Snap General Election Seems Certain Following High Court Brexit Decision (Barring Successful Appeal)

The High Court has ruled that the Government does not have power to trigger Article 50 without parliamentary approval and a vote from MPs.

Campaigners have won their battle over Theresa May’s decision to use the royal prerogative in her Brexit strategy to start the process of leaving the European Union.

The government have said they will appeal the decision in the Supreme Court. A spokesperson confirmed: “We will appeal this judgment.”

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27 responses to “Snap General Election Seems Certain Following High Court Brexit Decision (Barring Successful Appeal)

  1. tdf

    Interesting to note some rather outspoken remarks from the chairman of Allied Irish Banks recently.

    Some of his statements are rather strange to me, particularly this one:

    “Mr Pym said that unlike Ireland the British government would go into Brexit with its public finances in poor shape. ”

    ^ This seems patently ludicrous to me. Granted, Ireland’s credit rating has improved massively since 2009 (it’s not all that difficult to improve when you hit the floor), Dublin is ‘booming’ again, but we all remember how it ended the last time the Paddies had a ‘boom’ (I’m allowed to slag off the Paddies, as I am one) and the country is still being essentially propped-up by ‘Troika’ IMF/EU/ECB loans.

    If that makes me sound like a Brexiteer, I’m not. I reckon Terry B was spot on when he posted above: “Let be honest, the whole campaign on both sides was a massive pack of lies.”

  2. tdf

    In the interests of full disclosure, I am Irish but partially English by family descent and, as with most Irish people, many connections to Britain. Indeed I looked into applying for a British passport during the eurozone crisis when the Irish economy for a while looked like going down the tubes completely.

    I now read that British people of Irish descent are applying for Irish passports at a greatly increased rate due to their fears about Brexit!

    Funny how these things turn around so quickly…

  3. tdf

    Agreed on all points, dpack

  4. tdf

    “Our parents fought for democracy and many lost their lives.”

    That doesn’t win you the argument. The PM who brought the UK into the EEC personally fought in WW2. One of his main motivations in politics was to try to ensure it never happened again.

    • mags

      I didn’t make the point to win any argument. It was just a statement of fact. The referendum was the point that won the argument. When Cameron stated that if Brexit won the referendum he would trigger Article 50 the next day, did you hear one MP’s dissenting voice? Who is this Brazilian hairdresser who is so concerned about our ‘democracy’ ( but not enough to mind giving it away to the EU) ? Wonder if he’s a friend of Eurofanatic Mandelson by any chance. He does like his Brazilians doesn’t he?

      • ytacey

        Parliament is just the voice of the people and the people have spoken. If Parliament is a law unto itself , why have elections?

      • tdf

        Can’t say I had ever heard of the Brazilian hairdresser before, I don’t know anything about him. Interesting that you leave out that it was also backed by the People’s Challenge group, set up by someone called Grahame Pigney and backed by a crowd-funding campaign – i.e., ordinary people…

      • tdf

        “Parliament is just the voice of the people and the people have spoken. If Parliament is a law unto itself , why have elections?”

        I would grant that there is a certain logic to that, but apparently it is not how the British constitution works, according to certain lawyers. Now, I would grant that there are probably other lawyers that would disagree with them!

  5. dpack

    angelsea got a 12 stretch and 3 high court judges agreed that parliament is superior to May and her utterly deluded ministers for brexit who were trying to enforce the rule of a right wing populist coup formented by the likes of murdoch and rothermere ,banks and farage etc etc against common sense, constitutional law and the parliamentary rule we are supposed to have had since “royal prerogative” put chas 1 on the block.

    a good week for the rule of law.

  6. mags

    @ Terry B
    And what happens when the majority still want to get out the EU on a second vote? A third, fourth, fifth vote until the likes of a Brazilian hairdresser and a millionaire from Guyana are satisfied with the result? Like Peter above says: Our parents fought for democracy and many lost their lives. Where was Gina Miller then?

  7. Terry B

    Let be honest, the whole campaign on both sides was a massive pack of lies.

    People are now more informed about what it REALLY means.

    So now the nation knows what they’re actually voting for I think there should be a do-over.

    Also in the future all election claims should be stood up and if people are deliberately lying (not exaggerating or bending the truth but out and out talking lies) then it should result in prosecution.

    As far as I’m concerned the whole things is a complete shambles.

