfuck! I’m jumpy as hell right now.

        Thank you for being one of the bloggers allowing this to reach tipping point, whether you are a Russian or Chinese person or whatever you are, we are sick of this cruelty and nastiness and ‘the English disease’ as it was known by continentals who became accustomed to our Grand Tours in centuries past: it’s the stuff of nightmares. Yet do remember we may all be the puppets of Mr Rupert Murdoch and his revenge on the UK.

        Finally – a link which may be of interest – . – this ‘accidental fire’ will be Golly’s downfall.

  8. Hi Watcher,

    The point you make is a very good one. The age of homosexual consent only became 18 in 1994 (?)

    However, to quote – “This boy, who was then two years below the age of consent and was supposed to be in the care of the local authority”

    It is difficult to understand how a 19 year old would still “be in the care of the local authority”. Also Nick Davies refers to “a boy”. it would be quite patronising to refer to a 19 year old as a boy.

    The article by Nick Davies was written in 1997. It may be that he was taking the age of consent at the time, in which case the boy was 16. I don’t know…

    Even accepting that the age of the boy was 16 it would be legal today.

    There is a danger that because of the historically unequal ages of consent there could be confusion. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m homophobic because I’m not, nor would I want homosexuals to dismiss want was going on as a legal aberration. This is just the one example in the public domain.

    The other points you make are well taken.

  9. Long Time Watcher

    It’s important to remember that ‘two years below the age of consent’ meant that the boy Thomas Kenyon was found with was nineteen.

    The case is important because (i) It clearly shows the extent of masonic influence in covering up evidence (ii) the pathetic figure of T.K. led police onto a rather bigger can of worms, Gary Cooke and the connections and photographs he had.

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    this needs tying with other data…

  11. Alexis Sanchez

    Paper. Read it in WHSmith.

  12. online or the paper?

  13. Alexis Sanchez

    The Times named Thomas Kenyon today.