CPS: Clarification on Tom Watson MP letter


A CPS Spokesperson said:

“The DPP received a letter from Tom Watson MP in May 2014. The majority of the concerns raised by Mr Watson were operational matters concerning the police. As such, the DPP simply confirmed to Mr Watson that she would forward his correspondence on to the police to address. The CPS has no power to direct the police in operational matters, including the conduct of a criminal investigation, and the decision to interview a suspect is a decision for the police alone.”




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  1. Mark Hunt

    Why do I suddenly feel empty & cheated……

    Tom Watson, Exaro, Chris Fay, Mary Moss, Bill Maloney, Mark Watts, ‘Jane’, ‘Darren’, ‘Nick’, the bungling plod, the Elm Guest House list, Dickens Dossier, wide eyed bloggers desperate for their 15 minutes of fame exclusive, the Messham debacle, MWT’s smug self promotion, Ben Fellows, Spivey & bloody David Icke. We’d have been as well following the latter & setting the table for 12.

    It’s all a crock of shite & we’ve all been led a merry dance down a warped rabbit hole of paranoid delusion.

    Savile, Smith & some crappy celebs were peados. Real abuse happened at Kincora, North Wales, Rotherham & some less well known cases. That I can believe but the rest is hogwash.

    Media victim jockeys and desperate bloggers ramping up the fantasies of vulnerable, damaged minds, then casting them adrift & we all fell for most of it at some point or other.

    We’ve been clamouring to see the mighty tumble as we know we gorge on it when it happens.

    I mourn the hours I’ve wasted reading this tosh so I’ll waste not a minute more. Best of luck to you all.

    • barb

      use your brain mark no offence in that tent of people there is some truth trust your instincts i do respect gojam for letting comments through but dont agree with his opinions a lot now i may be wrong but time shall tell , believe survivors most arent out for money just justice . why lie !

    • Sabre

      I’m not unsympathetic, we know that there is a deep cesspit, the stench is overwhelming, the State is well aware of it too. Governments, in general, deny or refuse to comment on suggestions of scandal. The Government has launched its ‘Independent Inquiry’ and the police have launched a multitude of inquiries. The Government haven’t launched an inquiry to ascertain the truth, aside from some relatively minor details the State is well aware of the truth. The ‘Inquiry’ is designed to find out what the worst case scenario is in terms of what can possibly come out publicly. The machinery of the State has obtained a long lead time in order to front run the loose ends liable to come out at the inquiry and to mitigate the damage.
      As we speak ‘true’ witnesses will be being undermined, false witnesses will be being primed, history itself is being rewritten insofar as is possible.
      The bad news of course is that at the end of the day the minimized version will be published and even then only after all but a few will have long tired of the whole affair. You have to remember we in the Western Liberal Democracies labour under romantic notions ‘The mother of Parliaments’, ‘Liberte,Egalite, Fraternite’, ‘Government of the people by the people for the people’ it is of course all bollocks however ‘Government of the people by the Nomenklatura for the Plutocracy’ is somewhat lacking in popular appeal. Those living under Theocracies and non democratic Ideologies are at least awake to the brutal realities of life and given time eventually overthrow them.

    • parsonage

      “Rotherham & some less well known cases”

      It’s interesting that you put it this way – other notable cases of the “Rotherham model” group/gang CSE pattern include that of Rochdale, Oxford, Derby, Telford, Aylesbury; there are indeed a host of others which are less well known. We are now up to about 30 or so such trials, with one
      proceeding at the moment(Keighley/Bradford) and a couple of others due to take place shortly for offences allegedly committed in Newcastle and Halifax – with 20 and 25 alleged abusers charged respectively




      This is the real child abuse story of our time

      “Doused in Petrol
      In one of the most shocking cases highlighted in the report, Professor Jay described how in 2001 a 15-year-old girl was doused in petrol by her abuser who threatened to set her alight.
      The teenager had been groomed by an older man who trafficked her from Rotherham to Leeds and Bradford where she was forced into having sex.
      When social services attempted to intervene the girl was threatened and beaten by her abuser in order to warn her off identifying him
      She was later stalked by him, doused in petrol and warned that she would be burned alive if she told the police anything. She made several attempts on her own life and eventually ended up homeless.
      No action was taken against her abuser.”


