Mission Statement


Needles are one of the earliest tools that mankind created and used. The earliest example was found in the Potok Caves in modern day Slovenia, made of bone it dates to around 40,000 years ago.

Needles were used primarily to make and repair clothing but needles have many uses.

A needle can lance a boil or it can burst a balloon, in the hands of a pathologist it can draw blood, and in the hands of a doctor it can vaccinate a child.

This blog is a metaphorical needle with many uses.

This blog was not created as simply a platform to express my own views but my earnest hope is that others who comment on other blogs will contribute to this one and be credited and perhaps even take ownership of it as an equal partner.

If you are interested in becoming part of ’The Needle’ team, have any essay you wish to see published (not simply as a comment on someone else’s blog) or have an idea for a topic which you would like to see discussed, then please email me at gojam56@gmail.com .

Kind Regards


73 responses to “Mission Statement

  1. Archie Roam

    “in the hands of a pathologist it can draw blood, and in the hands of a doctor it can vaccinate a child.”

    The pedant speaks:
    a doctor can do both these things, as can nurses and trained health care professionals with very little training. Also, a pathologist is a doctor with extra training. if anything drawing blood would be considered beneath them. theyd do it. but theyd sooner get a nurse to do it or a very junior doctor. Also, doctors tend to get nurses to vaccinate kids. They rarely do it themselves.

  2. Da könnte man doch wirklich denken, dass der Text “Mission Statement | theneedleblog” glatt von mir geschrieben ist so
    exzellent wie der hier steht. Alle Finger hoch und weiterhin viel Erfolg weiter so !

  3. Check out Hallett Reports about Illegitimacy of Current British Monarchy

  4. Blank_Page

    Just followed a link here from Ickes Website. I liked the article I read and I like your mission statement. I will be visiting more often in the future. Keep up the good work :)

  5. Bridie

    This is all very interesting and equally disturbing . Who are you gojam?

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  7. Dorothy

    Thank you for exposing wicked people who deliberately harm others.
    There are many more who need to be investigated.

  8. Alex

    Ken Bailey died many years ago. He was a well known nonce and was a very rich and powerful paedophile. Charged and prosecuted, but managed to get away with it. Known as Mr England and a Bournemouth Councillor as well as on Dorset Council.
    A great friend of Jimmy Savile who also had a flat and business interests in Bournemouth, Bailey was an important member of the circle which included Tony Hardman who was the Publicity manager at the Poole Arts Centre and then the Bournemouth International Centre, Chris Denning a well known DJ and Jimmy Savile.
    We are a group who investigate facts and our members are from all over the UK. This paedophile scandal extends throughout the country and involves some very big names.

  9. Alex

    The murder of Sandra Court is linked to the Savile/Bailey/Hardman satanic circle in Bournemouth, where members used to meet at the Steppes Nightclub, as well as other venues.
    Sandra Court was killed because she knew too much. She worked in a building very near to Steppes and visited the club on the night she was killed, where she recognised some very important and famous names. She had been drinking and was murdered afterwards. No one was ever charged.
    Tony Hardman who died in the Spring of 2013 knew all about it. Hardman was working as Publicity Manager at the Poole Arts Centre and was caught fiddling his expenses, so he had to leave, but managed through his influential friends to land a top job as Publicity Manager at the Bournemouth International Centre which is called the BIC. Everyone knew he was on the fiddle but he still got the job. Hardman was known as the Puppetmaster of Portarlington Road, where he had a flat. He moved there from Westbourne.
    He bought himself a Lord of the Manor title and used to call himself Lord Hardman. He was in a satanists’ covern along with Ken Bailey who lived in Bournemouth, Jimmy Savile who also lived there, Chris Denning a D.J. who lived in Bpournemouth and is now in prison for paedophilia.
    Sandra Court’s murder involved a number of people in the cover up.
    She found out information which led to her death, because of what she knew.

  10. Charles

    Why are references to the Isle of Wight D.J. who was charged and convicted missing from the internet? This man is now on the loose and still working in the music industry. Another friend of Saviles, Jon Paul?

  11. Victor. ( Isle of Wight contact)

    Not Jon Paul, Jean-Paul !