  8. tdf

    Artmanjosephgrech rightly reminds us that the UK has no written constitution, but it does have an unwritten one (I’ve never been entirely able to grasp how that works, I think it is based on Common Law precedent and the Monarchy):

    Anyway, the ‘money’ quote from the judges’ decision:

  9. For Gods Sake England you have a Bill of Rights- 1689. What you need is a written Constitution.This business of Judges appionted by a Cabinet ( which does NOT EXIST IN LAW) following winks and nods amoung those who when to the RIGHT SCHOOLS and UNIVERSITIES together is revolting to any form of objective reasoning or logic.England had spoken or did’nt the Judges get the memo?. Think of it England you were almost beaten in WW2 but you got off your knees and men (like my father) died getting the VC for England’s freedom.With a written constitution you will not need royal approval for a government of the people by the people for the people,to be free and not hobbled.

  10. TOM

    I realy think britain will do realy well if it stops the fucking around and gets the fuck out of bully eu. Brexit means lets get the fuck out ,in some ways its like being at school and the EU are just aload of bullys..But i also think britain needs to pull its thumb from out of its ass and get on with it.Am not from the uk and i did not get the vote but it will effect me as well get on with it .YOU HAD THE VOTE AND THE OUT WON SO LETS DO ONE AND GET THE FUCK OUT.As i said before BRITAIN WILL COME GOOD AND STRONG ,BUT WE NEED TO GET THE FUCK OUT.

  11. tdf

    “You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”

  12. jan

    Are we really going to let them get away with this? Are we slaves?

  13. maggienot thatcher

    Rubbish! The referendum is legally binding.
    The disgrace that passes as our governing body ( and they should remember that they are elected by us) has no right to try and subvert the will of the majority. Gina Miller? Only in the UK could a Guyana born investment manager and wife of a hedge fund parasite actually succeed in thwarting the government progress on Brexit. I think Gina Miller is giving the game away a bit in letting us know just who the winners and losers will be in the event of a Brexit.
    May should call an election. All those mealy mouthed MP’s who stood for ‘Remain’ but represented an ‘OUT’ constituency should have to stand against UKIP . That should sort them out!

    • artmanjosephgrech

      The referendum is not legally binding, The referendum act states that is advisory just in case the leave vote won which was not expected. I can say categorically Mrs May and the Tory and Labour Establishment have no intention of Leaving Europe on the basis which the majority of Leave voters anticipated hence the support for a raft of right of centre measures to keep her right happy while she woks out how to leave Europe in terms of the parliament and Court but as much as possible is not changed

  14. artmanjosephgrech

    The referendum was advisory only. Parliament could have made it obligatory but chose not to do so. Both sides now admit that to try and win they abused the intelligence of the British votes by outing firard argument they knew had not factual basis and deliberating failed to explain what would happen if there was a Brexit vote.

    Because it was advisory the High Court accepted the application f led by someone in favour of Brexit please note and although the government will present a class one case to the Supreme court I expect the Supreme Court to reject the application because in truth the more Teresa May says Brexit means Brexit the more you know she means the opposite, but she knows if there is a vote in parlaiment it will be rejected whatever is put because the majority of MP especially with the Scottish Nationalists having a vote will vote down anything the government put forward and this will have the effect of creating a climate for an early General Election.

    One of the problems we continue to face in the UK is that we do not have a written constitution. The Only Advance level GCE I hold is inb the British Constitution where Walter Bageot who wrote his description in 1965 remains key to understanding as does the work of David Lindsay Keir published in 1961 on the position since 1945. technically you see the head of state through her Privy Council advisers and their sub committees has absolute power and what happens in practice is convention supported by the Judiciary. we are all her subjects including the PM who ends any letters or I presume emails these days as your loyal and obedient subject

    The sovereignty of parliamentary democracy is in question when there are more appointed than elected people in Parliament and the Majority of Tory and Labour MPS pay heed to their constituents if their constituents agree with their views and perspective

  15. martin

    This is just delaying tactics

  16. tom

    this is showing again how weak britain is we vote to leave then lets leave for gods sake am getting more and more fed up with british way of life . I just pray we don`t have a war with anyone because i will tell you we will lose.So the people voted to leave then lets leave .

    • Si

      I did not think “BretExit” included leaving NATO, also the UK has a formidable Nuclear deterrent of it’s own – just check out what our Trident submarines carry? (yes I know it’s US military tech). Last time I heard the EU does not even have an army of it’s own.

      You are right though, should just get on with it as any further delays – will just make matters worse [cough] Inflation rising/lower value of sterling.
      Not what I wanted and I still even now think we would be better in than out.
      (I wonder how things will look, as the years go by?)

      I guess in hindsight we should never of had a referendum in the first place. I thought that’s why we voted for politicians in the first place for? You know to make the decisions, that we as a population are not really qualified to do so…
      [hint: it’s in the actual result!]

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