      Rotherham – 1400 victims and 300 suspected abusers

      But public attention has been diverted away from this horror – I have no doubt at all deliberately by this spurious, mendacious clamour over alleged high level VIP abuse. Nor am I in any doubt that the Watson has been at the centre of this malign operation.

      Readers might be interested in a couple of blog posts which explain the situation more fully, of particular interest is Watson’s omerta about the Rotherham which has been revealed to have, and to be, taking place in the West Midlands; thanks largely to the campaigning offices of the Birmingham Mail.



  2. tdf

    In other news, Murdoch’s hack Aaronobitch, the man who is quite literally wrong about everything, is still trolling away on Twitter..

    What a complete arsehole.

  3. Mark Hunt

    My comments earlier were not in any way aimed at Gojam, real victims, the Needleblog, or any of its regular commentators so I’m sorry if I’ve caused any offence. I could have made that clearer.

    I’ve just spent 2-3 years researching establishment CSA and encouraging others to open their minds to what I believed were very credible reports & accusations of a high level cover up involving Brittan, EGH, Dolphin Sq, etc.

    The key stories we’ve been following are falling apart & it now seems the more serious ones may never have happened. I believe serious abuse happened in Jersey, Kincora, North Wales, Rotherham & within the care system in Richmond. I’m also willing to believe that care home residents across the country have & may still, been used as easy prey by people who they should have been able to trust. Smith, Righton & Savile were guilty as charged along with many care home staff. The Police & judiciary have turned a blind eye to high profile cases and this has led them towards recent, very clumsy actions.

    As to Dolphin Square, Westminster, ‘The Establishment’, I’m now of the opinion that some isolated cases are very likely to be true but nowhere near the scale we’ve been led to believe and not involving most of the colourful list of perpetrators we’ve had dangled temptingly in front of us. I doubt very much, that there has ever been a highly organised group of well protected VIPs as stories over the last two years have had us believe. Governments are generally very bad at control & manipulation. Why else would we see the mess that’s regularly left with topics other than csa. There are also current legal cases I’m willing to believe are true and that this issue has not been taken seriously until the Savile revelations came out.

    The Needleblog & its regular commentators have been the most reliable source of correct information & reasoned debate that I’ve found anywhere. There are some very genuine people on here who have either been abused or who are honestly seeking the truth & help. I’ve valued interacting with them.

    With that in mind, I do genuinely wish you all the very best & will leave my commenting there.

    I was a victim of psychological abuse as a child from a variety of people around me & that abuse has caused life long mental health issues & suicidal thoughts. I’ve had friends who were sexually abused, go on to take their own lives. Apart from that, I’m outraged by the way the public at large are treated with contempt by the people they elect, public organisations & corporations. Tesco, Volkswagen, the Vatican, the Murdoch companies, almost every bank & financial organisation, the police, the cps, have all at points, shown a total disregard for the ordinary person. I hate that & feel used.

    There are just too many fake & heavily embellished stories being peddled, not in an organised, deliberate attempt at disinformation but by people grasping at any hint of outlandish claims as we want to believe them to be true. There’s a part in most us which tempts us to enjoy watching the mighty fall.

    There are genuine survivors out there who are not after publicity or financial gain but are just wanting to be taken seriously & see justice done. There are also those who want to help them & I believe most of you here fall into these two categories.

    With that in mind; love, peace & best wishes to you all.

    • No offence taken I can assure you. :-)

      I can assure you though that it isn’t all complete hokum. There are genuine cases that need to be looked at very closely and that is the great shame because many will dismiss everything just because Exaro have hyped a few cases using unreliable witnesses.

      As I have written before. The horrible truth doesn’t need to be supported with lies, and in the end when the false stories are demolished the danger is always that the truth gets buried under the rubble of lies.

      • Bishop Brightly

        Well said.

        People seem to suddenly be forgetting the cast iron link between Spartacus and elm guest house, RAWRO and it’s Directors. They were being funded through that company, but by who?

        Why did Harvey proctor get all that cash for cotton rose?

        What really happened with Carol kasir at her death?

        Don’t forget the customs officer is adamant he took child Porn from leon brittan at Dover.

        Savile. Half the truth is still suppressed, the BBC and government stall at every turn.

