Paula Hopwood’s Allegations

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Paula Hopwood

A FORMER dancer claims a top BBC TV star tried to rape her… and her complaint was just swept under the carpet.

Speaking about the alleged attack for the first time in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, Paula Hopwood, 48, said: “He tried to rape me… the most horrible person.

“He believed he was almighty, untouchable. But I’ve had to live with what he did and I always will.

“It would have been his word against mine and who would have believed me? But he should be ­accountable for his actions.”

Paula, who was on tour with the star at the time of the alleged attack claims the presenter would offer girls his gold watch to look after, and he believed if they ­accepted it they were consenting to sex.

Paula is the latest to come forward with claims of historic sexual abuse by a star following the vile revelations against the late DJ Savile.

The Mirror

And an altogether separate but connected allegation by another woman.

A BBC presenter forced a part-time model to carry out a sex act on him after another celebrity raped her, it was claimed yesterday.

The woman, now 50, is the second within a week to accuse the BBC star of sex crimes.

Last weekend, former dancer Paula Hopwood, 48, accused him of trying to rape her when she was a teenager and on tour with him.

Detectives are expected to approach the man for questioning within days.

The new accuser said last night: “He deserves to be exposed for what he did to me. The moment I met the two men (the BBC star and a showbusiness friend of his) I told them I didn’t want to have sex with them. I made it quite clear.

“But they intentionally got me drunk. I’ve always thought I was drugged because I’ve never felt like that in my entire life.”

The woman was first introduced to the BBC celebrity after meeting his friend at a charity function in St Helens, Merseyside.

Daily Record


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  2. paul

    this is the 2nd womans allegations apart from paula hopwood
    if these 2 womens allegations are true then its unlikely this pair of sexual predators tried it with just 2 women. i bet many more will start to come forward and tell their story. it often happens that way.