Terry Dwyer, AKA Terry Allen ?


The defendant in the case was a chap called Terry Dwyer, who was in the dock for allowing cannabis to be smoked in a dodgy club he ran in Coltman Street, west Hull, until a police raid shut the place down.

The Lord Fox was an illegal drinking den, complete with massage facilities and a sling room where punters could be strung up from a metal frame chained to a wall.

Outside the court, Dwyer was a chatterbox.

He not only agreed to give me a guided tour of the club where he offered to sell me a giant wooden sauna housed in a first-floor room, but he also happily boasted about his time in London supplying rent boys to Harvey Proctor.

Hull Daily Mail

News of the World 1987 from Spotlightonabuse



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11 responses to “Terry Dwyer, AKA Terry Allen ?

  1. Bishop Brightly

    Which of course takes us all straight back to elm guest house, a place that it would be unwise to discount.


  2. Bishop Brightly

    Dwyer is implicated with RAWRO, which all along has been the key to unravelling the elm story. Amazingly none of the directors of RAWRO have been arrested yet.

  3. Bishop Brightly

    RAWRO was funded by Spartacus and a group of key PIE members, including a recently imprisoned key member plus other influential people.

    Can you smell where the trail goes yet?

    • Just read your blog. Great work, almost two years old, guessing the police have been burning the midnight oil to follow up on your leads. sarc

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  5. Steve1984

    I remember staying at Lord Fox flat in South London in summer 1984. Then I found myself being taken to Victoria Train Station to meet a person who I would years later later recognize as being a Conservative MP.
    I was 17 years old at the time and would have had to be drunk from the drink that MP plied me with to be submitted to corporal punishment! As for Dwyer if it is he known as Lord Fox then he had full sex with my 16 year old friend but I turned down his advances! In turn as I was not a rent boy I equally turned down Lord Fox’s invitation to live in a sex house in Streatham in South London!

    • Have you talked to the police ?

      • Steve1984

        No I have not, for the simple reason I do not think they will believe me and in addition I did speak to the BBC in private and who told me at the end of my private meeting-I was a very lucky person-which leads me to question why?

        If you wonder why I question if they would believe me-the fact remains that 30 years later I feel so stupid and naive to have been in such a predicament and question how the whole incident occurred!

        The MP will deny my existence but I am hoping that certain things I see in the lounge will match up with others recollection?

        I am only here stating what I know and experienced because I believe that the person who liked to be known as Lord Fox was from my experience the person who instigated the meeting and was running a sex house in Streatham!

        I recall when in the morning I awoke in Lord Foxes home that my best friend came back into the bedroom and I asked him where he had been? He told me he had full sex (politely described) with Lord Fox and I told him he should not have done so due to my friend being 16 and Lord Fox being around 27-28 years of age.

        Not long after that event I lost contact with my friend who then moved to Amsterdam. It was several years later before we met up again.