        Are the ex cops saying investigations were stopped all blowing smoke?

        What about the celebrity party Savile went to with his nephew. Who was there?

        Kincora. That’s been covered up and still is.

        Jersey. Still being obstructed.

        Jaconelli and Savile, still their links to police in Yorkshire are being obscured.

        And what about bulic forsythe?

        Don’t take your eye off the cup with the ball under it.

    • I agree with everything you’ve said there Mark.

    • tdf

      It is frustrating certainly when embellished and/or fake stories are put into the public domain, but I still believe we have accomplished worthwhile things.

  4. Owen

    Has the BBC explained why the Panorama VIP Paedophile Ring programme showed a clip of Cyril Smith and then identified him by name before privileging Charles Napier with an anonymised clip? What did the makers of the Panorama consider might be so sensitive about Napier that the name of P.I.E.’s treasurer should not to be mentioned in this context?

  5. Andy Barnett

    (I apologise in advance for the length of this post.)

    It’s 3 years ago today that Savile’s elaborate gravestone was removed – a symbolic act that said ‘the pretence is over’. The man himself was no longer around to defend his reputation, and the torrent of evidence, much of which was still to emerge, was simply too strong. His was also a reputation that held little value – a ‘celebrity’ for goodness sake, and a northern one at that – hardly the sort of chap one risks one’s own reputation to protect. And thus the system that had protected Savile for so long had rejected him – he was no longer worth protecting.

    Likewise for other ‘celebrities’, accidental beneficiaries of a system designed to protect those of status from the sorts of scandal that reflects badly on the whole ruling class. What better metaphor could there be for the ruthless exploitation of the weak, working class than the rape and sustained abuse of a child? Of course, such acts carried out by those in authority cannot be condoned, but neither can they be prosecuted in the full glare of the public eye. Rape and abuse perpetrated by ‘celebrities’, however, is a quite different matter. If the system has served to protect them, then something has gone wrong and needs to be put right. Thus was born Operation Yewtree, not just for the purpose of punishing a few upstart oiks that deserved it, but to restore public trust in the justice system and convince them that Savile was just a symptom of a celebrity culture gone wrong.

    But the public was not satisfied. As the reported number of Savile’s victims grew larger, they wanted to know how he got away with it. Who helped him in his crimes? Who failed in their duty to report and prosecute him? And eventually, Who was protecting him, and why? Photographs of Savile with Royalty, an ex-Prime Minister, even the Pope emerged. Maybe there was more to all this than met the eye? Stories of widespread and organised abuse of children began to appear on the internet: evil satanic rings; secret societies that use child abuse and blackmail to control their members; past Prime Ministers and prominent figures named as paedophiles and murderers; aliens and lizards that rule our lives, sucking the energy from children in order to survive. What a curtain we had peered behind! Surely none of it was true – Christ, what a world this would be if any of it was! There was no need for any denial – only fantasists and the insane would believe such stories; they posed little risk to the establishment.

    It was the more plausible stories that posed the risk, threatening to blow the lid on the system of protection that preserved the reputation of the ruling elite. They revealed a complex web of relationships between care workers, the police, the judiciary, public schools, the media, and in some cases politicians – all working (it seemed) to both facilitate abuse, and protect abusers of standing from prosecution. A hastily-arranged defence was attempted – the MacAlpine defence – to warn off those on mainstream and social media from spreading such stories. This worked to a degree, but only served to embolden a hardcore of campaigners and professionals enraged at the injustice of it all, and determined to see past abusers exposed and prosecuted: the system must not be allowed to win.

    ‘The system’, by this time, was shitting itself. Just what was the extent of the abuse? How far up did it go? Does the increasing exposure pose a threat to National Security? Nobody knew just how big a monster those decades of protection had allowed to grow. Was now the time to slay the monster or maintain the established order? Did they have a choice?

    The answer came in three forms: foreigners (or those of a foreign culture), inquiries and useful idiots. Foreigners, like celebrities, were expendable, so when Rotherham and similar scandals surfaced (or resurfaced), the system could be seen to be taking a hard line against abusers, distracting the general public from the other, more difficult stories. Inquiries would work exactly as they have always done – creating the appearance of action, closing down public comment and deferring the inevitable whitewash until such time as public interest has subsided. (Some major Police Operations would serve a similar purpose). And then there were the useful idiots. These were the people that thought they were helping the cause by spreading, and in some cases creating, false stories or stories that had been embellished so as to have greater impact. Add to these a few true stories for which there was insufficient evidence to prosecute and you have the perfect conditions for a rerun of the McAlpine Defence, but on a much larger scale.