  12. David

    The late Tony Hardman of Ivanhoe Leisure, who also worked at the Poole Arts Centre and the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) spent time in Jersey, Brighton, Hove and Cornwall as well as other places throughout the UK.
    Tony Hardman originated in Manchester and had many famous and infamous friends throughout the UK and elsewhere.
    Known as the Puppet Master of Portarlington Road in Bournemouth, Hardman was a frequent attendee at the Steppes nightclub, as well as other venues, employing Stephen Merrifield a local bus and coach driver to take passengers to parties which he (Hardman) organised.
    It was always a mystery how Tony Hardman managed to get a job at the BIC when it was common knowledge that he had been sacked by the Poole Arts Centre for fiddling his expenses..
    Articles featuring Tony Hardman can be found on the internet, including his obituary. He was a bit part actor, who featured in Coronation Street, as well as a stage manager at Drury Lane and possibly elsewhere. He was a friend of the actor Peter Arne who was murdered in London some years ago and had signed photographes of Arne at his flat.

  13. Daniel

    Another name worth investigating is the late Norman Bilton, who was a Managing Director of Wyvern Radio and who had a home at Portarlington Road in Bournemouth.
    Bilton came from Newastle and was known as the ‘Prince of Darkness’.
    A great friend of Ken Bailey and Tony Hardman.

  14. Mike

    Norman Bilton used to take still photographs from videos from hidden cameras which he had installed in studios in radio stations where he was a director.
    This was given in evidence at an industrial tribunal during the 1980s and was in the press, when a former Programe Controler gave evidence, naming Bilton and the radio staion’s Chief Engineer, Stanley L. Horobin, who came from North Wales.
    Norman Bilton recorded sexual frolics between radio presenters which were going on in the studios. He was collecting potential blackmail material featuring a number of people, including one well known female presenter who subsequently joined the BBC an who was known as ‘The Bournemouth Bicycle’. Lord Stokes who was the Chairman of the radio station at that time was not amused when the details appeared in the press and Norman Bilton subsequently left the Bournemouth radio station to become Managing Director of Wyvern Radio, where he continued to indulge in his hobby.
    Details can be found in the Bournemouth Echo and the Western Gazette archives.

  15. Thomas Cooper

    The Azimuth Trust had a number of supporters, including Davd Wheeler of Falmouth, a leading light in Falmouth’s Quaker community.
    Until last year, Wheeler was the Secretary and also the Treasurer of the Carrick Over 50’s Forum, which was chaired by Judith Whiteley of Mylor Bridge. Judith Whiteley is a Liberal Democrat Councillor and who took over as the forum’s secretary when Wheeler stepped down. Terry Beckett from the Falmouth Sports Club was then co-opted as the forum’s Chairman.
    Mr Beckett is a former council worker.
    The Carrick Over 50’s Forum holds lunches every two months and has had to change its venues as two hotels where they held their lunches had misgivings about certain matters and suggested that they go elsewhere.
    Another member of the Carrick Over 50’s Forum Committee is Bob Bailey alias Drabwell.

    • Christopher Trewin

      Terry Beckett didn’t last long as the co-opted Chairman of the Carrick Over 50’s Forum Chairman in 2013, after he got into some trouble which was conveniently suppressed by the forum’s management committee, not all of who were informed of what had been taking place, until it was too late by which time Mr Beckett had become a serious embarrassment to the forum.
      After Mr Beckett’s departure, he continued to serve the community as he had previously done, especially those charities in Cornwall which involved young persons, together with his good friend the Very Reverend Jeremy Dowling, who headed the Community Action Through Sport as a trustee and very active member.
      The Charity had branches throughout the South West, including Cornwall, which had a Truro Branch which suddenly closed at around the same time as Jeremy Dowling’s past history as a serial paedophile was revealed and which resulted in his court appearance in Truro, where he received a 7 year prison sentence for sexually abusing children in his care.
      Jeremy Dowling had a wealth of experience and involvement with young people, including the Community Action Through Sport, with his good friend Terry Beckett whose sudden and undignified departure as Chairman of the Carrick Over 50’s Forum came as quite a surprise to many, as he’d hardly had time to get his feet under the table, before they left the ground.
      There’s a nice photo of Terry Beckett with some friends on the cover of the ‘Signpost’ magazine, as well as in one of the Carrick Over 50’s Forum’s newsletters in 2013.
      It is understood that he no longer enjoys his frequent boating trips which gave him so much pleasure in past years, at least not as many as he previously did in his younger days.

