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  1. brian m itchell

    dpack i have studied this and i make you 100% right, you dont mention the jewish connection ?

  2. dpack

    there is a fairly credible version of the demise of the hairy monk that suggests he was trying to persuade the tsarina and therefore the tsar to make peace with germany to prevent further young russian lads being killed and deflect from the simmering revolution. this would have freed up a great many german troops to the western front and possibly broken the stalemate that prevailed there in favour of the germans. in order to prevent his influence in the matter he was murdered by yussapov and chums (very probably including a british intel officer who was acting as either yussapov’s handler? or his liaison officer?) after being interrogated very harshly in order to discover what, if anything, he had persuaded the russian royals to do regarding withdrawing from the war. among the definite and circumstantial evidence for this version are that the weapon he was shot with was standard british issue, there was a sis officer in close contact with yussapov at the time who may well have been present at the interrogation and murder, post revolution yussapov lived ,at least in part, in england (just as an aside he lived for some considerable time on the south coast in sussex and was a close chum of crowley ), yussapov seems to have been a link between sis and the white russian exiles in the uk and elsewhere. a rather nasty chap .

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  5. tdf

    It takes a lot to learn
    It takes a train to cry