    The strategy then is this. Identify which of the many high-profile stories taken seriously by the media and the Police are in fact are false (or cannot be substantiated). Get the state broadcaster to begin an investigation into these (and only these), seeking evidence against alleged victims, their supporters and any other useful idiots that have helped fight their cause. Broadcast an apparently fair and balanced programme that casts doubt on the reliability and motivation of such people, expresses sympathy with those it states were falsely accused and leaves a sense of injustice perpetrated not by abusers but by the very people campaigning against injustice. Focus on one high profile campaigner – a useful idiot of particular integrity and standing but nevertheless expendable – creating the impression that that person was behind all these “false” stories, and hitting them so hard it sends a clear message to warn off anyone else thinking of joining the campaign or taking their evidence to the Police. Utilise the state-friendly media to provide a narrative to all this that leaves the public in no doubt that all these stories they have read in the press about “VIP paedophiles” were politically-motivated nonsense. Sustain this message, undermining and mocking anyone that persists in their deluded beliefs, so that when the various inquiries publish their whitewash, we can all agree that we never believed a word of it.

    Thus calm and order will be restored.

    • iantoosmart

      I’ve been following the posts on this blog for a while now. Like many on here I was subject to csa as a child, but nothing institutional – just random perverts. I’m following the debate and the various analyses, including Andy’s here. One thing that I have never seen mentioned here is the expose of what happened in Belgium and Holland, which as far as I can see is ongoing. All of the same categories of suspects are there as in the UK cases, all the way up to Dutch royalty. Priests, judges, politicians, celebrities have been caught and in some cases prosecuted. Children were used in orgies and in some cases have disappeared. There are rumours of mafia involvement, heroin and religious cults. Prosecutors have had to live with protection for years.

      I wonder if there are pertinent links between the cases which have actually come to trial in Belgium, and some of the alleged perpetrators in the UK. For example, where was Leon Brittan returning from when his car was stopped and child pornography was allegedly found?

      The systematic abuse of children by powerful men seems widespread in at least three European countries. It seems that organised justice has had some sucess in Belgium. I think the most disempowering thought for us in the UK is that these types of powerful men are untouchable and that they will use all their power to evade prosecution. The Belgian cases show they can be held to account. They are not all-powerful masters of some game. They are weak, self-centred perverts who cannot control themselves. They hurt and manipulate children.

      They will never be able to hide from an organised campaign among people of goodwill in the general populace or in the police, in the media, in government, in the judiciary or even in the agencies because they will always return to their sickness. They are the worst kind of addict that it’s possible to imagine. They are child sex addicts. An addict can be sly, but I don’t think an addict can ever be truly intelligent.

      So I respectfully disagree with Andy. The tide cannot be held back. Powerful men who abuse children are not really so powerful after all. They can’t stop themselves. They can thrash around and conspire and pull the strings here and there but at the end of the day, they can’t overcome their addiction. Let’s not grant them any more power than they really have. Let’s use intelligence, as many are doing here, to end the hurt for the next generation.

      • Andy Barnett

        Get with the programme, Ian. You’re supposed to be feeling disillusioned and downcast by now, like that Mark Hunt that posted earlier, not all beligerent and determined to fight injustice, end the hurt, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… You know it will only end in tears.

    • Jack

      In other words the McAlpine Doctrine. I have stated previously that those stories about Tory Grandees OPENLY taking cocaine and consorting with rent boys and on some occassions murdering their victims were hogwash. They were designed to exagerate the problem and provide a narrative which could eventually be discredited and thus lead to the baby being thrown out with the bathwater. It was no coincidence that they first appeared THE VERY NEXT DAY after Hague resigned and Cameron announced an over arching Westminster abuse enquiry.

      • Anon

        Double Think. Treble Think even.

        The McAlpine Doctrine certainly appears to being rigorously applied to Leon Brittan in regard to the heterosexual rape allegation.