  16. Bob Daniels

    Stanley L Horobin came from North Wales. A sound engineer working in recording studios and radio stations. A pilot who went to work in Orlando Florida, before the Savile scandal hit the headlines.
    Horobin was interviewed by Dorset police in the early 1990s and sacked from the GWR radio group. He was a great friend of Tony Hardman and Jimmy Savile, both of whom used to fly with him to various destinations.

  17. Mike Randall

    Stanley L Horobin was involved with a well known female radio presenter and broadcaster, known as the Bournemouth Bicycle who started her career in Bournemouth and moved on to the BBC. Horobin used to visit the Channel Islands with Jimmy Savile, Ken Bailey and Tony Hardman., both of who were involved in a Bournemouth paedophile group with links elsewhere. Horobin held a pilot’s licence.
    Although Horobin was interviewed by Dorset police, there wasn’t enough evidence to put him away, but the GWR radio group bosses sacked him, because they knew what he was up to.

  18. Duncan

    Stan Horobin fled to Florida. He went to live in Orlando, after he was sacked from GWR. He was warned that he might face prosecution if he stayed in the UK, after the police interviewed him. He had worked at Swansea Sound radio.

  19. Robert

    Another filthy paedophile who was part of the Savile network was Don English who had a guest house in Cavendish Road Bournemouth, with his partner Roger Barton. Jimmy Savile, Ken Bailey, Stan Horobin and others were regular guests there.

  20. Dave Adams

    Sandra Axford from Bridport helped to cook the books for the Azimuth Trust.
    Her husband worked for the BBC and they were both involved with the trust.

  21. Sam Hayes

    Charles Roy Taylor of White Horse Drive Poole Dorset and Trinidad Crescent Poole went to prison for offences involving a minor, case heard at Nottingham. Taylor’s partner Linda A. Moore now deceased was a prostitute well known to the police. She was known as Luscious Linda and had a number of criminal convictions, including a prison sentence for offences involving a minor. Charles Taylor and Linda Moore also lived in North Wales, where Taylor owns a property.

  22. Christopher Palmer

    Ralph Bernard was a pal of Jimmy Savile and a member of the Azimuth Trust.

    Both men had links with Jersey as well as the notorious London guest house frequented by Tony Hardman, Stan Horobin, Norman Bilton, Bob Drabwell, Nigel Hudson, Ron Swade, David Wheeler, Christopher Fettes and Yat Malmgren of the Drama Centre London, Cyril Smith, Peter Arne and many others.

    Stan Horobin who held a pilot’s licence, used to fly ‘customers’ back and forth all over the UK to and from venues involving child victims. Horobin who lived at Ferndown in Dorset, got away to Orlando in Florida, after he was exposed and interviewed by police.

    Ralph Bernard was involved with a string of radio stations, as well as theatres. He also received honours..
    Nauseating !

  23. A canford Cliffs resident

    Angela Chiu the ‘society prostitute’ murdered in Poole at her luxury home was the victim of a hit murder. Killed by a former soldier who was sentenced to life imprisonment, Chiu’s clients included the rich and famous.
    Like Sandra Court who was another victim of a hit murder, Angela Chiu knew many dangerous secrets.
    Tony Hardman was one of her pimps and he received commissions from clients as well as Angela Chiu.
    Angela’s murder was due to her blackmailing her clients and her killing was carefully planned.

    • Claude

      Angela Chiu was not a prostitute. She was a highly intelligent lady who spoke many languages. Angela Chiu had a First Class Honours Degree. She was wealthy BEFORE she ever opened her Health Practice. Her killer knew she was not a prostitute because he attended her Health Practice for a leg injury when she first opened it. She was highly qualified in her position as a Health Practitioner and had a long string of qualifications in connection with her Career. She did not have a pimp. She had her Health Practice in her own home as do many other Private Doctors, Private Tutors, Music Teachers and many other professionals in the Dorset area.

