David Rose and The Observer’s rape fabrications

Post by @darrenlavertyx.

Source: David Rose and The Observer’s rape fabrications

A video which demonstrates that both Journalist David Rose and The Observer attempted to discredit a North Wales Survivor by illegally using a North Wales Police Statement and amending it to include very damaging, and entirely false, allegations of rape.

False allegations which have led Darren Laverty to face continued harassment to this day.

The article was published in 1992 at a critical time for the investigation into child abuse in North Wales care homes, including Bryn Estyn where Darren had been a resident.


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18 responses to “David Rose and The Observer’s rape fabrications

  1. nuggy

    more importantly how did rose get to see this statement.

    and how did your trool i wont mention his name got hold of this artical.

    • DR Laverty

      In time we’ll discover the answer to your last question. The answer to your first is North Wales Police gave it to him

  2. dpack

    attempting to discredit witnesses,avoiding witness evidence,destroying the paper trail of witnesses ,intimidating witnesses etc etc was all part of the waterhouse whitewash process that pallial is starting to unravel ,at least in part.

    20+ yrs on the tactics have developed to include the “macalpine defense” and the promotion of “illusion”with the intention of that “illusion”becoming seen for what it is to undermine real evidence by association.

  3. callie

    A question to Darren: this has been in the public domain for over 20 years. Why question it now? Why not go for them at the time?

    • DR Laverty

      The article has never been mentioned to me until my troll found shared and used it. Not once since 27th Sept 1992. You will not find it on line unless it’s being used by a troll. Why? Because it only exists in the historical archives. Why? We’ll find out soon I hope.

      To answer your question-
      In all honesty it didn’t feature in my life at the time. I was hardly the type to read the Observer or similar rags. Rose knew I wouldn’t be popping off to the news agents on a Sunday morning. My domestic situation and my drug use (amphetamine, alcohol, cannabis and acid) were more important to me. When the police turned up 2 weeks after it was printed (Sept 27th) to ask if I’d spoken to the hacks/paper I made a statement denying everything that was alleged about the rape and abuse. But, because I knew it was lies it meant nothing to me. Sticks and stones I suppose. Same goes for other allegations made by ex residents which I was questioned (under caution) about.

      Moving on. The article was printed on Sept 13th 1992. Within 4 weeks of that I’d terminated my long term (9years) relationship. On November 6th I packed up my life in Wrexham into a rucksack, got the bus to Chester and then the train home to Holyhead. I sunk into a deep depression for some time after. I then began a new relationship with my now wife. We lived a life free of child abuse, free of media attention free from my past. I put the lot in a folder and locked it away in my mental hard drive.

      I worked as a potter for some years after. Then my daughter was born, then my son. We had the idyllic nuclear family and I wasn’t the man I was previously. I was reborn in a non religious way.

      In 1997 Waterhouse was announced and then it all started again. Media, police etc. I was studying journalism at the time. I decided to attend Waterhouse instead of college. That brings us up to 1998ish. I went back to college to complete an access course and I started university in 1999 and graduated in 2002. I started work for NACRO and delved into the world of helping ex-offenders. My second son was born in 2004 and life was bliss. I was earning a decent wage and being the man my father failed to be. One of the biggest failings of the Waterhouse inquiry was to omit this article from the evidence put before it. Thirteen barristers challenged me and asked me about other sexual encounters. Not one single question about me “raping” anyone was asked. Same for sexually abusing others. Nothing was put to me. Why? Macur should be addressing that in her finding. Or so she’s promised me.

      Anglesey Driftwood Ltd was created by me in about 2009/10 and I spent most days walking the coast of Anglesey collecting stock. Then in 2012 Steven Messham and Newsnight arrived. My life has been one you couldn’t imagine ever since. I don’t know how who or where the article appeared in the this instance but it was carefully done so as to have the most damaging effect on my credibility. It worked in the minds of my trolls but not on the general public. I’m lucky in that I’m surrounded by friends and family who know what’s happened and know why it’s happened.

      Others in similar positions are now pushing up daisies.

      Next question

  4. JS2

    Once again this proves that Rose works for the Establishment, they want Darren shut up and to go away, they dont give a shit about the consequences of such a libellous article! and all the hate blogs set up attacking him and others who are behind Darren 100% Darren should demand a public apology and a front page article in the papers.

  5. DR Laverty

    Discussions have taken place since the video was posted. The Observer want to see my statements. I agreed and will meet in early October. Trolls are going to eat their words and those who doubt my sincerity and honesty.

  6. nuggy

    my main problem with David rose is he complains about false allegations himself.

  7. nuggy

    are you certain it was David rose who wrote this.

    he says he dident..

    • DR Laverty

      Laughable. He should consult Stephen Pritchard, The Observers ombudsman. He has the original and it has Rose’s and Johnson’s name to it. It’s undeniable. He makes himself look an idiot trying to distance himself. He’s banged to rights by his own words. It isn’t very often that evidence such as mine reaches the surface. As a caver Rose knows how deep this goes. If he denies it again, he’s lying again.

      Furthermore, Rose has been fingered by the paper. They state quite clearly,
      “After so many years it is difficult for them to remember matters in detail, but I can tell you that it seems very unlikely that Brian Johnson-Thomas, a freelance journalist, was involved the piece”(Stephen Pritchard
      Readers’ editor 14.11.2014)

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    Outrageous – typical manipulation of the truth by gutter-press pseudo-journalists

  9. chrisb

    Does anyone know anything about David Rose or the other possible author of the article, Brian Johnson Thomas ? Who could they have been working for? The editor of the Observer at the time, Donald Trelford? Or someone else?

    • chrisb

      Another possible explanation is that the police fed Rose or Johnson Thomas with the doctored statement.

      • DR Laverty

        No-one else could have fed it. It had to be the police. There’d been no official disclosure in court or any legal environment of my statement. More worryingly is the present obfuscations of the present lawyers at the Observer/Guardian. Three monkey approach won’t suffice.