        Shoot the Messenger. The Mail on Sunday is having a go at Tom Watson now because of allegations against his relations. Perhaps the Proprietor should look a bit closer to home. Hurrah for the Blackshirts anyone?

    • parsonage

      “Foreigners, like celebrities, were expendable, so when Rotherham and similar scandals surfaced (or resurfaced), the system could be seen to be taking a hard line against abusers”

      That doesn’t work on a number of levels – firstly chronologically; the 3rd well publicised group/gang grooming/rape Rochdale trial concluded in May 2012. This generated enormous publicity of course and the public started to become aware of the extent and unmitigated evil of the predominantly Pakistani grooming/rape/trafficking/pimping groups and gangs. The Savile exposure occurred some months after that as did Danczuk’s outing of Smith(which wasn’t exactly hot off the press) and Watson’s statement in the Commons regarding a high-level VIP paedo ring(October 2012).

      By far and away the most serious and appalling group abuse model was, and is, that of the “Asian” groups and gangs

      “Det Insp Simon Morton, of Thames Valley Police, said: “They start out at 11 or 12 as ordinary girls, in our case, and by the time they’re finished they’re hollow.
      “They are shells of what they should be and the little girl in there is gone.
      “It’s sexual atrocities, it’s torture.
      “You can’t report it, you can’t put it on TV, you can’t write it down. We have had members of the press in tears in court.
      “It’s been horrendous.”


      The Oxford Serious Case Review noted that “The association, not of all CSE but group-based CSE, with mainly Pakistan heritage is undeniable”

      You can hardly say that the system took a hard line with this epidemic group abuse, it was covered up and denied for years(see for instance Julie Bindel article in the ST of 2007 “Mothers of Prevention”). As for Rotherham apparently there are 300 suspects now, and the abuse went on for 20 years or so; there was only one group trial during all that time(2010). Now of course finally the system has stirred itself to a degree and there are more trials upcoming and we might see justice for some of the victims, a relative handful though.

      It is pretty obvious that Watson’s powerful paedo ring linked to No 10 etc etc is chimerical, but it has served the purpose of diverting public attention away from the Rotherham CSE model and that suits Watson and other Labour politicos and progressives just fine. After the Jay Report of August 2014 came out we were promised a Labour Party investigation into the involvement of various Labour figures in the horror story, we are still waiting. It has been lost to public view thanks to Watson’s smokescreen.

      As I point out in my post above there are local factors in the West Midlands which motivated Watson’s diversionary operations which are part of an overall picture discussed in the following blogpost

      “For those who choose to look there has been a build of evidence for many years that much of the political leadership coming forward from of the Pakastani/Mirpur community is corrupt, especially in inner town and city wards. Inevitably this local organisation has polluted the whole body of the Labour Party.”


      There’s no one more polluted than Watson

      • Andy Barnett

        Thanks for the comment. Firstly I was in no way trying to minimise any of the abuse you refer to. It was and is indeed evil, as you say. And I agree that the system has not been as hard on abusers as it might. As to timing, I was refering specifically to the Jay report (commissioned in 2013, published in 2014) which I do believe demonstrated a hardening in attitudes and which (I was suggesting) helped to take public attention away from the VIP paedophile stories. I also accept that it is arguable that the VIP paedophile stories took attention away from the greater and more immediate threats, but I wouldn’t necessarily agree. Tom Watson’s question helped focus attention on the inaction by authorities to tackle child sex abuse and so helped (IMO) to get the Jay report initiated.

        As to your politicising of the whole CSA debate, I must respectfully say that (IMO) you are wrong and that such politicisation does nothing to help children or survivors.

  6. tdf

    As a tweeter points out, “Napier, Stingemore and McSweeney – Three convictions based on Tom Watson’s source.”

    • Hi,

      For absolute accuracy, Napier and Alston were convicted due to Tom Watson’s PMQ source

      McSweeney was convicted, in part, due to different information from a different source that Tom Watson took to police. Stingemore was arrested and charged but died before the trial and so was not convicted this time though he did have a related conviction from circa 1985

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  8. parsonage

    Thanks for your response Andy

    ” As to timing, I was refering specifically to the Jay report (commissioned in 2013, published in 2014) which I do believe demonstrated a hardening in attitudes and which (I was suggesting) helped to take public attention away from the VIP paedophile stories”

    I do think that is a rather odd way of putting it – whereby you characterise moving from a position of more or less complete neglect to information seeking and reporting as “a hardening of attitudes”.