      Angela Chiu’s killer left his footprint in her blood, raped her, and stabbed her 6 times. Hardly the actions of a “professional hit man” him man!

      I feel you have a very vivid imagination – I would have expected better from a “Canford Cliffs Resident”!

  24. Owen

    The peoples’ Rights Centre was set up in Bournemouth by three members of the Militant Tendency. It gave legal advice to paedophiles until it was closed down, after the press and media exposed it.
    The organisers were Andrew Dinkenor, Jeanette Dougan and Diedre Carton. The Centre operated from the Bournemouth Labour Party Hall at Boscombe.

  25. Liam

    The three organisers who started the Peoples’ Rights Centre at Bournemouth in the early1980s, Andrew Woolf Dinkenor, Jeanette Dougan and Diedre Carton were all committee members of the Bournemouth National Council for Civil Lberties group, as well as the Militant Tendency.
    Dinkenor’s father, Stanley Dinkenor held powerful positions in the Bournemouth Labour and Co Op Parties.
    Paedophiles were given free legal advice at the centre and the organisers applied for a grant to open a full time advice centre out of which they would pay themselves salaries and they were very close to getting and award, until The Advertiser/Herald and Bournemouth Echo newspapers exposed the group and former Herald/Advertiser journalist and News Editor Sarah Zyga who is now a councillor at Ferndown/Wimborne, was aware of the situation.
    Sarah Syga went on to become Publicity Manager for Southampton Council.

  26. Peter Appleby

    John Moss was a member of Tony Hardman’s Satanic sex circle in Dorset and beyond. Moss helped to launder money for the Azimuth Trust and was active in the Labour movement and Militant Tendency.

  27. Bob Whitting

    Radio presenter Chris Copsey’s sudden unexpected death in January 2011 was no accident.
    According to some of his friends and colleagues, 52 year old, Chris Copsey had been researching some ‘sensitive’ information about some well known people, but he died before he could complete his investigations, which he had been working on for some time and they were said to include the deaths of others who had met with sudden deaths.
    He was very well respected in the radio industry and a thoroughly decent man.

  28. Nominated you for a Liebster Award. It’s good way to say thanks to dedicated wordpress bloggers and to extend your reach. If you wish to accept it see here: http://infrakshun.wordpress.com/2014/03/13/before-resuming/

  29. Peter Appleby

    Two Falmouth hotels refused to host events for the Carrick Over 50’s Forum after the organisation’s activities came to light and the Forum is running out of venues. Some of its members who were involved in the Azimuth Trust are worried and with good reason. Bob Drabwell alias Bailey may be changing his name yet again, after being recognised in Falmouth by a former police officer who investigated the PIE organisation many years ago.

  30. Clive

    Story breaking in today’s press and media regarding orgies at Poole Dorset.
    Canford Cliffs is mentioned.
    Although Tony Hardman is dead, he left a nest of loathsome creatures who continue to do his dirty work.

  31. Alex

    Is Ken Pottle’s name mentioned?
    Mr Pottle is well known throughout the Canford Cliffs area and the rest of Poole, as well as other places.
    A pillar of respectability is Ken Pottle , who is noted for his charm and has much involvement throughout the communities, as well as many important and influential friends, amongst the police and politicians , as well as those iin big business.
    Certainly, Ken Pottle is a very interesting man, who enjoys boating and sailing. A very good friend of the late Edward Heath, who lived at Salisbury.
    A great socialiser and buddy of the late Anthony Hardman.

  32. Donald

    Kenneth Frank Pottle MBE is well known in Poole and beyond.
    Certainly a man of power and influence. Friend of police and politicians.

  33. Clive

    Cyril Smith loved Bournemouth or Pornmouth as it is known.
    Tony Hardman who worked at the Poole Arts Centre and the Bournemouth International Centre used to supply him with boys.

  34. Ben

    David Porter was a managing director at a Bournemouth radio station during the 1980s until he was sacked from the GWR group for fiddling and cooking the books. He was actively involved in protecting the paedophile and satanist circle taking frequent trips to Holland and elsewhere, before he joined a sex television company selling sex programs, at which he’s very, very good. Playboy Television.

