Who was Thomas Kenyon ?

It is a good question.

Much more is known about his father, pictured above, Lloyd Tyrell-Kenyon 5th Baron Kenyon DL FSA CBE. From this point onwards refered to as Lord Kenyon.

Lord Kenyon was born 13 September 1917 and was educated at Eton College and Magdalene College, Cambridge

Between 1947 and 1982 ‎Lord Kenyon was‎ President of the University of North Wales at Bangor.

From 1948 he was the‎‎ Deputy Lieutenant for Flint. (North Wales)

Between 1952 and 1957 ‎Lord Kenyon was‎ President of the National Museum of Wales.

Between 1962 and 1988 ‎he was the‎ Director of Lloyds Bank.

He was Commissioner of Wales Boy Scouts 1966

Between 1966 and 1988 ‎he was Chairman of the National Portrait Gallery.

He died 16 May 1993 ‎aged 75.


But who was “The Honourable” Thomas Kenyon ?

We know something about his elder brother, the 6th Baron Kenyon, also called Lloyd Tyrell-Kenyon.

He was born 13 July 1947

He was High Sheriff Clwyd 1986 (North Wales)

And EU Ctee of The Regions 1994–97


But what about “The Honourable” Thomas Kenyon ?

He was born on 14 March 1954.

He died of Aids in 1993.

It really does seem a shame to me that such a great family with such a longstanding connection to North Wales should have such little about them written on the internet.

And so, I feel it is my duty to rectify that. This article shall be a work in progress and anyone who can help fill out the biographies of senior members of this illustrious family can post in reply. Please provide links to sources of info.

“A 23 – YEAR – OLD man appeared for the second time before Birmingham magistrates today accused of arson at the city’s Central Y.M.C.A.

Thomas Tyrell – Kenyon, youngest son of Lord Kenyon of Whitchurch. Shropshire, was reamnded (sic) until May 19.

He was living at the Y.M.C.A., in Snow Hill, Birmingham, at the time of the alleged offence.

Sir Andrew Watson  allowed Tyrell-Kenyon bail of pounds 1,000.

A condition is that Tyrell-Kenyon remain in a secure wing of the North Walse Hospital, Denbigh.

Tyrell – Kenyon has two brothers and a sister. His father is a director of Lloyds Bank.



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5 responses to “Who was Thomas Kenyon ?

  1. My late father, named Kenyon by his Mother, and born in 1920. His Mother was the illegitimate daughter of the 4th Baron Kenyon, who had a liaison with a ‘maid’ at one of the Kenyon family homes. This daughter was called Eleanor May. When she later married, she called her son, my Father, Kenyon. I think she must have had some help financially from the Lloyd Kenyon family, as although very poor and living in Brixton most of her life, Eleanor May managed to keep my Father at school until he was 17 !!! He later became a trainee RAF pilot. My Father was close as a child to two women called ‘Auntie’ Jean and Snowy. They seemed very genteel and I wonder if they had been put in charge of matters relating to the illegitimate birth of my grandmother, Eleanor May, and her subsequent children ? If so, it was very meagre, as she spent much of her life in poverty.

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  3. Anna

    What a coincidence that Thomas and his father both died in 1993.