    What we are talking about in Rotherham and many other towns and cities is an epidemic of racially and religiously aggravated grooming, rape, sexual torture, trafficking, pimping, prostitution combined with other serious criminality including make extreme threats to victims and their families, perversion of the course of justice and political/police corruption.

    It seems to me to be a vastly more serious matter of concern than alleged VIP abuse of 30, 40,50 years ago where concrete evidence is nowhere to be found and those making the allegations and their supporters(eg Exaro) are reportedly extremely dubious individuals, and the allegations are shot full of holes.

    “I also accept that it is arguable that the VIP paedophile stories took attention away from the greater and more immediate threats, but I wouldn’t necessarily agree”

    That’s like denying that night follows day, it is demonstrably the case that that the VIP paedo story has dominated the media narrative – there was another group grooming/rape trial for serious and horrid offences committed in Aylesbury quite recently, beyond bare reportage of the result there was little or no analysis of how this case fitted a well established pattern. My observation of comments about Rotherham et al is the profound general ignorance of the situation; there is some awareness of Rotherham itself. maybe one or two other cases, that’s about as far as it goes. This is the result of media and political priorities(eg WMP keeping secret grooming gangs in the West Midlands for reasons of “community cohesion”) and using the VIP abuse story to frankly shape and bend the narrative .

    “As to your politicising of the whole CSA debate, I must respectfully say that (IMO) you are wrong and that such politicisation does nothing to help children or survivors”

    Well it is political, profoundly and obscenely so

    thus Jay

    “Instead, she believes the Labour-dominated council turned a blind eye to the problem because of “their desire to accommodate a community that would be expected to vote Labour, to not rock the boat, to keep a lid on it, to hope it would go away.”


    Denis MacShane admitted to feeling ashamed in his book Prison Diaries “that I, like so many MPs, preferred to keep silent on some of the dirty secrets about bad practices in the Kashmiri Muslim community”, whose population provided “vast reservoirs” of votes”.

    These are political choices that are being made

    Thus Simon Baker, Danczuk’s political fixer, wrote a book, to which Danczuk put his name, about their deceased political opponent Smith.

    They didn’t write a book about the far more immediate and desperately serious issue of grooming, rape, trafficking and pimping in Rochdale and further afield

    “Many of the offenders, many of whom are known to GMP, are still today walking the streets of Rochdale, still free men and respectable members of the community, having never been arrested or charged with these serious offences.



    So which should have been the greater priority then?

    Watson started his Paedo-Finder General routine in October 2012, over the past year or so it has emerged that Rotherham model abuse is alive and well in his own area – this had to be dragged out by the local press via FOI unsuprisingly.

    He seems to have made no public pronouncement here whatsoever; whilst relentlessly banging the VIP drum

    You don’t have to be a dyed in the wool hardened cynic or a mad conspiracy theorist to see political priorities and diversionary smokescreens here.

    Both Danczuk and Watson tick the vast vote reservoir box

    “Tom Watson’s question helped focus attention on the inaction by authorities to tackle child sex abuse and so helped (IMO) to get the Jay report initiated.”

    Do you really believe that?

    The reality was that the Times had been campaigning to expose the extent of “Asian” grooming groups/gangs – their reporter Andrew Norfolk published a seminal article on the 5th January 2011, much criticised by some commentators in the Guardian and New Statesman. However he was exactly right. Subsequently he received council files which were leaked to him by Jayne Senior, manager of “Risky Business” – she did this out of sheer exasperation, at the cover up and horrific and systematic nature of the abuse. The story was published in the Times – Rotherham apparatchiks had wanted the whistle-blower to be hunted down by their SYP friends. It created a furore – hence Jay. Incidentally a few days before Jay was published the South Yorkshire Stasi had orchestrated the raid on Sir Cliff’s home – just coincidence no doubt.

    It is absurd to say that Watson had any hand in the Jay Report, all the indications are that the last thing he wants is the blind eye to grooming votes nexus to become firmly established in the public mind.