Op Yewtree: 11 Arrested ?


Interestingly, I have ten people listed HERE and one of those was only questioned. So, either the Daily Mail have got it wrong or there are two other people arrested by Operation Yewtree that I’m unaware of.

Only three of the 11 men arrested over suspected sex offences in the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile scandal are likely to be charged, it emerged last night.

Detectives believe there will be insufficient evidence to prosecute the majority of the suspects  quizzed under Operation Yewtree.

Former BBC producer Wilfred De’Ath, 75, who was arrested over an alleged sex assault in 1965, was released  without charge on Monday evening.

And speculation was mounting last night that Freddie Starr would soon be told that he, too, will not be charged over claims he attempted to grope a 14-year-old in Savile’s BBC changing room in 1974.

The police operation – which is thought to have cost £1million and has 30 dedicated detectives – has already been criticised by some as a ‘celebrity witch-hunt’.

The Daily Mail


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11 responses to “Op Yewtree: 11 Arrested ?

  1. andy

    This is all being swept under the carpet, absolute disgrace really. Welcome to the U.K child abuse country of the year, cover-up capitol of the world(maybe a bit strong).

    • You know why? Because in the welter of cuts and with the growing threat of another financial collapse (see Cyprus being followed by Spain,Luxembourg, Portugal and France….and…) there’s no way the Establishment will allow itself to be exposed for the bunch of cynical, self-serving, decadent scum they really are. Their ‘authority’ is already massively compromised, and full exposure of their culpability in organised paedophilia, and its cover-up would be a fatal blow to their ability to govern. They steal our wealth, destroy our health and abuse our kids- a potent recipe for real civil disobediance and social unrest.

  2. chess

    Celebrity witch hunt? Celebrity whitewash, more like.

  3. wook5ter

    Which Eastender? It’s not alwight tweacle? Can we wule him out?

  4. Tim Sanders

    No doubt Op Fernbridge will be more successful.

  5. Marieke

    Well that is because one of them has a superinjunction out. You know, the young one.