  35. Alex Dickson

    We are surprised that no reference appears to the radio presenter Jean-Paul Hansford from the Isle of Wight and Jordan, etc, who was found guilty of some very unpleasant offences some years aho but who has reinvented himself, thanks to his influential friends. Although references to his crimes and trials are not on the internet, because someone has made sure they were removed, the press archives for the South of England would reveal much interesting information.

    • rob

      Hello Alex, can you give me any more info on JP Hansford, I actually live just around the corner from him and would like to find out more if possible

      • Alex

        Suggest you look in the archives of the old newspapers, including the Bournemouth Echo, because all references to the matter have disappeared from the internet.

      • Christopher Roberts

        See Daily Mirror for March 1997, possibly March 15th which describes Hansford’s arrest when he came off air at a radio station. Hansford was gaoled.

      • Dan

        15 May 1997, NOT 15 April.

  36. Alex

    Anthony Cook from Herniss in Cornwall hanged himself after being charged with downloading child porn from the internet.
    Mr Cook (55) was involved with the Carrick Over 50’s Forum, which is the subject of much interest in Falmouth where its organisers live.

  37. Christopher Roberts

    Jean Paul Hansford’s crimes have been eradicated from the internet
    Hansford was mentioned in the Daily Mirror in March 1997 (15 March?). Arrested as he came off air and questioned on child pornography which he was involved in.
    Hansford went to prison. Now he’s floated to the top again, with the rest of the scum. Based on the Isle of Wight, when not hopping to the middle east where he has many influential friends..

  38. Dan

    Jean Paul Hansford’s arrest for child pornography was printed in the Daily Mirror on 15 May 1997. NOT the 15 April. Hansford’s high and mighty chums who share his interests, including Ralph Bernard, Jimmy Savile and Co, managed to keep all information about his convictions off the net, but High Beam Research mentions it. Hansford was arrested and questioned as he came off air , but is alive and well, blogging away at the top of the tree.

  39. Michael Corbin

    Who is or was the woman involved covering up for Jimmy Savile and pimping for him? She worked at the BBC on the Blue Peter episodes and lived in Surrey.

    • Alex

      Carol Marchant Smith who married a man called Norris. She is now Carol Norris and she lives near Guildford. She works with children and was a great friend of Jimmy Savile

  40. Michael Corbin

    Former Bournemouth Mayor Councillor Ron Whittaker worked hard with Bournemouth resident Jimmy Savile in the 1990s on a number of business matters, including various ‘social’ groups, which included the well known nonce Tony Hardman and several other well-knowns throughout Hampshire and Dorset.
    Councillor Whittaker’s activities were well known to Dorset Police, who appear to have failed to seriously investigate any complaints or incidents, including the satanic circle over which Savile presided, which was centred in Bournemouth and which still flourishes there.
    Christchurch M.P. Robert Adley whose sudden and untimely death was a shock to many, tried to investigate but came up against a brick wall.
    An abrasive no nonsense man, Robert Adley was very decent and clean living. He utterly abhorred the disgusting practices which went on under the noses of the police who were unable to take action because of pressures from the top.

  41. Kevin Kelly

    Councillor Ron Whittaker’s job at the undertakers was extremely useful to Whittaker, Tony Hardman, Jimmy Savile, Ken Bailey, Ken Pottle and others.

  42. Andrew Watkins

    The murder of Mrs Anna Kristina de Vekey in the Autumn of 1989 at Bournemouth was planned well in advance. Mrs de Vekey was a widow living nearby who had worked in the music industry in past years and who was a socialite during the 1950s and 1960’s, was a dancing partner of Ken Bailey and she began to have her suspicions about the underworld in which Bailey, Lawrence Slade and Tony Hardman, whose lord of the manaor title which he later purchased, was Lord Kill…..(?) and others were involved.
    Anna de Vekey was shot dead in Bournemouth Triangle and the details are in the Bournemouth Echo. She was a daughter in law of a famous musician and instrument maker de Vekey.
    She was murdered in broad daylight and the alleged murderer later confessed to the killing at Winton Police station. He was a member of her family. Committed to a secure mental hospital and releases within a short time.
    The killing was planned at a meeting held in Lawrence Slade’s Bournemouth guest house, yards away from the murder site.
    The truth never came out.
    Anna de Vekey’s death, whilst her father, a multi millionaire was in hospital, left many questions unanswered. Donald English and Roger Barton were never questioned about their roles in the killing.

