Paedophile Jimmy Savile ‘Fixes It’ For Young Girl To Meet Prince Philip.

Question: How did paedophile Jimmy Savile sneak a young girl into Buckingham Palace without her parents  ?

Pssst! the answer is, in plain sight!


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9 responses to “Paedophile Jimmy Savile ‘Fixes It’ For Young Girl To Meet Prince Philip.

  1. colin

    Have a look on you youtube type in savile on Parkinson the clip is called savile and the dark forces. Creepy

  2. Murray Dawson

    How thoroughly and utterly vile

  3. dpack

    ps it has gone from the bbc text news ( 2.06 am friday)

  4. dpack

    that is a very creepy bit of film

    what did it the note with savile’s cufflinks say? was it something like “this country will never know what you have done for it”?

    Pssst! the answer is, in plain sight!

    never is a very long time and possibly the country may know sooner than that

  5. With regards to the level of abuse prevalent in the 60s and 70s this might give people an “insider’s” view of it all. I was chatting to my sister, who’s a couple of years younger than me, the other day about our childhoods in the mid 60s early 70s and she said this, which was new to me. Our father was a journo and as a result, both had “contacts” and knew all the local “faces” who might be trouble. My sister informed me that, before either of us joined any sort of group as kids, be it a church choir or brownies, my dad would use his contacts and his local knowledge to check out that , those in charge of said groups had “no form” or there were no “rumours” about them, before letting us join.

    We grew up in a fairly large town and father was anything bar, a fan of conspiracies and yet, he was sufficiently savvy and aware that, these sort of people were rife, even in the sleepy backwaters of England and that, they were attracted to any sort of group that gave them ready access to suitable victims. Not only that, rather they were, more often than not, “tolerated” and liable to be allowed access to possible victims even when, they were a “known risk”.

  6. Sodazed

    At 50 seconds:
    Savile — We’ve got this situation and I’m bringing a friend in
    Palace minder — Who’s gonna object to you?

    A strange yet crap DJ/clown painted (once dead) as a lone pervert getting away with murder (some say literally) has free reign in the Queen of England’s houses and was bestest chums with the lot of them for many, many years?
    People. Please. Wake up. This is the key to all. The answer is, indeed, in plain sight. And they know it…

  7. @peegabear

    The BBC did not cover the Mirror splash about “Prince’s Aide” in either last night’s review of papers or this morning’s look at the front pages… Mirror just missing!

  8. Peter McKelvie

    Great work Jon flagging this up !!

    Still too little in MSM with exception of the brilliant Tom P about Savile’s easy access to no 10 and royal circles especially Balmoral