Keep on Walking

The Friday Night Song



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11 responses to “Keep on Walking

  1. neil

    I used to like Supertramp very much but after a car playing some loudly went passed my mind unexpectedly became invaded by the image of a hideous, smug, tory…….. (Cont.)

  2. Jeremy Stocks

    While i checked the Graun headlines I couldn’t help deliberately misreading the Popaganda as:

    “Pope celebrates mass in Paedophilia”

    I’ll fetch my coat!

  3. dpack

    pallial keep putting one foot in front of the other in a tidy and regular manner.
    iirc so as not to prejudice these (or others to follow )the above cases had to heard before several other related ones could which can now proceed .

    it is frustrating when things seem to have ground to a halt or have been diverted from a sensible route but there is good work being done ,quietly and methodically , as well as the more obvious screaming headlines and “dubious”media activity.

  4. Teresa

    Brilliant song choice :-)

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