  43. Walter Gervis

    Councillors Ron Whittaker and Ken Bailey had arrangements with Jimmy Savile and others regarding supplying access to bodies. Ron Whittaker worked as an undertaker and Bailey who died some years ago was charged with paedophilia, but managed to get off.
    Whittaker was never charged and had friends in Dorset Police who turned a blind eye to what went on, even when outraged parents tried to torch Bailey’s flat in Bournemouth.

  44. Chris Carter.

    Eddie Blackwell a director of Essex Radio and GWR protected Martin Goldberg many years ago, when Goldberg was a member of a paedophile and porn circle in Essex.
    Blackwell was actively involved in a satanic circle which he introduced Goldberg into. Goldberg distributed filthy photos which he took of young boys undressing, selling them to other paedophiles.

  45. Mike

    Ralph Bernard also a radio station director was laundering money for the PIE organisation of which he was involved. His positions in the media enabled PIE members to get top jobs throughout the UK. He got into the honours list. Surprise Surprise!
    The man’s a scumbag.

  46. Wow! That’s what you get for asking for any names that might be worth looking into!! What Bournemouth needs is a Real Whitby; look at what they did exposing Savile’s links with Peter Jaconelli, until finally, at the end of last year, North Yorkshire Police were forced to make a statement confirming that they had in fact received many complaints about Jaconelli, which had not been dealt with correctly.

    There is enough information provided above to keep anybody going for weeks, months, or even years! A list of Savile’s connections with people in the entertainment industry, including records and radio broadcasting, together with his various local authority connections, would fill several sheets of A4 paper, without going into any detail on any of them.

    It appears now that this was also part of Savile’s modus operandi, namely to ingratiate himself with any members of the local council, etc., in any of the many areas in which he had property or business interests.

  47. Josh

    Yes, that was one of Jimmy Savile’s methods as there were many officials and councillors, including the M.P. David Atkinson who lived ‘double lives’ and were actively involved in child abuse, including Bournemouth councillor and undertaker Ron Whittaker, who was very useful to Savile and his necrophiliac chums.

    • Fiona D

      Yes,Atkinson’s son was quoted in the Daily Mail saying his father was just like Jimmy Saville. In Feb 2015 I mentioned David Atkinson to Ron Whittaker saying how shocked I was, and I did notice he didn’t reply to my comment and he seemed to skate over the issue.This is so revolting.

  48. dpack

    wow ,if a fraction of this complex part of the lattice is accurate and can be proven it opens a new set of links and nodes for investigation.

    all i can add is that while looking at other aspects of the “bigger picture” there do seem to be a few identifiable nodes,some are a particular person and some are an organization(or part of one) .
    i suspect that some of the more obvious individuals such as righton,savile ,mcgrath and a few others are the footsoldiers from the actual nodes and although they have considerable “power and influence”they also have “responsibilities and obligations” .
    the organizations are either nodes of convenience or nodes of creation .

    cui bono and occam’s razor are very useful tools in a complex world .

    • Clive

      The Dorset connection with Jimmy Savile is likely to be buried for ever because even the NHS Regional Trusts were covering up what went on and which included Savile’s chums getting appointments on boards of hospitals.

      • James

        Jimmy Savile gave names of his paedo chums to other paedos at the top who appointed them to important posts. Patricia Hewitt and Harriet Harman carefully selected Pie members and supporters for the pyramid of paedophiliacs who poured into the top levels.

  49. Ben

    See Early Day Motion 2337
    31.10. 2011

    Several M.P.s signed the EDM mourning Jimmy Savile.

    Read their names……………..

  50. Gojam, I’m surprised you allowed all of the above derogatory posts. The comments which I believe are from only one or two people (I’m pretty sure the IP addresses will reveal that) they obviously have a particular axe to grind with regard to certain radio presenters and BBC staff. They are certainly not relevant to your ‘Mission Statement’.

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