The Sunday Times: Part Of The Problem Or Part Of The Solution ?


It is hard to ignore the fact that when The Sunday Times had clear evidence of VIP’s involvement in child abuse 12 years ago they did very little.

“The list of 7,272 British names has been obtained by The Sunday Times. It includes at least 20 senior executives in pharmaceuticals, stockbroking, manufacturing and retailing, at least seven of whom are thought to be multimillionaires.”

Perhaps the information on the identities of 7,272 British citizens that came to light during the Operation Ore investigation was more valuable if kept out of the public domain ?

And I don’t think it is an unreasonable question, in the light of more recent events, to ask how The Sunday Times came to be in possession of such a sensitive list of names related to an ongoing police investigation in 2003.

One thing is certain, Justice Lowell Goddard must use the statutory powers of the new CSA Inquiry to legally compel The Sunday Times to hand over any evidence they have on VIP paedophiles.

City bosses named on child porn list

Sunday Times, The (London, England)-January 26, 2003
Author: Adam Nathan and David Leppard
SOME of the City’s leading businessmen are named on a confidential list compiled in an international police inquiry into internet child pornography.
The list of 7,272 British names has been obtained by The Sunday Times. It includes at least 20 senior executives in pharmaceuticals, stockbroking, manufacturing and retailing, at least seven of whom are thought to be multimillionaires.
They are among those caught by the American authorities using their credit cards to pay for graphic pictures of children as young as six being abused. The 1,000-page list, which was passed to British police last summer, details the names, addresses and the number of subscriptions paid to child porn websites.
Disclosure of the names to The Sunday Times is likely to prompt a major leak inquiry within the British police and other organisations in the UK supplied with the list.
It is also likely to renew concerns over the policing of the internet and the slow pace of the inquiry which has seen fewer than a third of those listed arrested.


Names on the list include:The former chairman of one of the City’s biggest firms of stockbrokers.A senior director of a well known drinks company. Contacted at home last week, he hung up when asked why his name was on the list.A millionaire business colleague of one of Britain’s best-known entrepreneurs.A director of one of the country’s biggest construction companies.A prominent City PR man who acts as an intermediary between boardrooms, the media and the government. He said last week that police had not visited his home.


A former director of one of the world’s biggest pharmaceuticals companies.A senior partner at a multinational accountancy firm.A top executive at a large manufacturing company.The Sunday Times has decided not to identify the businessmen because the police have still not interviewed them or made arrests in most cases.Others on the list include a senior teacher at an exclusive girls’ public school, services personnel from at least five military bases, GPs, university academics and civil servants. Many are married and respected members of their local communities.
The identities of suspects had been a closely guarded secret. Fewer than 50 of the 2,000 arrested have so far been named in the British inquiry – Operation Ore. The list was generated after an inquiry by the US Postal Inspection Service in 1999 into a pay-per-view child porn website in Texas.
Full article can be found on Spotlightonabuse


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12 responses to “The Sunday Times: Part Of The Problem Or Part Of The Solution ?

  1. BarrieJ

    Blair put Operation Ore under a ‘D’ Notice, read more at:

    • dpack

      an interesting link,some of the content seems very plausible
      it would be a very useful development if more decent masons decided that decency trumps privacy

  2. Kevin K.

    It always seems to follow a predictable pattern: there’s a huge haul of thousands of names linked to a high level paedophile ring; newspaper reports many names of professional people – “pillars of the community” including doctors, top civil servants and senior police officers – then everything goes quiet, under the guise of a massive investigation getting underway and the need for discretion, fair trials etc.
    Fast forward a dozen years and nothing ever comes of it. Happens again and again and again. They bank on us having short memories and most of us, sadly, do.

  3. l8in

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  4. Sabre

    None of the VIPs bought that filth, Rumanian waiters cloned their credit cards and then went and sat outside the residences of the absolutely innocent VIPs and hacked into their wifi connections before downloading the stuff !

  5. SongBird57

    Could we assume that the ‘director of one of the UKs biggest construction companies’ is Lord MacAlpine? There was a huge kerfuffle when his name came up last year via Sally Bercow’s tweet, and he was subsequently ‘cleared’. Did Ms Bercow have access to this list? And did he buy his way out of the allegation? Or was he actually innocent? There had better be some rock solid evidence for these claims if anyone’s going to go down for them.

  6. Paul Mac

    I remember reading the article when it was published. Either the Times is bullshitting us, which is entirely possible, or they have found the names on the list more desirable for their ‘leverage’ potential than news potential.
    The real scandal here is why the Police are sitting on their arses with this for 12 years+.

    “A director of one of the country’s biggest construction companies” – surely not the recently departed???

  7. The names should be giving to the police, if any police officer is on the list he should be suspended pending further enquires and this should apply to all government employees whose names are on the list including Judges.
    As for politicians, the police should question them under caution and be bared from holding a government post.
    For those in the city, the normal rules should apply,

  8. dpack

    Charles Augustus Milverton may be a fiction but he is an educational fiction.

  9. The Count of Monte Cristo

    Enough of this, publish the names now. Or stop boring us to death.

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